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  1. Hey everyone, it wasn't coralline. It was diatoms, they are gone now. Still not seeing any coralline anywhere but it will turn up eventually. I have the clowns, blenny, and now a six line in the tank. All are doing great and eat like piggies. I am looking to add some more life at this point. Need to get a cuc going. Anyone got suggestions of a good source for trochus snails, nassarius snails? I was thinking wwc but they are out of trouchus. I should be about a month or so away from trial corals!
  2. Quick update. Tank is doing good. My algae blenny is doing good, has been in the tank for over a week now. Clowns are awesome as always. I would appreciate some input on the picture. Is this coralline growing? It seems soon to have it growing already. My first dose of coralline was about a month ago, second dose was a week ago. It is definitely encrusted on the rock and there are many more spots all over rocks but I don't see any on glass or powerheads.
  3. So now that I finally feel comfortable with my light spectrum, I am curious if any of you reading this create repreive times for you corals similar to David saxbys schedule? Right now I have 2 hour ramp up, 2 hour ramp down, and about 8 hours of "noon" lighting. That doesn't happen in nature but sometimes trying to imitate nature in these tanks can be a mute point. I guess my big question is what does your schedules look like? Thanks for all the help everyone. I really appreciate this community. I also added an algae blenny to the tank and he seems happy! I am excited to start the ugly phase and get some coralline growing!
  4. @DreC80, again thanks for taking the time to do this. This is going to help incredibly. You have far more experience than I when it comes to reefing so in your opinion, would these numbers be good for a softie/lps tank? Or would you bump them up more?
  5. That would be awesome my man. I appreciate you taking time for this. I was also curious how the im skimmer worked out for you?
  6. @DreC80, that is like incredibly generous and kind of you. I will definitely take you up on that. I am going to do a bit more research and I will get back to you as to the settings I am thinking of. Thanks again!! What an awesome community this is. Here is what I am thinking: UV 60 Violet 59 Royal 39 Blue 40 Green 2 Deep red 2 Cool white 9 I am not sure of your light configuration but mine are mounted with the ai ridged brackets (not the flexible arm) at full height. Anything you can provide would be great!
  7. @VaporCountry, clowns are doing amazing. They are always so happy to see me it seems...."source of food is here!!!" They eat like pigs. They swim all day in one corner of the tank but at night they do some weird stuff. One of them goes into a cave I have built and the other makes a divot in the sand and sleeps there. Both sleeping spots are not in the same corner of the tank they swim in during the day. They are fun to watch and my daughter just loves her Nemo and Sophia the first. Thanks for the comment on starting over. I really tried to do everything right the first time but I made total noob mistakes. That includes trying to control everything. One reefer, I wish I remembered who at this moment, told me just to let it be and give it some months. I think if I had followed that advice I would be in a better position. 5 days until lights go on! Super excited to get my next fish and watch the uglies develop.
  8. @TatorTacothanks for that information. I have another week until lights come on, so I am sure I will ask you again to see how it's going. For now, I will plan to maybe run them on the AB+ settings at 50%. Thanks again for the honest info!
  9. @TatorTacoi have mine as high as I can too. Yeah, my wife is not cool with $500 deposit either but maybe I can sneak it by her 😄. I wish knew someone with one, it would be nice to have peice of mind. If something ever goes wrong I know I will be saying "is it my lights?" I know you haven't had your settings long but are you seeing any improvement or problems with your new light spectrum?
  10. @TatorTacoThose settings are pretty much what I was running before the tank crashed. The BRS AB+ is just too bright for this shallow of a tank. So I adjusted the numbers down in equal proportions the same you did. That is my one complaint about the ai prime, there is not a slider that adjusts intensity, you have to manually manipulate the numbers for each spectrum and in doing so you begin to question if the overall spectrum has changed..... I will copy your numbers when I turn them on (minus the whites, I like a crazy blue tank 😃). Have you ever taken any par readings with that setting? I was thinking of renting a par meter from BRS to really tune it in.
  11. Hey everyone. So i got two new clowns for the tank. They ate right away and are always eager for more. My last fish barely ate at all. So I am pleased with that. I am adding some coralline in a bottle to the tank today and another in 2 weeks. I will let everyone know how it works. It's a newer product with mixed reviews so I will definitely keep everyone posted.
  12. Update again. Tank is almost 2 months into the BRS 4 month cycle. Everything still looking good. None of the stuff that killed my tank last time came back so I must have sterilized it properly. Again, this is the easiest process I have ever done since coming into this hobby. Not even worrying about ammonia, nitrite or nitrate is just awesome. I have tested of course but you wouldn't have to. I only got an ammonia reading during the very first part of the cycle and have not seen any since. Still have some nitrites in the system but they are dropping. I did add another shrimp because the first completely disintegrated. Fish will be going in next week. My daughter is super excited to get her nemo back. Question for everyone. I have 2 ai prime hds over this tank (nuvo 30l). I am planning on running the BRS AB+ spectrum they produced but at a lower intensity. Does anyone out there have suggestions to the intensity of these lights over a tank this size that will be housing lps and softies? Thanks!
  13. Personally, I recommend the prime hd. For a tank that size, at 6in above water, it will provide enough par for dang near anything you want to keep. For softie/lps I would prob only run it about 30% or so. When you decide to keep harder corals, you can simply turn it up.
  14. Hey everyone. So I am starting a new tank after the last one crashed due to a bacterial problem. As I am starting my new tank, I am following the BRS/WWC 4 month cycle and I am about to the point of turning the lights on. Obviously, most would think that if I turn them on with high nitrates and phos after cycle that algae will just take off....but why? I live in North Dakota (literally couldn't be further from an ocean) and it is -40F outside....no other tanks in the house....where would this algae come from? Short: in a situation where there is no algae in the surrounding environment how does algae get into our tanks? Just curious 😉
  15. Update. Thanks everyone for the support and advice. Tank is about a month into the BRS 4 month cycle. Tell you what, this is the most stress free way to get a tank going bar none. Literally, keep the ato filled and check on shrimp....that's it. I have been checking ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates because I am crazy and just have to know but it's overkill. Keeping alk, calcium, and mag steady (doesn't take much....why do they drop in a tank with nothing??) Everything else is looking good.
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