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  1. This little eviota goby I have is bulletproof. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures cause he’s so shy but I have presumed him dead about 5 times in the ~year I have had him. The most recent was yesterday when moving the inhabitants of my 3g to the Waterbox. I saw him once when I removed the rock and then when I couldn’t find him I assumed I freaked the poor thing out and it jumped. 8 hours later he’s perched on the rock in the cube without a care in the world. I assume he swam into a crevice and I carried him inside the rock lol. I’m genuinely surprised he didn’t die from stress and shock. I probably won’t move him from the cube, I lost him repeatedly in 3 gallons let alone 15 or 60!!!! So far I’ve moved: Red neon eviota 3 hermits Handful of zoa/paly frags that we’re browned out in the pico (already starting to color and open up.. thanks nanobox) In other news, I’m debating going with a tank: 72x18x12 high. The 5 foot was not typical for their tanks and therefore was 2x the price.. unfortunately 72x18x18 is a bit too large. I am worried about the 12 inch height but I figure people make those 12g bookshelf tanks look amazing with only 10 inches to work with so it should be alright. When I get to sps I guess it’ll just mean I have to frag more which isn’t the end of the world. Also I can have more sandbed for tons of rock flower nems... that’d be amazing.
  2. That’s a good mentality to have though. I’d rather pay more for things that will last and look nice in your house than paying to replace things over the years.
  3. Jealous of that stand, very nice, following along!
  4. Haha I think I might be overcompensating this time around 😂. My 20g was pretty bare bones. Yes it is! The triton 26 v2, I haven’t had a sump before but I’m pleased with the construction and I think it’ll work well for my purposes, I got it 50% on BRS when they had a sale though.. not sure I’d pay full price. My only concern is the size of the fuge area.. might need to be beefed up depending on my bioload. I’d love to do a 6 foot tank and max out the space on the stand but it’s on the second floor and I do have to worry about weight... it’s on a load bearing wall and it’s centered over a dividing wall so it shouldn’t be an issue but I don’t wanna push my luck. Still waiting to hear back about an estimate for a 5 foot 🤞
  5. I started reefing a little over a year ago, I’ve learned a lot, had probably more failures than successes but I believe I’ve learned from most of not all of my mistakes. My first tank was a trial of sorts and I feel that it’s run it’s course, pico tanks just weren’t my thing so when I realized I had the space for a larger system I started planning. This is roughly what I decided I wanted to do differently: - legit QT - sump - fuge - change maintenance habits: vacuum sandbed, test more frequently/have monitors to do that for me, wc on a more consistent schedule - apex This started 4 months ago? And this is my progress lol The stand finally got set up a week ago so now I can actually start working on some stuff. The tank on the right is gonna be my “QT” I will have dedicated separate tools and such so that proximity shouldn’t be an issue and this way I can enjoy that tank too. Maybe I’ll turn it into a frag tank at some point. It’s a Waterbox 15 AIO with stock return, 50w or 75w eheim, mp10 from old 20g, and a nanobox led. I’ll be transferring some live rock from my tank to seed it and soon after all my critters so I can shut down my old tank. Obviously tons more more to do and I don’t even have a display tank yet!! I’m working backwards and it’s kind of bugging me but I needed the QT set up to shut down my old tank and rearrange some furniture. The current plan is something like a 80g shallow, the UNS 120S (~70g) is probably what I’m going with but I am looking at custom tanks so I don’t have to drill it myself and can get a slightly larger/longer tank for the same price but I’m not sure that route will pan out. So I still need: - a tank!!! - apex + a few modules - skimmer - a hanger for the lights This is still gonna be a long build but I’ll be showing steps of the actual set up, I won’t really be listing all the equipment till it’s finalized unless there’s questions. Probably deciding on a tank and ordering the rest of the equipment this week. Thank you tax return for funding my addiction 🥳!! Hopefully it’ll be assembled and wet by the end of March.. 🤞
  6. Glad to hear things are looking up! Can’t wait to see more!
  7. Most definitely. I’ll still be going with the base model regardless but trying to get it to work with all my equipment will only provide a limited boost functionality and will end up costing me a few hundred dollars extra if not more. It just doesn’t seem prudent at the moment. I do really like my mp10 but the only reason I didn’t go with ecotech for my new tank is because I needed wider coverage and didn’t wanna pay 2-3x as much to achieve that.
  8. Oh well that kind of sucks.. I’ll do a bit more research. Turns out I was confused, I thought the apex connected to the actual maxspect controller but you need an ice cap module it would seem. At that point I might as well just use the actual controller and set it and forget it.. it would be nice to integrate everything and maybe down the line I will but for now I’m not fine tuning things I’m still working on getting going so I’ll put complete apex control on hold for now.
  9. I will be getting an apex controller (first time user) for my upcoming build and had decided on the $800 model over the base model because I figured the salinity probe could be nice I guess but because it also included two 0-10v channels for light and pump control. Since I will be going with an RO varios-8 return pump and two 230 gyres I figured being able to control the pumps through apex was worth the extra money (as far as I can tell the only difference is the 2 probes and the two 0-10v channels). I just noticed the add on VDM module for pump and light control. It has four 0-10v channels and is only $100. So my first question: Would it be possible to buy the base model and the VDM module + necessary cables and get the control I want and save myself almost $200? The orp and salinity I am assuming will be of little to no use to me.. I rarely check salinity other than making fresh SW and I’d have to read up on orp to make use of it and I’ll admit that I probably won’t because it doesn’t seem like that crucial or helpful of a parameter. Also, with the gyres do the cables to connect them to the apex connect the individual pumps to the apex or the maxspect controller? Essentially do I need a total of 2 or 3 connections to the apex to be able to control all 3 pumps I plan to have? Therefore having to buy the VDM module in both scenarios since the upgraded apex only has 2 channels. Thanks in advance! There’s lots of parts and add ons and variations of apex controllers it’s all a bit overwhelming to a newbie.
  10. It’s amazing the amount of variation in the same coral. I haven’t really had the chance to dive into SPS yet so I’m still learning names of different acros... there’s so many! I’m looking forward to tackling that with my new build.
  11. The ORA pearlberry is absolutely stunning. I’ll be adding that to my wishlist 😅 don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before!
  12. Cool thanks for the advice! I do think I’ll try the 120 first and see how it goes, worst case I’ll upgrade down the road.
  13. Good point about heat from other sources, I’d say that sounds like a solid plan since you’re more concerned about summers/overheating. It is strange, I’m relearning this myself while working on gathering equipment for my upgrade. Unfortunately there’s too many variables and no consistency between brands to give each person a reliable figure for their specific heating needs. Lots of it comes down to trial and error, and experience. On the bright side you can always add or remove heaters down the road.
  14. If they’ll fit you could always try 2 smaller heaters to get the wattage you’re comfortable/confident with. Adds extra security as well in case of failure, unlikely but always possible. Great work so far as well!
  15. For those of you with Nyos skimmers which would you chose for a ~70 gallon display with ~20 gallon sump? The size ratings are a bit unhelpful and I had seen some complaints of the 120 being weaker than expected. I’m worried that the 120 may not be able to handle full stocking. Also the 160 has a cup drain while the 120 does not, I don’t think it warrants an extra $100 however I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else upgraded other than the supposed 130 gallons of extra capacity. Any thoughts and opinions between the two would be appreciated!
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