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  1. Thank you Christopher! Unfortunately, I don’t have a recent pic from the front since it’s been a few weeks since I’ve cleaned the front panel 🤭🤫 that’s why I love these top downs 😂 I will try to get one soon! I usually have issues with glare the way the lights are hanging.
  2. By that, do you mean not having any R&B spilling over into the display? Thanks by the way! It’s been fun.
  3. Added a mini fuge 🙂 Running these britelab grow leds 6h while display light is on. Goal is to put compete that reddish bubble algae. I removed as much of it as I could.
  4. Nothing new going on yet. Just enjoying the reef everyday. 😁
  5. Leopard wrasse has started eating pellet food!
  6. I think you’ll want to build up or upgrade the light. All of my softies are stretching for light with the stock light on. I’ll be addressing the stock light in the next video of the series. Hopefully sometime this weekend.
  7. You know I like my GIFs creamy 🤤
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