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  1. I dont mean to bring up such an old thread, but is any of this information still relevant?
  2. 13 days is too damn long! I'd give you mine, but I found another use for it. Maybe someone in the thread can lend/sell/give you one?
  3. That's funny you mentioned that, because that's the first thing I noticed when I checked the lid this morning. I'm meh about it anyways, I prefer the mesh lid.
  4. Thanks for the links. I have a sheet of acrylic glass in the garage and I'm going to order those cover clips and be done with it. I Don't feel like spending more than I have to, especially since the acrylic sheet looks really clean over the tank. I'll post pics once finished.
  5. Thanks!! I'll look into both.
  6. Can anyone recommend a nice mesh lid?
  7. Diatoms?? Can you post a picture?
  8. Over 1 year update.
  9. What happened to the green stylo on the top?
  10. Nice! Is the tank still up?
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