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  1. I like this one but as @hotdrop stated you definitely want some room on the side to clean the glass. You have several levels and which gives you good options for corals along each level. Some good sand space on the front right as well.
  2. A bit of an update here, some small additions (sorry for the heavy blues)... I added a small small Galaxea and a few Zoa frags which so far are doing well (Zoa's love this tank.. they routinely add heads every week). I also transferred a small Frogspawn from my 10g tank where I could never find a good spot for him. He's opening much better now. Sun Corals have really started opening with regularity over the past month or so (from 8-11pm most nights) so feeding them has become easier. I also added a skimmer to help with keeping nitrates down and started with some Phosguard to get my phosphates better under control. I also got my BTA to move from behind a rock and now he sits towards the top. He still doesn't have that thick "bubble" look but at least he's visible now. Looking to add another torch or two in a couple of areas in the tank. We have a frag show here in April so I'm hoping to drop some $$$ if the wifey lets me 😉
  3. These 12 gallon longs are fascinating! They look soo much bigger. Care to show a pic of the guts underneath??
  4. Wow, I don't think I'd have have the b@l$ to dress down @Clown79 as much time as he takes to help people on this forum... but you do you...😶
  5. Not really, I just turkey baster blast it out every month or two. I pull my pump and heater during that time as well just for cleaning and maintenance so it takes very little time.
  6. Thanks that's what I was planning on doing as I've heard its very powerful. I've also read use only 1/2 of the recommend dosage to be safe.
  7. Thanks, that's what I was planning on doing, running phosguard as needed for a short amount of time. Thanks for your help.
  8. I've been doing some reading and I think what @clown79 is saying about the Chempure is my problem. I run it for 45 days usually and when I did my latest phosphate test that's when I noticed it so high so it makes sense it ran out already (it had run for 45 days). So would I be ok just running GFO/ Phosguard and Purigen and get basically the same results (dumping Chempure entirely)?
  9. That's my worry, everything is ok now but I know high Phosphates is a ticking time bomb. I'm looking at running a little Phosguard to bring it down slower. I also run Chempure Blue in both tanks. Any positive/negative with running a little Purigen along with Phosguard?
  10. I currently have two tanks (10g and 20g) and recently switched over to the Salifer Phosphate test kit. Both tanks read around 0.25 (which from what I read is pretty high). Nitrates on both tanks are around 10, no real algae problems (I clean the glass once-ish per week), everything is growing doing well in both tanks. But that Phosphate number seems high. I want to be careful chasing numbers but would like some advice on what to do. My LFS suggested I add some Purigen but everything I read says Purigen doesn't really reduce phosphates. I went ahead and added a bag in each tank though as I know it can help keep the water polished. I primarily have LPS and softies in both tanks. Suggestions are welcome...
  11. Love your pictures, what are you using to shoot? Amazing clarity.
  12. Really interesting concept on your new one. I love my Panorama.
  13. Following along. I can't figure it out either. I had some zoa's in my 10 gallon that did ok but when I switched to my 20 gallon with a bit more light they took off (10+ heads in 2 months). On that very same rock some green ones I brought over from the 10 gallon look beautiful but have not put a single additional head.
  14. I had the same issue as you and looked for over a month. I have the IM 20 Panorama and it's very limited as to what will fit in the back. I couldn't find the NuvoSkim either so I went with the IceCap K1 Nano. It fits (without the bracket). I literally just installed it last night so take my review for what it's worth. Easy to put in, a little noisy at first but it settled down last night and just sounds like "white noise" now. No micro bubbles and it started pulling brown water within a few hours. Cautiously optimistic. 🙂
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