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  1. LeeJiYoung

    Lee's 425 liter peninsula reef

    Definitely yes ! You can 👌 Just edited my post with the sump pics. Hopefully, that will be enough to grow Macroalgae:).
  2. LeeJiYoung

    Lee's 425 liter peninsula reef

    Thanks Chris, I'm thinking of getting some small fishes that are swimming in group like Chromis or Anthias, perhaps a tang would be nice ? I'm quite afraid that the shallowness of the tank will not allow me to get one. It will be a mixed reef with different kind of LPS, SPS, softies to create a smaller scale of the biotope from nature.
  3. LeeJiYoung

    Lee's 425 liter peninsula reef

    Sure, I will take a pic of it after finish my work and get back home. I am currently in my office.
  4. Hi guys, this is my 425 liters reef tank from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It's been cycling for 3 days and I can't wait to pack it with corals and livestocks ( I know, I know, patient is a must for this hobby, I will keep on waiting for it to cycle then :p ). Anyway, do you guys have any suggestions for the livestocks of this shallow tank ? Tank specs: -Dimension: 138cm x 81cm x 38cm -Sump: 100cm x 50cm x 30cm -Chiller: 1HP titanium coil -Skimmer: Octopus Regal 200-S Skimmer -Bio-filter: 65 liters refugium in sump ( still working on it, basically I'm looking for chaeto, caulerpa and some mangroves ). -Lighting: 3x Hydra 52HDs Updated 10:38pm : Just install a cheap DIY LED light for the fuge chamber:D hopefully that will be enough for the upcoming macroalgae. The filter sock is stucked with detritus, will have to clean it up now. The shrimp 🍤 that I put in 2 days ago is decaying with a not-really-lovely-looking form and the smell is just...🤢 And I have turned all the light with skimmer off to let the cycle process faster. Cheers
  5. Any update on the Iwagumi 1.0 and 2.0 yet ? Lâu quá lâu quá
  6. LeeJiYoung

    Nick's 30L Mixed Reef

    Did you give them fresh water often ?
  7. LeeJiYoung

    Nick's 30L Mixed Reef

    Did you have any salt creeps problem with the rock extruded out of water surface ? And also, how did you keep the air plants alive ? It would be nice to hear some advice from you, thanks.
  8. LeeJiYoung

    Growing plants in reef tank

    Absolutely !!! Just got my MAME overflow a few days ago, I will post the tank up as soon as I can.
  9. LeeJiYoung

    Growing plants in reef tank

    Cheers, mate! That just what I need to know.
  10. LeeJiYoung

    Fluval Spec SPS Peninsular - RIP Lana

  11. Simple question : Can I actually growing garden moss and plants on to this rock ? Also, will there be any salt creeps or spray overtime ? The picture is not mine, it just there to show my idea
  12. LeeJiYoung

    WaWaWang's 40G of Shallownessnessgoon

    Did you have any salt creeps problem of the rocks extrude out of water surface on this tank ? Sorry, I know you have switched to the 70g, but just in case if you still remember this good old one .
  13. LeeJiYoung

    Input on my Idea for Mini Sump/Fuge Requested.

    try Mame overflow
  14. Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and currently planning on to make my own reef tank. I'm wondering if it is possible or not to make a shallow reef with seashore-like built in ? Can anyone gives me some advices about this idea ? Been looking at some of the others ideas. Some said there will be a low-tide smell, some said salt creep will drive this tank salinity crazy. I'm hoping that there is a way to evade those cons of this setup. P/s: Sorry, I couldn't find any better quality image to show what I'm thinking on except this one from an old forum post. Any helps would be grateful. Thank you
  15. LeeJiYoung

    Freshwater rock for reef tank

    One more question to go, will the SW erode the rocks faster than other types of sea rocks after some period of time sitting in the tank. I'm afraid that after years, or months, I might have to shut down the tank due to the erosion of those rocks destroying the aquascape of the whole tank.