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  1. ReefingRelapse

    Biocube 32 relapse tank

    Tank is doing well right now. Had a mini-crash I believe caused by too much purple tech throwing my parameters out of wack. Got a salifert test kit and now things are back on track. Coraline algae is popping up everywhere!!! Which suprised me since I haven't had the tank up for very long. Got rid of the Bicolor blenny as he was chomping away at some of the corals (that was a fun chase!) And added a small sixline wrasse in his place, he's seems to be doing well. Also my favorite addition, I added a fighting conch to the tank. By far the best member of my cuc! My sand bed is immaculate. Honestly cyano starts to pop up over by the plate coral every now and then and he cleans it up every time.
  2. ReefingRelapse

    How do I catch Craig?

    Craig was finally captured, after an attempt a making a trap, a 2hr chase, he was finally coerced into hiding inside a rock that was not attached to the other pieces. Pulled the rock into a bucket and he jumped out
  3. ReefingRelapse

    How do I catch Craig?

    God damn it! Lol. Funny video though
  4. ReefingRelapse

    How do I catch Craig?

    This is craig. Craig is a bicolor blenny that has fallen on hard times. Since there's no more algae in my tank he's picked up the bad habit of nipping at corals! He has taken out 1/4 of a leptastrea frag and taste testing my acros as well. How can i catch this little shit without tearing my tank apart or how can I get him off the coral fix and get him the help he needs?
  5. ReefingRelapse

    Question how much sand in jbj 28 gal

    I have 20 lb in my BioCube 32 and it looks just fine
  6. ReefingRelapse

    How to not burn coral?

    I ask because i burnt a nice red milli i got last week that came out of the same tank. I gradually moved it from bottom to top throughout the week but i think it might be a goner now
  7. ReefingRelapse

    How to not burn coral?

    Just like the title says, I'm wondering how to go about acclimating sps to my light without burning them? Should I do sand bed one week, middle tank next, and then the top? Is there a good time period rule? Currently running AI prime on bc32 at around 80%. Thinking about cutting that back a little...
  8. ReefingRelapse

    Kalk water questions

  9. ReefingRelapse

    Input on my Idea for Mini Sump/Fuge Requested.

    Your either going to need an overflow box or make a pvc overflow (many youtube videos on this) 2 gallon sump is probably going to be way too small. Keep in mind if your pump fails and your discharge line back siphons, it could overflow your sump. So go with the biggest sump you can fit or drill a hole in outlet line to prevent this (keep in mind holes can get plugged!)
  10. ReefingRelapse

    DIY AIO tank. Please advise!

    With the corals you plan on keeping, naural filtration isn't going to be a problem. My nitrates have dropped 10ppm in the last week since my fuge has finally started taking off and my phosphates are undetectable with salifert kit. Im only running floss and chaeto & red ogo right now
  11. ReefingRelapse

    Kalk water questions

    So I've been watching a lot of videos on BRS and trying to learn more about dosing and kalkwater and just trying to learn more about keeping sps in general. Questions are should I drip kalk or use with an ATO? Do you really not need to dose 2 part after getting correct parameters and starting kalkwater dosing? Should I try to get MY tank parameters as close to the sw I get for water changes, that way there is no rapid changes in calcium or alkalinity when i do a wc?
  12. ReefingRelapse

    Ever add up the total of your order history?

    I just want to know the impact on my electric bill
  13. ReefingRelapse

    DIY AIO tank. Please advise!

    Hate that about my biocube!
  14. ReefingRelapse

    First saltwater tank: Kontack's 10g Nano

    What is the airline tubing for?
  15. ReefingRelapse

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    Tank looks impressive, that's a lot of fish you got there!