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  1. Heater for fluval spec v?

    I tried a cobalt heater but it is to wide to fit in the chamber of the spec v. If you were looking to put it in the chamber.
  2. Purchased A Eheim Ecco Pro 2236 last year. Its been a good filter. Last week the handle connector broke ($5 part). I tried emailing them about warranty coverage, no reply. Tried calling their support line, no response. On the phone you get an error message or no one is available and you have to leave a voice mail. Except when you get to the voice mail it is full. So I decided to order the part on my own, from their part store. The order is still waiting approval its been 7 days now. Tried calling and e-mailing, no response still. Tried e-mailing their European support, no response. By Far the worst customer support. Now i'm stuck having to buy a whole new filter because i cant get a $5 replacement part.
  3. Swull's ADA 60-P

    Thanks Jrmiller!
  4. Swull's ADA 60-P

    Heres an update: In october I had the tank crash, lost everything except the two clowns. I did a water change late in the evening and went to bed. Woke up the next morning and the corals were a mess. Did 3 emergency water changes but nothing helped. The corals died off fast and the shrimps and snails were dead by the second week. The only thing that i did different with this water change was i Put my Purigen back in the canister filter, after recharging it for the first time. I soaked it in bleach like the directions said. Then i rinsed it really good and soaked it in di water with de-chlorinator for a couple days. I put extra de-chlorinator in it because i was afraid the bleach might get into the tank. Then i rinsed it out again and let it dry for a week in the window. Im assuming that the bleach still got in the tank some how. I continued with water changes for the next month with just the clowns in the tank. The tank was consumed by brown alage for about 6 weeks. Was losing hope. Towards the end of december the brown algae started clearing up and I started to enjoy the tank once again. Still have some cynao algae but its slowly going away. Here's some updated pictures:
  5. Need Info On possible Anemone

    Thanks For the info!
  6. Bought this Xenia. Was wondering if these two yellow Anemone(i'm guessing thats what they are) will cause any problems? They will eat brine shrimp. Any help on what these are would be appreciated.
  7. Bonsai Reef Underwater, Breaking down!

    That Aquascape is Outstanding! Excellent job on the whole project.
  8. Swull's ADA 60-P

    Thanks Sammy Thanks Pismo. Yeah, theres nothing like an ADA Tank
  9. Swull's ADA 60-P

    Some Pictures My ricordia is splitting, woot 2 for the price of one. Also one of my zoanthid came off, I guess thats what happened, and floated to a new spot.
  10. Swull's ADA 60-P

    That is good to know, I was kind of regretting buying it. But if it gets a little quieter, it will be a nice addition to the circulation of the water. Thanks Ben
  11. Swull's ADA 60-P

    Cycle Progress: After the first 2 days of running all parameters were 0. There wasn't really any source of ammonia. So I added 6 tiny blue legged hermits, 1 sexy shrimp, and 1 bottle of Bio Spira. I then feed those guys generously for the next 2 days. I tested again and got a 0 read again. On Day 5 I added 2 clownfish and 1 cleaner shrimp. On Day 7 Parameters were Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-5. On day 7 my Black and White Ocellaris jumped out of the tank. I was really bummed out. It was hard to find a small one that was all black, most of them have an orange nose still. I made a cover, for the tank, that i put on at night. I think when the lights came on it might have startled them and caused him to jump out. They like to swim right at the top of the tank at night. I also got an MP 10, tends to be a little loud. I like how silent the tank is without it. I'm going to wait on putting it in, till its needed. So besides my littleguy jumping out, everything is looking good so far Ill get some pictures up this weekend
  12. ala's ADA 60-P

    Looks good Ala! I also used marco dry rock and Bio Spira to seed my rock. I let the tank run for 2 days then added a bottle of Bio Spira, 6 hermits, and 1 sexy shrimp. Two days after that I added 2 clownfish and 1 cleaner shrimp. Parameters after 1 week were Ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-5. Keep the updates coming.
  13. ADA reef owners thread.

    Another 60-P for the win!
  14. Zer0's 25G Trimless LED Cube

    Excellent job on the aquascape! I'm loving the whole setup.
  15. Swull's ADA 60-P

    Thanks Zer0 After 1 day all measurements are still 0. I think this weekend, if i get no ammonia reads, im going to try this Bacteria in a bottle. Thanks fote03 It looks so good in person. Its a shame nothing is in it yet Thanks NU2REEFIN