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  1. i haven't ever cleaned them out... I usually just blast with the baster and suck out the suspended matter. sounds like a good theory to me!
  2. ? I can try to unplug it, put in in a new batch of saltwater mix and see if the scent is coming from the bucket to test. Do pumps emit an odor when they first run?
  3. Yes. It got marginally better. I plugged in the new pump to verify it worked, then odor, then increasing odor over abt an hour. Unplugged tank to do water change. Odor was there but not permeating as strong. As I turkey based it seemed to again increase on the water exchange. Plugged it back in. Kitchen smells like maybe the wetlands or a bad sushi restaurant still.
  4. Hi folks. So I upgraded my pump to the mj404 from the stock filter that came with my spec 3. I also added a new bag of purigen at the same time to the media basket. Pretty much as soon as I turned on the system I noticed a terrible odor, smells a bit like low tide, but more chemically. I'm assuming it's cause my flow was to low and the increased water movement is allowing the odor to escape? Thoughts. I just did a water change 7 days ago and I tested the water about 10 mins ago and everything returned ok. No3 @ 0 No2 @ 0 Ph @ 7.5 Kh @ 80 GH @ 180 (this measurement is always the darkest reading on the dip) Salinity was a tiny bit high @ 1.028 Did a 30. % change just now and don't notice any reduction after an hour. How should I proceed?
  5. For journaling purposes... I think it might be a miracle I have coral living in my tank at this point. I just upgraded the stock pump that came with the spec 3 to the mj404 and put a new purigen pack in my intank media basket. Almost instantly there is now a terrible odor that I couldn't smell before. Not quite sure why. Only thing I assume is the increased flow is allowing the odor to escape? Media basket has 2 carbon and 2 purigen and a small ball of. Chaeto. 2 old 2 new. Gonna pull the old ones once the smell begins to dissipate. Also have rearranged the rock last week as my reef kinda tipped over. So I like the new arrangement. I have very little Coraline growing on the rock but the pieces I were given still have nice color, with the addition on hair algae. Water parameters actually look good. So. I guess it's a work in progress. Added a nifty green mushroom and some zoa 2 weeks ago. There always open unless it's dark Running my lights manually on a schedule of 12 hrs a day at 60% intensity and 30% color. If anyone has advice on what I'm doing wrong I would greatly appreciate??
  6. Very helpful advice. Thank you!
  7. Actually, the odds would be in the favor of the paly's/zoa although i'm not convinced that was the cause either way. Correlation doesn't equal causation, I know this. However, I have had children for 10 years and changed diapers 8-3 times per day, each day, for 2 years each child (having two). and never once had any eye issues during that time. I have messed with zoa one time, rather carelessly and delvoped an eye issue within 24 hours. The likelihood is actually, statically speaking in favor of the zoa. That said, I do understand it could be any other host of causes. While i'm a total idiot (self proclaimed) in my carelessness handling a creature a know little about, I am actually a rather educated individual with a minor in economics, a bachelors in urban planning, and a year of graduate work in aquaculture. I do value the responses on here, as most were so helpful! However, I'm a touch concerned about the volume of forum responses in general that profess there's little likelihood of an issue with handling zoa and paly. Actually it's quite fascinating! How come some people can handle some and have no issue for years on end and others happinstancedly have major issues for seemingly no reason? I just think the scientific community information is a bit limited and not readily accessed by hobbyists, especially those who have had decent luck. Consider the vast array of species of zoa and the complicated symbiotic relationships we don't quite understand and I certainly think its a grey area in the hobby and in understanding in general. Gonna be researching this topic for a while as I find it pretty interesting. Articles containing quality research and conclusive findings on palytoxin and associated species: 1) Palytoxin Found in Palythoa sp Zoanthids Sold in the Home Aquarium Trade https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51042509_Palytoxin_Found_in_Palythoa_sp_Zoanthids_Anthozoa_Hexacorallia_Sold_in_the_Home_Aquarium_Trade most people would benefit from scrolling down and selecting "results and discussion" and read that section; although the rest is pretty interesting also. These researchers have managed to isolate a few species sold commonly in their area (DC) that do pose a significant threat. They also found some that were of little threat. 2) Suspected Palytoxin Inhalation Exposures Associated with Zoanthid Corals in Aquarium Shops and Homes https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6431a4.htm Visual Reference to Labratory Tested Species know to Cause Playtoxin Posioning events through a variety of mechanisms sAlternate Text: The figure above is a picture of a zoanthid colony associated with palytoxin toxicity in patients, Anchorage, Alaska, in August 2014. (toxic reaction occurred as the result of coral being exposed to the air) Some of these were highly toxic, some were weakly or non toxic for individual descriptions view: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6431a4.htm Zoanthid colony responsible for a severe respiratory reaction, collected from a home aquarium in 2008. I am reviewing some of the literature on dinos too, as they may seem to be a potential means of posing a health threat both symbiotically and idenpendently of the zoa/paly themselves.
  8. I love these suggestions! thank you. Due to the toxins many corals make.
  9. Thank you! Suggestions on proven safe species for such a tank? Doesn't need to be rare or special or big just something marine and more safe for the whole family.
  10. I agree. In my lame state plastic bags and straws are illegal so is soda for kids, which I don't agree with but I do find it odd that there isn't much credible information on the toxicity of the wide variety of unresearched marine life out there available to basic families and people.
  11. Hi. So been doing this hobby for a few months. Learned so much on this site. I am a very science /kid learning experience person and undertook the hobby as a fun thing for the family. As I learn more I understand reef tanks aren't the best idea for small children. So... rethinking my plans. I have great memories of being at the beach and Sea world people and Scripps would set up these fun bins that the kids could put their hands on the critters... Can someone point me the right way to finding out how to set up a family friendly saltwater touch tank? Not getting too far on Google.