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  1. Corals looking really good so far. Some zoas that had been closed for about a week opened up today with the new lighting.
  2. I'm going from stock lighting on a 29 biocube to my new nano box retro. Should I go right into the LPS preset or start the levels/percentages a bit lower to allow corals to acclimate? Thanks ?
  3. I picked up some frags from a fellow collector tonight and think I'm going to wait for awhile. Beautiful looking fish though.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm terrified to kill another RG. I have a local supplier that will hold and quarantine fish for a few weeks prior to selling them. I might wait a month or two and try and get one off him.
  5. I have a 29 gallon biocube that I started up in mid-January. Since then I've added: 2 Nassarius snails 6 Blue legged hermit crabs 2 Mexican Turbo Snails 1 Peppermint shrimp Hairy Mushroom Interstellar Mushroom Assorted Zoa's and Paly's Blue Ridge Coral 2 Picasso Clowns (approximately 1 month ago) Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - less than 10 Salifert, approx 20 API. Currently seeing Cyano PH - 7.9 SG - 1.025 I've tried adding a royal gramma but unfortunately have failed more than once I added a nice large royal gramma two weeks ago and he lived for over a week in the tank. He was eating great and would hang out in the rocks coming out further occasionally. He mysteriously died on Tuesday morning. I found him wedged between the rocks with no apparent damage. He had been eating frozen mysis, brine and pellets. On Wednesday I stopped in to the LFS and spoke with the manager as I couldn't figure what went wrong. He gave me another one at a discount and said it was very odd and this one would likely be fine. Well this one was acclimated like the other, floated in bag for 15 minutes, dripped for 45-60 minutes and put in. PH was spot on prior to acclimation and sg was brought up from 1.021. I left the lights off when he was put in and he started feeding Thursday morning and ate again last night. He was moving around the tank pretty good after lights out and showed no signs of any disease. Unfortunately this morning I found him dead (pictures below). I think it's time for me to give up on Royal Gramma's for awhile. If anyone has any ideas of what might have happened I would appreciate it. I'm especially baffled by the first RG that lasted close to two weeks. Could I have a yet unseen killer hitchhiker? One change that I made to the tank recently was adding the in tank media basket with chemi-pure blue and matrix. The matrix is not in the media basket currently. I'm not sure about Nitrate levels as I find the test kits difficult to read. API shows elevated nitrates while Salifert shows very little. I look through the side of the Salifert (10x magnification) and it's definitely less than 100 which is how I come to the less than 10 conclusion. My corals and cleanup crew have been going strong and the only new addition is the peppermint shrimp which is 2 weeks old. I've seen him a few times when feeding frozen shrimp. The clowns have been great and are finally starting to move around the tank beyond the powerhead but only when the lights are out. Hopefully they are not to blame. I've also added a picture of my tank and would appreciate any feedback on aquascaping. With the RG dying I could change it up. The clowns don't seem to mind when I'm in the tank but I tried to minimize it when I had the RG's since they were hiding a lot and easily spooked.
  6. Oh boy, I better get on this. I'm thinking of adding some seachem matrix to chamber 1 or 2 depending on if I get a skimmer or not. Hopefully this takes over any denitrification the bioballs may be doing
  7. I'm 2 months into my first tank, a 29g biocube. The tank has been going good but every week it seems there is something new, such as diatoms, cyano, etc. I've been running bioballs and I am just wondering when a good time to convert to the intank media basket is. Is there a general timeline for how established a tank should be before running purigen and/or chemi pure? Also, I'm undecided on whether I should add a protein skimmer or not but open to suggestions.
  8. I can try and break off a piece as I don't have any small rubble pieces. I'll have to try to figure something out for flow, maybe one last change of the rock work as the return is directed to the surface and powerhead at the return. Nothing is pointed at them. Worst case back to the lfs for them and try again in 3-4 months once tank and myself have matured.
  9. If I let it out and it buries itself under the rock work again how long do I give it before going after it? Will they typically adjust to a better spot in time? I'm definitely not comfortable ripping apart my rock work every other day for these guys.
  10. This is the guy that is always the first one to move. His buddy is larger and seems to always stay put for longer. I had to rip apart the rock work again to get him and even after I put him in the container he got out twice. It seems to go flat and float out of spaces it doesn't like. He's stayed in for about 15-20 minutes now but he's moving around in there. If he figures out how to get out again should I use the actual lid from the container to keep him in or just give up and take him back to lfs at that point? The green guy is way less of an issue, he hasn't moved since going into the container. The shelf rock on top is to give shade, doesn't do much to prevent escapes unfortunately.
  11. On Sunday they were just sitting on top of the sand, not attached. Even yesterday/today the larger of the two wasn't attached, just sitting on the sand next to his buddy. Thanks for the tip, I can drill some holes into a small container. Just need to figure out the live rock part but I think I may have a few small pieces or maybe can chip some off.
  12. I have a new tank that completed the cycle two weeks ago. I introduced two RFA's on Saturday night. Sunday they had found a new spot at the back of the tank but Monday morning one was half buried under live rock with the other one next to it. No light hitting either one. I rearranged the live rock just now and was able to remove them from their previous spot. They love to grab my hand when I'm moving them but their feet don't seem to want to grab the live rock. I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to get them to grab on or if I should bring them back to the lfs if they keep relocating to spots with no light. Maybe they just don't like the new tank? Ammonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 10-20? (api kit and difficult to read) PH - 8 Just turned pumps back on after 30 minutes and both of them flipped over immediately. Running stock pump on biocube 29 and hydor 600.