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  1. Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Just a little update. Everything is growing and doing good.
  2. Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Well went to bring in some of my freshwater extras into the LFS and grabbed a few frags that made me move a few things around and glue a few things which made me a little nervous. Some corals definitely not happy about being moved and me having my hand in there but I like the way it turned out. Out of room in this little guy so I guess it’s time to go big.
  3. Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Honestly with where mine is located right next to my bed on the night stand I should redo the scape to something more along the lines of a peninsula but eventually I’ll move the tank. But don’t regret it you just gotta find the right rock and drop your scale. Anything too big, rock, fish, or corals will throw the entire look off and make the tank look tiny.
  4. Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Thanks. Just a macro lenses thrown on my phone. and just because
  5. Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Picket up a tail spot blenny today and a few more pieces of coral. A leather and some tiny blue xenia
  6. Back into Saltwater, IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    Colors a little blown out but it’s what I got at the moment.
  7. So after a power outage a few months back that lasted several days I lost my pair of Zebra Plecos. That hit hard and was tired of looking at the setup so i tore it down and started the reef tank after being out of the hobby for 10 years. IM Nuvo fusion 20 1 AI Prime HD (have a second sitting in the box just need to mount it) 20# Fiji pink 20# base rock titanium heater with thermostat ATO IM media basket with filter floss and chemipure blue IM reactor with BRS bio pellets Big bag of matrix Ocellaris x2 blue leg hermit x3 scarlet hermit x1 astrea snails x4 nassuri snails x4 The tank was set up a few weeks before Christmas and everything has been going great. Got the token pair of clowns that have been in there since the tank cycled and plenty of coral. Just about all the first batch of corals that were placed in are showing good growth already, splitting mushrooms, new zoa polyps and things have just been going pretty smoothly. Will be adding a Tail Spot Blenny and not sure what else. heres a few coral macro shots until i get the full tank pic up with the right lighting.