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  1. Personally, I recommend the prime hd. For a tank that size, at 6in above water, it will provide enough par for dang near anything you want to keep. For softie/lps I would prob only run it about 30% or so. When you decide to keep harder corals, you can simply turn it up.
  2. Hey everyone. So I am starting a new tank after the last one crashed due to a bacterial problem. As I am starting my new tank, I am following the BRS/WWC 4 month cycle and I am about to the point of turning the lights on. Obviously, most would think that if I turn them on with high nitrates and phos after cycle that algae will just take off....but why? I live in North Dakota (literally couldn't be further from an ocean) and it is -40F outside....no other tanks in the house....where would this algae come from? Short: in a situation where there is no algae in the surrounding environment how does algae get into our tanks? Just curious 😉
  3. Update. Thanks everyone for the support and advice. Tank is about a month into the BRS 4 month cycle. Tell you what, this is the most stress free way to get a tank going bar none. Literally, keep the ato filled and check on shrimp....that's it. I have been checking ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates because I am crazy and just have to know but it's overkill. Keeping alk, calcium, and mag steady (doesn't take much....why do they drop in a tank with nothing??) Everything else is looking good.
  4. @A Little Blue very sound advice and I appreciate that. So my plan now is the first fish in about 2 months, and then another fish and shrimp 2 weeks after that. From the awesome response of @Newstead I will be getting 2 clowns, a goby and shrimp pair. Would it be smart to get the goby and shrimp before the clowns? I know clowns are territorial. In line with this, what size cuc are you folks running? Those "packages" out there seem like way too much. Here's a picture of the scape for you. Be honest about it. I am not sure how I feel about it.
  5. @Newsteadi am so happy you mentioned a shirmp/goby pair. Like I said, I am very into behaviors and that is a very cool behavior. Could you tell me what species of goby and shrimp make good pairs? @A Little Blue I agree with your statement. My filtration is going to be minimal. I will be relying on carbon, and occasionally gfo if needed. But mainly water changes. At this point I plan on doing a 20% weekly water change. I also will have UV and filter pads. Do you think that system is capable of handling more than 3 fish? I do have a skimmer on hand if needed but I am hopeful I won't need one. Trying to keep it simple
  6. Hello again. Update here. So the tank was tore down. I literally took every peice of equipment, disassembled it, soaked in a vinegar solution then in a bleach solution. This included all the tubing for the return, literally everything. I also scrubbed using test tube cleaners each peice as well. I soaked in vinegar and bleach for 12 hours each. Then I did another 12 soak in rodi water, followed by 5 thorough rinsings in rodi water over the course of 2 days. Letting it dry in between. I figured I was safe when I could no longer smell any bleach on anything. I then got some help from a buddy and set everything up again. Used Carib sea Fiji pink sand (1 20lb bag) and Carib sea shapes (20lbs). By the way, the shapes rock is awesome and 20lbs fits perfect in the tank. Put a small raw shrimp in and a bottle of one and only. I am not going to be checking ammonia or nitrites or nitrates at all during the cycle. Personally, I think testing these at this point just makes me want to rush it. I will leave the tank alone for 2 months, maybe add another bottle of bacteria after 1 month. At 2 months I will check for ammonia, if none, I will add another bottle of bacteria and my first 2 fish. I will also turn the lights on at this point and add 2 bottles of helix coraline algae spores. My serpent star and cuc will go in at this point as well. Then I wait for the uglies to fade.... Question: I am very ignorant on fish. I know my local lfs pretty well and they took back the fish I purchased earlier. I must have clowns for my daughter but what other fish should I add? The first 2 will be a pair of clowns, but at 2.5 months I will add the remainder of fish to the system. I am really into personality and behaviors before looks but I want them to be utalitarian as well. Thoughts? Suggestions? Still curious of gyre placement......
  7. Hey everyone. Looking for some suggestions of gyre placement in the tank. As I start to set everything back up again, I am curious as to where my gyre should go. Before I had it on the right side about 2" from surface. I would have it on alternate gyre mode ramping from 10 to 50%. I am not sure if I liked that flow because the left side of tank always had detritus buildup. With all the money I have spent on this tank, I can't even consider asking my wife it's ok to buy another gyre for the left side. Got any suggestions about better placement? What about in the middle of the back wall between the returns? What about on the side but orientated vertically either toward the front glass or back wall? Would really like to hear you thoughts.
  8. @Newstead thanks for the suggestion and the kind words of motivation. I am really passionate about this hobby, even though I have no success. I watch every BRS video including all thier live streams. Your right, I think I have learned a lot in the last year and feel much more prepared for the experience. For the cycle, I am going to follow the 4 month cycle highlighted by BRS and WWC. I hope that will lead me to success.
  9. I will absolutely keep every posted on the progress. What do you folks think about this scape? It's going in a 30L so I am kind of limited in my arrangement options. This is my favorite thus far but not sure I am in love with it.
