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  1. I have had the frag 3 days now went right in and been perfectly happy ever since. This morning I noticed something peachy in the center then throughout the day it grew and then got spit out by the coral. I Had no idea we’re to begin looking with this for answers. Thanks for any insight! It literally looks like a soft egg with bubbles on it.. Alien hitchhiker?....

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    I wipe the lid down and the outside of glass down everyday with a e cloth takes 5 mins, salt creep no biggie and after having it with no lid for the first month, next to no evap i mean absolutely minimal, all i do is leave the lid off of the rear chamber and that has aloud most of the heat trapped from the pumps to escape and some air to water mixture. hope that helps!

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    Hey, sorry for the late response been swamped and havent been on. I still love it, i have made some changes but here is the most recent pic, Ill try to get some pics later today, as for your questions I have a 2 year old son, who is as Floridian and fascinated with the ocean as myself. That being said he is all over the tank all day long and the lid is perfect, he knows not to mess with anything other than my refractometer anyways haha. IT would probably be completely fine for your kids room. 1) The idea defiantly works! I can squezze in another gallon of volume im going to play with it some more, just sticking plexi in front of the overflow worked but i wanna make new pieces to project the water flow in to the center of the socks that is were you will get the most efficient filtratration for shure rather then it just drooling down into it... 2) Yes you can for sure, i have actually taken some off on accident by sliding the lid back in forth 3) I LOVE the kessil shimmer it is amazing, not being super expierienced yet i would almost recomend the AI PRIME, ONLY because it will give you more options to play with as for the controller it is a must and The A80 is ABSOULUTLY enough light right now my peak is 50% Intensity 20% COLOR for a few hours i ramp up fast and stay up there the majority of the day WIth only a couple hours draw down and everything seems to be doing great! 4) As for dislikes there is very few, other than wishing my wife would let me start up anopther bigger tank! haha. The way i did things has been fine, I am lucky a local store sells it for 12 bucks a jug but the combo of NUtri SEA water and Live sand and Live Rock all right at the begging of setup makes this a ridiculously fast cycle and process. At this size though it is fairly inexpensive to go that route. The main recomendation i have is to go to arcreef.com Buy the Purple Helix. Stability is kind of important so i waited till the end of the first month before adding it but I am not BULLSHI**ING 3 days and i had green coraline forming all over the tank. Plus they give back to the ocean and i support that 100%. I am waiting until the end of the month to show the progress after adding it. Buy Loc Line and a couple extra return nozzles, flow has been the biggest enemy for me yet, I finally have it down, I have the stock pump cranked all the way down and pointed at my torch, got rid of the aqaumai those things are crap! And went with the MP10 on the wave setting its perfect! Thanks for responding, hope i am able to help some if i missed any thing let me know!

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    Go for it! As soon as cobalt has them in stock again.... lol... I am planning on ordering the 45. The only thing i would recommend is to plan for some editing, especially without them really having the kind of aftermarket stuff IM or other brands do. The main thing i have done is glue a couple of pieces of acryllic on the back side of the overflows play with it a little in sizes to get the water level where you want but it brought my up significantly in the display and gives you room for more volume overall. Oxygenates the water pretty well with the drop off it creates into the filter socks, since the return puts a load of flow into the tank i have turned it all the way down and use my aqumai for additional flow

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    Replacement Filter socks are now available a very reasonable price if ya ask me! https://www.cobaltaquatics.com/collections/tanks-lighting/products/c-vue-200-micron-filter-sock?variant=5752992432157

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    yes i don't see why you could not if that was what you wanted to do...the one it comes with is adjustable up/down left/right as well. They set them up to be drillable as well in the rear chambers if you wanted to go that route at some point as well.

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    The Cobalt C-VUE 18 Includes Tank 18G: 20"x16"x13" overall dimensions, 20"x11"x13" display, 0.3" glass, 165gph 2--200 Micron Filter Socks and Nifty Trays with handles that hold them directly under the overflow helping maximum water fall into the sock The Coblat Mj return pump, size varies by tank along with quantity. And that is it. The price I picked mine up for was $203.00 with tax included. In Tampa FL I contacted them about replacement filter socks last week, and other products, mainly a media rack for the rear chamber. As for the filter socks they are currently awaiting a revamp to their website to make them available, although they recommended using other filter socks on the market if needed, I clean mine weekly with my water change and they seem to be holding up fine anyways. They are currently testing the media racks and could not give me an official timeline, the only thing said was that they hope it is soon. So if you want instant gratification when it comes to upgrades go with IM . IMO I prefer the tank to the IM mainly for what you get for the $ right out the gate. The pump turns this thing over like crazy, i have had to cut back on the flow twice, and added a AQAMAUI to be able to mess with the flow more, but those things are a way bigger headache then they are worth so far anyways. The damn thing does what it wants lol. So I only plan on using it for when I am feeding, and turn the return pump off. Which Size are you looking at? The biggest let down so far is that Cobalt was just so unprepared, for releasing these tanks period. And not to scare anyone away! They do not come with the lid, which irritated me because the manual, and the box both say that it is supposed too, Then I realized that someone Literally, Marked " Optional Lid Kit" Off of the Top of the Box With A friggin Sharpie.lol. Although they are not expensive the one for the 18 is glass and is $19.99 On the Upside though, customer service has been respectable and fast. A few hours and all of my questions were answered although with a gray line. I will give the tank a lot of credit though, I love it. I really really hope that it can take off and we see new options, or additional items in the near future. Any other questions ask away! The whole reason i posted was to help out other people looking into them with such limited info! I hope i covered some good points for you.

    My first Reef, New Cobalt C-Vue 18

    Just a little update everyone is healthy and looking happy, picked up the aqamai circulation pump this week, and got the A80 up and going, I read recently that the Hammers do better when place at an angle so that the light hits the base, any opinions on that? And a little tip to anyone interested, GO BUY A "E CLOTH" !!! I knew they worked great with windows and i figured the fact that its chemical free you only need water i figured it would be a good use for keeping the glass looking great, well it is! Probably the best thing possible.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I took all of the hermits back to my lfs, and picked up 3 nassarius, they have done a better job than the 10 hermits, and well, they ain’t bugging the hell outta my zoas either lol. Much better result.
  10. That sounds intense haha
  11. is there a ratio you prefer?
  12. yea i planned on not getting one for a while, and it really varies considering a yellow watchman. I am most likely just going to shift to mostly nassarius and ceriths. For now at least, they just have not had them at my LFS so i mostly went with hermits. They do a great job i cant deny that, just figured id cut back on them some. Im up to 10 hermits 2 margarita snails 5 bumble bee snails
  13. I am currently heavy on hermits, but they climb all over my Zoa's constantly making them shrink up and it is driving me nuts! So I am removing them with the exception of a couple, like 2 lol. But I am really curious as to what people prefer for keeping there tank beautiful with the help of a CUC. Ive read hours of different articles and info on the various livestock suppliers sites. Just want to hear it from real ppl. I was planning on getting a goby not sure which yet to pick up the sand sifting the hermits take care of. Am i on the right track? Thanks in advance!