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  1. Jake270

    Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Thanks y’all
  2. Yeah the Neptune ATK is a pain unless you have the Neptune and mine did not work properly out of the box. Customer service was good but shouldn't have a problem with a brand new $200 piece of equipment. I hear if you have the apex it will work better but you need to change some settings around to get it to function properly. Which in my opinion is BS. Yeah I mean I haven't measured the tunze fill sensor but it should fit in most AIO, don't know what type of tank you have. If you are running a sump I cant imagine it would be a problem at all, just something to consider if you running an AIO. Comparing to the ATO Micro the sensor is huge but the ATO micro is tiny. I run the IM nuvo 20 and the regular tunze fill sensor would not fit in the rear compartment where my return pump is due to the return lines being in the way. The ATO micro can fit anywhere and has been just as reliable for me.
  3. I run the Tunze on my larger tank. The fill sensor is a little large so make sure you have room other wise the nano would be the way to go. Works like a champ the pump is a little loud but it’s not like it’s running all the time. On my bedroom tank that sits 2 feet from my head at night. IM NUVO 20 I run the smart ATO micro. Thing hasn’t given me one ounce of trouble has done whit it is supposed to and worked flawlessly. Pump is considerably quieter and the sensor it tiny. Only one sensor though so take that into consideration as well.
  4. Jake270

    To nem or not to nem.

    Thanks. Yeah def not that I don’t love it. I just know what happens when tanks move. Doesn’t matter how many pictures etc the rocks never go back the same. Should have epoxied them together in both tanks. Another lesson learned.
  5. Jake270

    To nem or not to nem.

    So we upgraded to a Reefer 250 at Easter and it’s going great. Absolutely love the tank. Still have the little 20g nano reef in the bed room. More than likely moving within a month or two and not wanting to transfer two full mixed reef tanks. So have been wanting an anemone and don’t wanna risk it with corals so was thinking breaking down the 20g and transferring some live stock and corals, trading in the rest and setting up an anemone only tank. Hard to break down a reef though but I know I’ll never get the scape the same when we move. What to do what to do. Someone talk me into or out of breaking this down.
  6. Jake270

    Red Sea 250

    Picked up some new corals for the tank yet again. Man I gotta stay away from the LFS they make it sooooooooo easy. Waiting for the right fish and may be moving soon so don’t wanna keep going too much
  7. Jake270

    Red Sea 250

    Really liking the looks of this
  8. Jake270

    Man that coral changed!

    Pictures? I’m an acan freak
  9. Jake270

    Red Sea 250

    Everyone out and about
  10. Jake270

    Type of Acan

  11. Jake270

    Red Sea 250

    Overall I really like it. The sump well yeah I mean it’s pointless, and the ATO was a joke hence why I drilled it. I still think it’s a good value for the money. Does it’s job and does it well. But that’s basically hold water. It is quiet so that’s nice. If I had to do it again I absolutely would without hesitation.
  12. Jake270

    Man that coral changed!

    So ever bring a coral home from LFS or order one it doesn’t quite look as good as it did. I’ve had a few that were pretty big let downs under my lights compared to LFS or online or the excitement of a new piece wore off I don’t know. Anyways I let the wife pick a bunch out today trying to get her a little more involved in the hobby. And yeah think she’s going to be required to go a lot more often. She wanted a wellso and it looked ooook. But ma that thing when it got home! anyone else have have similar experiences?
  13. Jake270

    Coral ID

    No worries once it gets settled try and snap a few more close ups
  14. Jake270

    Coral ID

    Looks like leptastrea
  15. Jake270

    Griever's 50G Lagoon Tank - Back from RAP

    Looks good. I used some media from one of my other tank when I set up my Red Sea 250 and a bottle of Tim's as well, didn't seem to hurt and everything has been remaining stable.