  10. Hello everyone. A lot of discussion regarding this issue was being discussed on my build thread but I wanted to update you all as well. I hate it when threads just die without any solution so here we go. I tried everything to get rid of it. I got a UV sterilzer, dosed 2 bottles of refresh and waste away, did a full treatment with chemiclean, did nothing hoping it would burn out, blacked out the tank for 3 days (wrapped entire tank in tin fool, not just turned off lights), scrubbed everyday and did 3x/week wcs......it is actually worse now than before. I lost my galaxia, hammer, clove and palythoa. Frogspawn is clinging to life in quarantine tank. Anemone is struggling. I really hate this stuff.....hope no one ever has to deal with whatever it is. However, I know what the problem is. I didn't start the tank right. I rushed it, didn't supplement the appropriate animals at the appropriate times, rushed putting coral in, etc. So, I am starting over. Just got my shipment of Caribsea shapes rock, figi pink sand and bottle of one and only today. I still need to drain the tank, take everything out and clean the heck out of it. This is where I need some help. How should I clean this thing and all pumps and equipment to guarantee none of this stuff survives into the new tank? Bleach? Hydrogen peroxide? I live where it is going to be super cold (-40F) this weekend....would doing all the above plus leaving it all outside for night do anything? I just want it all dead and to feel very comfortable putting stuff back into the tank. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!!
  11. Hello everyone. Update here. So, I cannot beat this stuff. I feel like I have tried everything within reason. So, I am starting over. Ordered new arag alive figi pink sand, Caribsea shapes rock, and drm tims one and only. Shipment arrives tomorrow. I moved everything still alive over to my 10 gallon guarantine tank. Galaxia coral is dead, palythoa is dead, hammer and frogspawn are clinging to life. Pretty defeated at the moment. If this try doesn't work, I will just give up. I am going to be following the BRS 4 month cycle to the tee. What do you folks think about the idea for the cycle? How should I go about sterlizing all my tank and equipment? I am really worried if I don't do it properly and kill all this stuff it will pop up again in the new system. Bleach? Hydrogen peroxide? Both? I live where it will be -40F on Sunday.....set it all outside? Any help and motivation would be great folks. Really defeated here.
  12. Well, marine pure has been out for a while now. I have just let this stuff go while changing filter pads every other day. Not adding any more Dr Tim's products nor chemi clean. No water changes. Fingers crossed it will burn itself out. If not, corals, anemone, and inverts are going to quarantine tank and I will start the process of bleaching the tank and all equipment. I really hope no one else ever gets this stuff. What a pain.
  13. @GPFeathers thanks for the comment on the cabinet and cable management. I put a lot of time and thought into it. Wish I would've had the money for an Apex but reefkeeper will work for now as long as it stays alive. Once it dies/screws up I will be getting an Apex. @ReefGoati think you are probably correct with my horrid feeding habits. I was feeding reef roids and chili 2x a week and it was targeted but of course some spread in the tank. To be honest, I probably should've never had corals in the tank that young and just kept to feeding my fish to build up the system. @micoastreefingi only have 4 coral, a serpent star, an anemone, and started with about 70 snails of all sorts now I am down to probably a small handful which I think added to my nutrients problems (total noob mistake). I did have 2 clowns but both died from fin rot and I have not replaced since. I couldn't agree with you more about the ecology of the system. It's quite embarrassing to admit at this stage but I actually am an ecologist. I just never followed my trophic levels closely enough and now I am paying for it. So, this is what I am going to do now. 1) remove marine pure from sump in case it is harboring this nasty bacteria 2) add Dr Tim's one and only to the tank 3) introduce 2 fish on the same day Dr Tim's goes in I will obviously monitor ammonia and both Ns during this phase. Maybe I will be able to jump start a new ecosystem. Once that seems to be working, I will slowly introduce corals to the system but at a much quicker rate than I have thus far. Honestly, and I want anyone new that reads to take it with a grain of salt, I think I was too slow! Before beginning this hobby I always read there wasn't such as a thing as too slow but I think those comments were for people that are impatient. I think a year without any/minimal bioload has hurt my progress in establishing an ecosystem. Do you folks have anything else you would do at this point or does that seem like a good basis to start?
  14. @DreC80nope, not dosing anything to the tank. I am still even dosing alk, calc, and mag by hand. I was using reef roids, reef chili, and lps amino acids but have not done any of those for at least 2 months. I have 0 coralline growth in the tank. I only have 4 frags in there and none came with any on them as they were all put on brand new plugs before going into the tank. I got some unique corals gift cards for Christmas so I am hoping some of those can seed the tank. I have not let this stuff just go yet. I am not sure when to pull the trigger on doing that.....perhaps I should. Maybe it will burn itself out. It does start to cover the corals and yes they are being impacted by it. I have increased flow in the tank with gyre now at alternating gyre mode reaching 30% (about 35x turnover in the display). Maybe add more flow? I can say for sure that the glass and back wall we're not nearly as impacted as they have in the past after 4 days being gone. So the UV must be stopping it from finding new surfaces I just need to get it off the rocks. I am open to any and all suggestions.
  15. Back from holidays. Tank looks ok but lots of the stringy stuff everywhere. It did hit me that I never showed a picture when it gets to this stage. If you zoom into the pictures (even the areas that are not circled) you can see what is covering my rock. These rocks were clean 4 days before this picture. Any thoughts?