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  1. Yes, actually it is extremely quiet! The only thing I hear from this system is the silly cheap-o mechanical timer for my lights. *Edit: I will add, this system sits on my nightstand, and in the dead of night...I hear the icekap gyre from another system over anything else...lol
  2. Here's my February FTS update: We appear to have defeated the Cyanobacteria...again...lol... Turf algae has not come back! My bolstered CUC is keeping the rocks clear :3 And the aiptasia's time is nigh! Introduced 4 Peppermint Shrimp this past weekend...time will tell...whether or not they will survive the hawk fish long enough to route aiptasia menace!
  3. I now have something to add: Zoanthus>Hammer (Pandoras killed my Yellow Hammer!) Zoanthus>Zoanthids (Purple Monsters have over-run 3 species zoanthid colonies now, Dragon Eyes, Fruit Loops and LA Lakers) Note: Every once in awhile, Dragon Eyes will pop up and are sprinkled among the mat of PMs. Blastomussa=Micromussa (They rub all up on eachother with no issue!) Blastomussa >Zoanthus (Fends them off, does not appear interested in eating them...) Micromussa>Zonathus (I caught him EATING Pandoras the other day!) Zoanthus v Millipora (Ongoing, so far though, they don't appear to be stinging each other, just the zoanthus growing over the the Milli) Zoanthus v Acropora (same as Milli, but no overgrowth yet) Zoanthus v Montipora cap. (slowly overgrowing my Monti Cap!) Zoanthus v Montipora dig. (overgrowing slowly, but surely) Aiptasia v Purple Monsters v LA Lakers v Gobstoppers (eventually, it appears the aiptasia will win...)
  4. Thank you very much! Yeah, I have no problem with the zoas, other than them overrunning everything! Everything even includes other zoas...I had some beautiful Fruit Loops from JSP and some LA Lakers that have both been more or less completely consumed and overrun by those Space Monsters. I'll see 1 or 2 poking through every once in awhile... The little buggers have been upsetting my SPS as well, so, it's a double-edged sword.
  5. Awesome thread so far! Looking forward to seeing what else you do with this system. I am also patiently waiting to see this Pico Pro light come out to market (or pre-order? there seems to be a lack of pre-order links on your website@ReefSmart) This may be a great solution to the office system I have been planning and re-planning for over a year now :P
  6. I suppose I should update for this system as well! I really have been slacking! Where are we at, what has happened over the last 5 months? Well, a few things: I removed the 2 Koralia pwoer heads and replaced them with a single Icecap Gyre 1k (More power than ever before!) What a change! I had dead spots, now I do not! Definitely had to fiddle with settings and modes a bunch before I found a placement and schedule that didn't upturn everything in this little tank. We removed the yellow hammer on the left, it was being bothered by a bunch of zoas that think they are taking over the world...we moved this poor guy into my wife's system and it seems to be coming back from its near death experience. In its place, I pulled the Candy Stripe Micromussa from the sand bed. This turned out to be a great move for the Micromussa, it is fluffier than ever, beats back the zoas, and even seems to be happy rubbing up on the Balstomussa...couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. What else...hm...oh yeah, we are battling a little cyano outbreak...but no big deal, those happen all the time! The FTS is actually from November, I guess I do not have a recent one, but the other shots are recent from the last week or two:
  7. Oh wow, I'm super behind on an update here as well... Bambam is still thriving! Which is good, because when he isn't, this tank is getting torn down for a reset! Aiptasia has almost completely overtaken this system...I am fairly certain that our lovely mantis shrimp likes to agitate the little buggers, causing them to spread like a filthy cancer. All that being said, the frogspawn seems to do well, the lepto is still encrusting, and most importantly, our little puncher is still punching! Guess I ended up with a serious pest tank after wall :3
  8. Hm, it couldn't hurt to try. You can always add a power head later, and at ~$20 it's not a terribly expensive addition. I will say that if I was going to to go back, I would get the more powerful Cobalt (Mini MJ-606) that is the same size, that may be capable of creating enough flow without the power head. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!
  9. At least you can put your hands in the tank without fear of punchy death...lol...I bought myself a fancy extend-o-scraper 😉
  10. Super cool build, following along! Looking forward to seeing more progress!
  11. Still fighting turf algae, so I began H2O2 dosing to help the crabs, and myself! Other than that, everything is doing well, thinking about adding a second fish in...maybe a pygmy hawk fish?
  12. Hahaha, I wanted to update this thread and realized I didn't take a fresh photo after I finally scraped the glass in this thing...can you tell it is my "pest" or "junk" tank? Lol Everything is doing well, I moved some Pandora zoas from my 20 gallon in, and we got some Mohawks to go with them as well. Bam Bam is doing well, just as clicky and sassy as ever! So, how bad do you let your glass get? The nano flipper was no match for this growth, I had to go full razor blade!
  13. Congratulations on a well deserved TOTM!
  14. Here's a recent photo of our 20 gallon long: And this is our Gonodactylis Smithii, but we call him Bambam!
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