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  1. My torch’s seem to like Around 150 to 200 par
  2. Gfo serves a purpose for sure in reducing phosphates. Phosphates come from fish food mainly ( or in some cases things we put in our tank like rock). In my opinion you should only use gfo if you have phosphate issues. Runnning phosphates to zero is asking for Dino’s. Then your skimmer and biomedia reduce nitrates
  3. I would think 3 would be a must if you want sps across the tank compared to just spots. I have a 2 xr 15 and 1 prime hd on my 36inch and feel like I could still use another primes..... and my par meter says the same
  4. Tank is looking good. Moving along well
  5. You could always try and buy some ceramic media. Ex marine pure or similar spheres.
  6. @Muffin87 @dasoxxI run a skimmer. Sometimes one day on one day off if my phosphates are low. At points I’ll run gfo if my phosphates are out of control. For nitrates i run 2 marine pure blocks. My system actually bottoms out on nitrates so I actually dose those and inturn dosing nitrates also lowers my phosphates. I hope that helps
  7. I run a 60 gallon total volume. I try not to do water changes. My tank actually does better without water changes.
  8. @micoastreefingYou pick up and goodies? It was very very busy this year. I’ll prob head up to the stirling heights swap although I don’t really have much room left i wouldn’t mind a high end torch or two and another scoly
  9. Yeah the back frag rack is full. Pardon the plugs they were all new as of Sunday.
  10. @micoastreefing I’m actually located in Michigan in the Lansing area. Stay warm tonight! Thank you
  11. Thanks. I thought it was perfect. But you know how the hobby goes. I’m ready for a larger tank 😂.
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