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  1. Look forward to it. I took the encrusting rainbow montipora out tonight. It never looked like it was going to do well as soon as I added it. It looked slightly bleached before I added it and its continued to RTN over the 24 hours it's been in. Copepods were feasting on its dying tissue when I got home tonight so i took it out before they got a taste for my montipora! I temp acclimated, then drip acclimated and iodine dipped it. I wonder if it just didn't cope with travel well? Anyway the other 3 corals which arrived are doing well.
  2. Definitely looks like aptasia. For a single aptasia I wouldn’t get any fish/shrimp to remove it, especially when it looks so accessible. option 1) inject it with lemon juice/joes juice, option 2) take out the frag plug and manually remove it. just my 2 cents
  3. they look awesome. Just checked though and they don't ship to the UK and currently unavailable on Amazon UK. Will have to keep an eye out for them!
  4. I'm not using an ATO, as I live in the UK (the weather is mild at best) and kept the lid so there's minimal evaporation. But if I went lidless, I'd definitely be getting an ATO as there is only so long I could last topping it up each day 😂 and you could kill two bird with one stone with kalkwasser. I'm loving all the fluval evo builds at the moment on Nano Reef. Look forward to following yours!
  5. I've just added a Jebao DP-3 to my fluval EVO last week. I had been hand-dosing the red sea calc/alk supplements but decided enough was enough as I'm going away for 2 weeks. The Jebao is a pretty cheap dosing pump, but to increase my room of error I've diluted the red sea supplements (by a factor of 10) so if there is a major malfunction and it does 10ml instead of 5ml for example, it won't nuke my tank! Although if you're going without the fluval evo stock lid, you'll be having a fair amount of evaporation. Why not just use kalkwasser in your ATO? I also use the red sea test kits. I like them.
  6. They arrived today. Excellently packaged with a heat pack. The zoas and montipora haven’t quite opened up yet but very happy with the colour of the leptoseris. Tried to get some photos under the actinics but they’re not done justice with my crappy iPhone camera
  7. I'm trying to push the stock lights as far as I can go in terms of coral. I've had success (which I count as growth) of 1) Softies: Ricordea, Discosoma, Zoas and xenia; 2) LPS: Torch, Frogspawn, Candy Cane, Acans, Cyphaestra and now... 3) SPS: (definite growth of montipora digitata and capricornis). Just recently added some Stylophora and Jack'o'Lantern Leptoseris so can't comment on how that copes just yet. The only coral I couldn't keep alive was a golden nugget chalice coral, but I suspect that's because I put that up to high in the tank!
  8. Excellent set up. Look forward to seeing it develop. What coral stocking you planning with the stock lights?
  9. +1 with some sort of chalice. It's got an encrusting form, with large/varying size polyps randomly placed over the hard skeleton. I just think it look's odd because it's got it's feeding tentacles out. Definitely not an Acan.
  10. Just ordered my first coral frags online: 1) Jack-o-Lantern Leptoseris; 2) Encrusting Rainbow montipora; 3) Purple hornet zoas and 4) Scrambled egg zoas. Don't arrive till Wednesday (having to take the day off work to ensure I can receive them). Thanks for the inspiration of trying out some UK online stores @afcajax73! I welcome any offers of where to place them in my (quite full) EVO! 😂
  11. Very envious! How much evaporation are you getting with the canopy on? although I suppose the fans dont help in that regard! What corals you planning on stocking?
  12. Wow! That is some serious gear and investment on your evo. I love it. I run mine with the stock light, but I feel with all your gear a light upgrade is a must. A Radion XR30w would like sweet on there 😝 Looking forward to seeing what you achieve!
  13. good luck with the prime. I've been debating upgrading from the stock light for a long time but can't convince my girlfriend to like the look of a lidless tank!
  14. Any new photo updates? 😁
  15. Yeh it’s Hull, it’s based in someone’s back garden! You wouldn’t ever know it’s there unless you look for it. i have the same issues. If you are coming East Yorkshire way, another great little shop is Octopus 8 aquatics in Brough (recently won small shop of the year in aquarist classified) Louis who owns it, gets in an excellent selection of frags, trouble is as you’ve said, they go quite quickly so If you’re coming this way Id check to make sure they’ve just had a delivery.
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