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  1. Thanks Tamberav, I went yesterday to my LFS and they get their fish from 'SeaandReef'; they told me that they get shipment every 2-3 weeks. I will be ordering a couple and ask them not to put in their water and hold them for me. What you said is that I can order from Live Aquaria requesting 'Drop Shipping' from ORA? Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I'm new in the hobby; my tank is still in cycling process - IM 25 lagoon... (19 days). See image for a little peek ); I was wondering if you guys recommend an online store to buy 'quarantined' fish. I have red several threads but the reviews are kind of old. Honestly, at this point I am just looking for two clownish to start with. I know that in the future I might need to setup a quarantine/hospital tank... (I just want to hold on buying new equipment at this point). Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks, I did return them and now I am waiting for the RFGs.
  4. I'm afraid mine just might just be defective... I really don't want to open and mess up with them (I might just return them). I probably with go with the RFGs (prices range is about the same). Thanks all,
  5. Hi all, I just bought two of these 'Innovative Marine Spin Stream Nozzles ' for a new IM 25 lagoon (tank is in cycling process). I have installed them for testing and I really like the random flow they produce; however, they also produce a clicking noise during rotation that is even louder than the stock pump. I have seen these nozzle is some of the tanks in my LFS and they don't have this sound. Does anybody know if this sound will go away at some point? or should return them and try a different type? Thanks for your help,
  6. Hi all, One more question... my tank is cycling but I'm looking ahead. Does anybody keep any of those 'sand sifting gobies' in this type of tank? If so, how do you feed them to make sure they don't starve. Thanks,
  7. I think, I will go with the micro... I just like the smaller profile. Thanks,
  8. Hi all, What ATO do you recommend for this tank (AutoAqua Smart ATO or ATO Micro)? Thanks,
  9. Thanks, I might try that... Anybody using ony one 75watts heater with this tank? After putting rock there is not really 25 gallons of water. I’m guessing it’s just a little bit more than 20...
  10. Hi all, I have a question for you... I'm working on setting up my tank (IM 25 lagoon); If I use the 75 watts heater (Cobalt), this fits really nice in the middle back chamber. However, I would like to use a 100 watts instead; the problem is that this one is larger and it doesn't complete fits if placed vertical (half of the temp dial is not submerged). If anybody is using this heater (Cobalt 100 watts); how/where do have it placed in your setup? (vertical, tilt, horizontal). Any issues if is not completely submerged? If you have any images I would appreciate it. Thanks,
  11. Thanks you all, I just ordered the Desktop Nuvo DC skimmer and I got the AI Prime HD (I'm not planning any SPS anytime soon). Got the tank and stand this week... I just finished putting together the stand (IM APS)... not completely happy with the door magnets.
  12. Mattbaar, How did you attached them to the tank (clips only, aquarium sealant, superglue)? Thanks,
  13. Hi all, I finally pulled the trigger and the IM 25 lagoon should be here before end of the week. I would like to increase the water volume; I have read that the 'Intank Surface Skimmers' are a good option (any other option?). Could someone send me the overflow dimensions in the tank? I went to the Intank web page and I can see only one option but it seems to be larger that the one in the tank. If somebody is using one; I would appreciate some pics if available. Thanks,
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