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  1. Here's a recent photo of our 20 gallon long: And this is our Gonodactylis Smithii, but we call him Bambam!
  2. Raindog3030

    Why are purple monsters so expensive

    I live in the Melbourne/Beachside area
  3. Raindog3030

    Raindog's 7g Waterbox

    I suppose it is time to update this thread as well! Bambam thrives, fairly certain he just finished a shed. Hadn't seen him for about a week or so, then he popped up to say 'hi' the other day! I love this little reef, it seems to thrive despite my complete lack of maintenance...funny how that works, huh? The frog spawn has a couple baby heads growing (which is odd, I figured they split heads like the other euphyllia?) Zoas are spreading slowly but surely, and just yesterday I pulled a plug with Pandora morphs on it from the 20 gallon and threw them in. Bloody things had grown off the plug in force after only a month! (By force, I mean there are over a dozen polyps grown onto my rock work!) I figured my little "pest" tank would be a perfect place for them 😉
  4. Raindog3030

    Raindog's 20 L Not So Cheapo

    [End of] July FTS Update! We got a nice piece of Green Stylopora from a friend as payment for maintaining his reef while they were out of town! Also got a few chips of Grinch (?) Montipora that I have plugged up on the frag rack! Other news, we have a Yuma baby! Woot! We did lose our Scooter Blenny, Scoot McGoot. Despite maintaining a healthy pod population, it just wasn't enough. Also had one other casualty, the Green Bali slimer we picked up a RAP...can't win them all! I think I put too much putty on it when I attached it to the rock work, lesson learned. The Red Slime Remover did its job and we have been free of cyano for some time now...onto the next challenge, turf algae! Just recently released a small horde of emerald crabs. I figure once they have done their job, they will make nice meals for our Mantis in the Waterbox. Other than that...the things continue to grow! Grow Grow Grow! I guess I don't have a photo showing the frag rack...soon to come!
  5. Raindog3030

    Why are purple monsters so expensive

    That's insane! They grow super fast too, I bought a plug with 6 polyps on it (for $30?), 3 or so months later...they have multiplied to at least 3-4 dozen and are starting to overrun my other zoa colonies. They are in the out-of-focus part of the photo, but you can see where they have matted together with the dragon eyes and are starting to grow over the fruit loops. These things are a plague...a beautiful plague, but still a plague! *Edit: If you live in central Florida, I'll break you off a few polyps on a plug for some $$$!
  6. Raindog3030

    IM Nuvo 10 + Kessil A80 light intensity ?

    I run my A80 at 100% intensity and about 20-30% color over a 7g cube. Been running for 2+ months like that and I see some pretty good growth!
  7. Raindog3030

    5.5g ADA Reef

    Following along, very nice little reef so far!
  8. Raindog3030

    Pink, yes I did say pink! Cold Water System!

    Looks awesome! Following along to see what will become of this!
  9. Raindog3030

    Raindog's 20 L Not So Cheapo

    Still fighting Cyano, just ordered the Red Slime Remover...here is a recent overhead shot, cyano and all!
  10. Raindog3030

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Can you not order from saltwateraquarium.com or bulkreefsupply.com ?
  11. Raindog3030

    An Education & New Start for "The Phoenix"

    Absolutely no reason not too! The biggest one in my 20 gallon gets about 4-4.5" in diameter. I believe the trick is to either hold them in place or use a cup (with small "breather" holes in it) to keep him/her in place until the foot grabs (I prefer to hold them, but I also don't feel the "sting")...then feed the heck out of it! My RFA hasn't budged an inch since we placed him/her 😉
  12. Raindog3030

    Sea Apple

    Very nice! I had one with similar coloration many years ago, miss that evil little bugger...pro-tip: don't keep a heater in the display with him!
  13. Raindog3030

    Jamie’s IM 30L (with new pictures)

    I dig your rock scape, very nice! These are really cool setups, following along to see what you do with it 😉
  14. Raindog3030

    how many drip acclimate?

    I use CoralRX for dip, but have been recently told from a local aquaculturist that Seachem is the cat's meow. Also, drip them boyz! Take a piece of airline tubing and tie a knot in it to produce 1 drop/second then drip from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on what you got.
  15. Raindog3030

    Raindog's 20 L Not So Cheapo