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  1. Congrats! Nice reef tank, very complete in such a short time. Keep up the good work
  2. Nelson

    2G Cube [Casa Del Zoa]

    I'm looking for someone to try this dooa tank out for a pico reef. Really unique tank Nice! Love shallow tanks 😛
  3. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Picked it up here: https://www.azaqua.nl/en/cube-garden/cube-garden-45-f-45x24x16. They only sell in Europe. I don't know where you can get these in the US, but I saw some more 45F tanks here on the forum.
  4. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    This vase could be an interesting shallow/lagoon type pico reef, with irregular flow patterns. I wish it wasn’t that shallow (5cm) and expensive (300 euro) haha
  5. Nelson

    First Time Reefer - Mini Complete Tank

    lol nice read and first reef. 😎How to control salinity?
  6. Nelson

    Bored with tank

    If you keep your tank small and simple you can buy better looking corals. When I am browsing the web so many times I see these huge tanks with lots of empty space, 'boring' corals, you know what I mean :P. Imho less maintenance small systems + nice quality corals = more joy. Thats why I like this site so much 🙂 Your tank looks nice, give it some clean up bro haha
  7. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    I hope to posts some pictures soon with the orange filter I ordered on Aliexpress. The wall hammer shows long tentacles on the side of the bubble coral. Are they going to war? Or is the light not sufficient for the wall hammer (reaching for light)? I still don't understand these crazy things.
  8. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    That is a bike water bottle holder, for your bicycle. Works well with the 600ml variant of the hamster bottle
  9. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Thanks for the suggestions! Yes, this tank is easier to maintain (shallow profile) and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a nano reef, except for the jebao ow10 being too strong. Maybe the 60F is better suitable for the jebao... I am now running natural filtration only consisting of live rock, rubble (from the ac20 package) and chaeto in the ac20 and it is low maintenance (with my low bioload). Unfortunately, I need to break it down sometime when I move from my student room to another place. On the downside the clown is too lazy, sitting in the flower pot whole day long and waits for food to flow near him. On the upside, I don't have to fear for him jumping out of the aquarium ?
  10. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    New addition And it is regaining some color ? PS: How to filter the blues?
  11. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Just like watching television ?
  12. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    they grow like weeds haha
  13. Haha, Mochi is back! Youtuber Inappropriate reefer used to have a frogfish with the same colors. Very nice tank!
  14. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    New coral bought from a very nice shop closeby: a duncan very nice sps display was there . Unfortunatelly I am on a tight budget haha
  15. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    New home/host. Didn’t take long to find it and not leaving haha