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  1. hyoib

    Dinoflagellates or cyano or diatom?

    I had a similar issue with my nano a few months ago.. At the time I was running GFO, dosing with NOPOx and using the PS2 mini skimmer, all my parameters were great. Phosphates were 0, nitrates were 0.5 and then Dinos began to grow. Looking back I think it was probably an imbalance of nitrate/phosphate which fulled the dino growth, as it just out-competed other algae. So, although what seems paradoxical, I removed the GFO and NOPOx, tried to manually remove as much dino as I good and did an 80% water change followed by a five day black out. This seemed to get rid of most of the dino outbreak, but for the next few weeks I ran a reduced photoperiod and tried to remove any small clumps of dino that remained. One head of my duncans struggled and my goby some how jumped out the tank during the black out but these measures got on top of the dinos. The last few months I have not run any NOPOx or GFO and just relied on 30% water change each week. This has lead to slightly higher nitrates and phosphates then before the dino outbreak but they are in balance with one another. This has led to a growth in hair algae, which has outcompeted any dino left but was much more easy to manage with manual removal. I've increased my number of turbo snails and now I'm (relatively) hair algae free and completely dino free. Just my 2 cents.
  2. hyoib

    Another Fluval Evo 13.5 reef project

    Spotted a hitch hiker crab about a week ago, unable to ID but it looked like a gorilla crab. Tried bating a trap for a week but all I caught was hermit crabs, anyway I saw a molt today and decided enough was enough... took out my big section of live rock where I know it lives and turkey basted the rock with some RO water. Nothing came out, about to put the rock back in the tank but thought I’d check underneath it and there he was hiding beneath it. heres a photo of the offending crab, looks to me like a baby gorilla crab but I’m not 100% sure. What do you all think? Anyway, hoping I don’t get a mini cycle now as I squirted my rock with RO water, don’t want to kill all the good bacteria in it.
  3. hyoib

    Fluval evo 13.5

    My experience with the tank so far: Tank and canopy - look great no concerns. Stock filtration - like others have mentioned, get rid of the sponge and media and replace it with your own custom media/media rack system. Stock return pump - Pretty crappy flow. I've upgraded to an Eheim compact 1000, may get away with the stock pump with an additional powerhead depending what coral you want to stock. I also run a hydor koralia 240 in my system as well. Stock lighting - Decent PAR output, recently measured the PAR across the tank using PAR meter under stock lighting (see my other forum posts). It will grow softies, LPS for sure and even SPS if placed in the upper section in the centre of the tank. Although the actinic light setting can make corals colour pop, when run with the white lights corals can have a browny appearance. I'm debating switching to radion XR15 but not fully decided if I want to persevere with the stock lighting for a while longer. PS2 protein skimmer - I know some people have issues with this and don't recommend it, but I'm having a good time with it and get lots of skimmate. I'm carbon dosing with red sea nopox with great results and skimmer is essential with this method. Summary: I've found this tank a great intro into the saltwater world, although some of the stock equipment isn't the best; it all depends what your goals and expectations are. Will you have a tank in contention for tank on the month on nano reef, probably not. Will you have success with some basic hardy corals and a few fish, almost certainly. Hope you find this useful!
  4. hyoib

    Fluval evo 13.5 PAR stock lighting

    I do think the stock lighting is obviously bright enough to grow a variety of coral (even some SPS). However, I don't know if the spectrum makes the corals look their best. My experience at looking at lots of peoples evo's (including my own) is that unless you just run the tank on the actinic setting (which isn't bright enough to be on all the time for coral growth), the corals can have a washed out brown appearance. They just dont seem to pop like other lighting can make them do. I'm debating getting a radion XR15 if I can persuade my other half she doesn't like the canopy. We already spend so much trying to get our tanks looking the best and if switching lights can make the colours pop, maybe its worth it...
  5. hyoib

    What did you do for your reef today?

    You could make a copperband butterflyfish the happiest fish of all time in that tank
  6. hyoib

    Euphyllia coral coloration

    Have you noticed and growth from the coral?
  7. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    I haven't noticed that much colour loss in person it was more reviewing old photos. Thanks for the great advice, really helpful! I'll try reduce the photoperiod in the first instance but hopefully it'll be nothing, and will sort itself out. Thanks again
  8. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    Ok so would you move it now? or observe it for another couple of weeks and see what happens.
  9. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    The thickness of the chalice hasn't changed since I got them. I know they prefer lower light conditions but thought due to the crappy stock fluval evo 13.5 lights mid level would be ok. Also just a thought, i now the LFS i got these from were running nitrates 10-15ppm in their tanks. Mine are significantly less than that 1.5ppm, so i guess that could be a factor?
  10. hyoib

    Fluval evo 13.5 PAR stock lighting

    The readings are PAR not PUR. I got the readings by using my arm to hold it in the water so that could definitely affect the results. My friend has a 3d printer so I'll see if he'll make one for me and get back to you if i ever get that done.
  11. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    ok thanks for your advice, will keep my eye on it and be quick to act on it if it continues to lighten in colour. I just presumed because it was going from an amazing light to a crappy LED stock light we would have been alright.
  12. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    also how fast does bleaching happen, does it happen over night or over several weeks?
  13. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    by spectrum do you mean just adjusting to the light? If its still feeding is that a sign of happiness?
  14. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    Its been in there just over a week. I think i may keep an eye on it over the next week and move it lower if any other changes?
  15. hyoib

    Coral bleaching?

    yeh i was sold it was a golden eye chalice coral. Just had a look at the polyp structure on google images for the setting sun montipora and they look different. here is a close up: