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  1. Yeah after I saw the comment on deflated tentacle it made a lot more sense. I thought it was crawling around and u couldn’t catch it. Lol
  2. Hard to tell from photo but sounds and looks like a Bristle worm to me
  3. Yeah I think you can handle a pair of clowns. I was just saying maybe don’t get tunnel vision on a pair of clown or nothing there is some other good options. I’m no expert but if I wer u, and u get a pair of clowns. I would definitely not over feed and start with weekly three gallon water changes. Really u should make ur girlfriend do them. Lol I’m actually cycling a 15g cube at the moment. That is pretty much my plan. I’m taking my existing clown from another tank and going to get another for a pair in 15 g. With all nems.........well I do change my mind about it every two hours tho so who knows. Post if u get them good luck
  4. I think u can. Just don’t over feed and keep water changes consistently. u can also just get one clown or a whole different fish that likes to swim maybe royal grama, fire fish, dotty could be aggressive tho. Yellow tail damsel could also be aggressive.
  5. Yeah I purchased liferock shapes but I received 3 large pieces. It was kind of hard to make anything work in a 15 g cube. So I ordered reel reaf smaller pieces. I planed on mixing them and coming up with something. But I didn’t like the look nearly as much as liferock. I managed to use only the life rock and not mix them. After a little hammer dressing this is what I came up with. if I had to do over instead of getting the reel reaf I would just get more liferock in smaller pieces
  6. I have life rock and real reef rock. Not set up yet so I can’t say much. What I will say is I personally like the look of the life rock much better than the real reaf rock.
  7. I just felt like posting a photo of my mess. I’m actually going to be tearing this down (maybe). I’m setting up a 15 cube and I don’t really want two tanks. I don’t know if I have the heart tho. I know it’s nothing great but this tank pretty much just runs itself.
  8. I would put pond matrix in there. U can put it in a mesh sack that you can take out every so often and rinse in old saltwater when doing water changes.
  9. Can’t help with placement. but I really like ur aqua scape.nice job!
  10. Ur definitely untitled to ur opinion. But I didn’t say a few morals every three days. Just a normal feeding but my point more so was not to just flood tank with food and hope the fish get it. I feed more than every three days usually every other. But my fish have gone longer without food. I suggest he goes every three to get algae under control. I can feed your fish as you wish that’s great if u feed daily without issue. I’m saying I know fish do not need to be fed daily and this is just an assumption but I would bet dollars to doughnuts that most over feed. By the looks of that tank he needs to back off on the feed and do more water changes. Not going to argue about it but I know what has been working for me for over four years now.
  11. Keep bio load low, frequent water changes. Do large ones 50 percent until you see improvement. Then just do smaller ones but be consistent. Weekly. Feed very little fish don’t need to be fed daily I would go every three days with what I see ( clown and damsel) not sure what else you have. I would feed pellets and try to get the fish to come to the surface for food and feed slowly let them catch each pellet you drop. when I first started in this hobby I hated being told the answer was water changes it would go in one ear and out the other. I would try every other expensive way to fix. Now my formula is water changes and keep bio load relatively low. If if if I stay consistent with my water changes tank runs like a charm. Good luck
  12. I would contact vivid aquatics he is very helpful. They sell adapters and connectors for lines. “Lock line” won’t match up with the brand on the tank. That’s my understanding anyway.
  13. I think the 160 would work but the 360 would be a better option for higher demand coral in that tank.
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