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  1. Following along. I can't figure it out either. I had some zoa's in my 10 gallon that did ok but when I switched to my 20 gallon with a bit more light they took off (10+ heads in 2 months). On that very same rock some green ones I brought over from the 10 gallon look beautiful but have not put a single additional head.
  2. I had the same issue as you and looked for over a month. I have the IM 20 Panorama and it's very limited as to what will fit in the back. I couldn't find the NuvoSkim either so I went with the IceCap K1 Nano. It fits (without the bracket). I literally just installed it last night so take my review for what it's worth. Easy to put in, a little noisy at first but it settled down last night and just sounds like "white noise" now. No micro bubbles and it started pulling brown water within a few hours. Cautiously optimistic. 🙂
  3. I think you'll love the IM's . I have the 10 and 20 and I'll tell you this, there is a world of difference between the two with regards to "less maintenance". My 20 once it was up and running is SOOOO much easier to maintain. Less swings, a little less worry and is much more stable. My 10 gallon is in a good spot right now but I can get swings in it if I'm not keeping an eye on it. I also don't have an ATO with it (because of location) but have one with my 20. Makes all the difference in the world. If you can do it go with the 20 (one of their versions) do it, you won't regret it.
  4. No not really. I installed a powerhead of course for more directional flow to certain areas but that's it.
  5. I have the 20 gallon panorama and absolutely love it.
  6. I don't see how you could "automate" for 3 weeks. You would almost certainly have to have someone come and check in on the tank at least a couple of times during that time period. Or at least I would... I'd be completely paranoid 🙂
  7. I successfully moved him, moved my powerhead to blast him, tickled the foot and finally got him loose. Put him where I wanted, he started to move down (which was going to be bad) moved my powerhead again to prevent him moving down, he moved up a little and is now happy (and very visible). Funny creatures!
  8. I had one do the exact same thing, couldn't figure it out, moved it to a higher flow area and it opened right up. I have another one I moved to the same area (same flow) it closed up. I've found they are like children...individually picky. Maybe try another area.
  9. Check your flow. I have several mushrooms in my tank and some would do that because they didn't like the flow (either too much or too little). Moving them around just a little sometimes did the trick. Once you get them in a place they like leave em alone if you can.
  10. I need some help/recommendations. I am looking for a skimmer for my 20 gallon IM Abyss Panorama but am struggling somewhat. If at all possible (because of the set up) I need one that will fit in the all in one sump (vs a hang on the back). I've looked at IM's own skimmers (I own 1 desktop one for my 10 gallon) but they are becoming harder to find (plus they don't get great reviews even though mine is working alright). Suggestions for one that would fit in the back??
  11. Thanks for the advice. I did a ton of research on this before I decided to go this route and read about the many risks. I dose a tiny amount a couple of times a week and it has really helped stabilize my tank. I have really good growth and colors with most of my corals now. My question to you is what phosphate testing kit do you recommend? Like I said I have a really hard time reading/interpreting the API phosphate kit and would like something that could better tell me what my phosphates are. I understand there is a need for phosphates in the system for proper tank maintenance. Due to the health and growth of the tank I seriously doubt mine are at 0 but you have my attention now of better monitoring the phosphate number and getting an accurate read out.
  12. I use API testing for Phosphates which I know is notoriously not reliable and just gives a range so it may not be completely 0. In my 10 gallon tank I put a skimmer in so I could run Nopox to drop my nitrates and it worked beautifully. That's what I'm going to do for my 20 gallon. I'm pseudo-lazy so my goal is water changes every 2 weeks vs 1 week 🙂
  13. Nitrates are higher in this tank (getting ready to put in a skimmer to better control it).. close to 20. All other parameters are similar.