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  1. There are always chemicals but you could also do a refugium, manual removal, maybe blackout a little while, increase the clean up crew. Any of these non-chemical ways would address the situation as long as your water and feeding routines are good, they’ll just take some persistence.
  2. They should be fine, that's a pretty funny duo.
  3. A biocube is a good way to start the hobby, and everything you've mentioned sounds like a nice safe plan. Duncans, Candy Cane, and Zoanthids, are some beginner friendly corals that can give your tank a few more colors if you want. Not sure if you plan on adding more fish down the road but maybe keep in mind that a mated pair of clowns can sometimes get pretty territorial. For inverts I've had a coral banded shrimp for about a year now that leaves all the other inhabitants (including coral) alone. Just hangs out and eats scrap food. The Blood Red Fire Shrimp is one heck of a color splash to nearly any tank though. When I started the hobby and honestly today for more hearty animals I'll use the floating method. I use drip technique for everything I feel would be sensitive or cost too much to risk lol. Probably just my own superstitions though, neither has ever failed. Here's an article on both. https://m.liveaquaria.com/article/157/?aid=157 Good luck!
  4. Yea this is unique, keep it growing!
  5. Ha good to hear it’s eating! Nice save on the betta too!
  6. Nice to see it bounced back so quickly, I’d have probably thrown in the towel and picked up a chia pet lol.
  7. Nice start! You’ve done a really good amount of research and have a good mentor it seems. It’s underrated to not go through learning by trial and error lol. Fish are nice but in hindsight if I were to start over I’d look into coral more than fish... unless it’s a fish you’ve always loved. I initially invested in “beginner friendly” fish and now over a year into the hobby wish I had something a little more exotic, the lifespans are nowhere near short so they’ll be around a while.
  8. Try live Mysis if you can get a hand on it. That activity seems to bring out the hunting instinct in all fish. My Bicolor Pseudo wouldn’t touch anything but live when I got him. I started there then two days later he ate frozen, then freeze dried, flake, and now pellet. He’s now about a year old and will eat anything I put in the tank just to outcompete the other fish...including my hand. I hate him. ...jk ...kind of.
  9. Nice corals! Bump for a fellow Texan too. This weather is ridiculous...30 one day 80 the next.
  10. 99% of the time only if they're dying or dead already. I had one hermit try to take an overturned snail but it didn't succeed, that snails still putting around the tank. I've got a coral banded shrimp that on occasion eats a hermit honestly. ...just to clarify I mean the little blue leg hermits that grow to about an inch max, not like the full blown hermits found at malls 🙂 .
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