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  1. Maybe I'm just way overconcerned since this is the first time Ive bought zoas since I got into the hobby a year ago. However, I just got a free frag together with my last online order. The free frag looks like it could be one of the two really poisonous palythoa, that is palythoa heliodiscus or toxica. Anybody with a better knowledge of zoas/palys cares to reassure me or suggest I should nuke them Ellen Ripley style? Thank you.
  2. what kind of coral is that?
  3. I contacted the manufacturer. He replied with a long email and claims that, since my tap water has 240-70 TDS, it's normal a 100 GPD high rejection dow filmtec membrane produces 18-21 TDS He claims the 98% rejection rate is only true of lab tests, and 92-3% rejection is acceptable. To me, that sounds like a load of BS to be perfectly honest. Plenty of people use 100 GPD high rejection dow filmtec membranes, and it'd seem strange if they were all happy with such low rejection rates. I'm sorta tempted to get an identical membrane and see if I get the same results. As far as I can tell, there are no rubber seals and the membrane is seating properly. Where would you expect to find rubber seals? I have, and it's stable at 18 TDS now. Thanks for the help everyone! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks everyone! I did several experiments. Today my tap water was 270 TDS. The new system produces 18-20 TDS without DI. My old system with its original membrane produces 4-6 TDS water without DI. I then tried connecting the new membrane that came with the new RO system to my old RO system, and TDS went up, 18-20 TDS. Then I tried connecting the old membrane to the my new system, and the TDS was just 4-6!! As you would expect! 98% rejection rate! At this point it sounds like it's faulty membrane?
  5. I can do a water change if things get out of wack, just not regularly.
  6. I got a new RO system. 5 micron sediment filter 1 micron sediment filter 5 micron sintered carbon block filter 100 GPD Dow Filmtec RO membrane (96-7% rejection rate) The RO system is attached to a separate dual DI canister with mixed bed resins. The RO gives weirdly high TDS water: Tap water 234-40 TDS After RO, 19 TDS. Rejection rate 92%!! After DI, 0 TDS I double checked the readings by using two HM DM-1 In-Line Dual TDS Monitors. I checked the sediment/carbon filters: the inner cylinder of all three filters is properly fixed in place at the bottom of the canister. I use a booster pump, pressure is 50-60 PSI. The pressure gauge needle goes back and forth quickly, so it's difficult to tell the exact value. Anybody knows what could be going on? My tap water doesn't have chloramines, only chlorine dioxide. So having just one carbon block shouldn't be the issue? Is 19 TDS acceptable for RO or is it going to burn my DI quickly? Thanks a lot!
  7. why not? Zeovit tanks and triton tanks can look amazing.
  8. How difficult is it to transition from a small nano where you only do weekly water changes, to a 62G with no water changes, where you only dose 2-parts or triton method? Is it a steep learning curve? I bought my first tank a year ago, a 16G. The first months have been a bit rocky, but I think now I understand proper husbandry for softies/LPS at least. I've been thinking of getting a larger tank, a 62G cube with a sump, for a variety of reasons. A 16G cube is cramped. I've damaged one of the frogspawns a couple of times, trying to get the syphon to clean the sand started. I'm running out of space for LPSs on the sandbed. I want a clownfish harem with LTAs, BTAs, big clams, and a euphyllia garden (assuming the anemones won't assassinate the clams and the euphyllias in a 62G cube). I want one, dare I say, two mandarins. In order to have a 62G, I need to go the no water changes route. It's not laziness, my apartment is small, I don't have a place where I can leave an 8 or 12 gallon bucket for hours as it fills with ro/di water every week. I believe a large refugium could be the ideal solution (9 gallon refugium for a 62G tank), especially since I want mandarins. I don't really wanna use the zeovit system since there's nobody who could dose everyday. Thanks everyone!
  9. I wanted to get a Maxspect Ethereal instead of an Echotech Radion, because the Radion is 40% more expensive in Europe (once you add the tank mount and the wireless controller). I read the app and the wireless controller to control maxspect products is just awful though, and a 2.4 Ghz network is required. Anybody can give their opinion? Thank you very much!
  10. I understand prime HDs don't come with a mount. Does the Hydra 26 come with a mount or I have to buy it separately? It's quite difficult to understand from the website.
  11. Oh yeah, the major reason I'm upgrading is the colour. Pretty tired of my super white PL lights. I was considering the XR15w G4 PRO, but then I read here that the MaxSpect Ethereal has one of the best $ per watt ratio on the market better spread since the led clusters are further apart. I guess with more coverage I can keep the LEDs at low intensity, and still keep LPS in the bottom corners? Would that work?
  12. Are two carbon blocks helpful even my tap water doesn't have chloramine? Thanks!
  13. Is that from the probiotic version then?
  14. I got a terrible in-line RODI that never gave me 0 TDS, even though my tap water has 210 to 240 TDS. I got the money to replace it now. The RO market here in Italy is very small, there're zero reviews online. Italian forums also weren't helpful. The one I wanna get is a 4-stage RO unit with the following components: 5 micron sediment filter 1 micron sediment filter 5 micron sintered (?) carbon block filter 100 GPD Dow Filmtec membrane Does that sound like a decent RODI? Any other specific thing I should look out for when looking for an RODI? Adding DI: Two sediment filters sound like an overkill. Can I replace the 5 micron sediment filter with a DI resin? Do I need a DI cartridge like this one? Adding a second RO membrane: I have the right water (TDS <300) and booster pump for the BRS water saver upgrade kit. Obviously the kit isn't sold here, is there some kind of magic to the water saver upgrade or can I just buy these components individually? Dow RO Membrane 2x 2.5" x 2.5" membrane clips 2x 1/8" x ¼" 90-degree elbows 1/8" x ¼" 90° check valve RO membrane housing ¼" tube splitter Thanks a lot guys!
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