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  1. Someone in the LFS was saying something to me like, professional reefing below 5 gallons was impossible when talking about his large reef tank. Then I showed him your vase and he was amazed haha. One of the best picos and I enjoy your pictures.😎
  2. Wow nice tank! Full with good looking corals. Keep it going.
  3. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    This weekend I will be moving the reef into a new home, roughly 100km away from where it is now. First I decided to sell everything and take a break, but since everything is doing so well with low maintenance I will give it a try. Of course, I'm a little bit nervous about it. The heat packs arrived just in time and I will be using some Tupperware for the corals and fish. Do you guys have any other tips, tricks or suggestions for the move? Thanks! PS: Just realized it's difficult to order something from the Mame design website (I was thinking about the Mame skimmer mini!)
  4. Add bubble coral to the list (plerogyra sinuosa). Super easy
  5. Hey, keep dosing phosphate. It is completely normal it goes to 0 in like 24 hours, because a lot of it is consumed directly by the Dinos. I've seen more posts from people experiencing this on the "are you tired of battling..." thread on reef2reef. Good N:P is key. Eventually copepods will start to show up again and the Dinos will go away. Nice tank (and light)! 🙂 Edit: now I see you have a clam, he will take up phosphates and nitrates as well. How is the clam doing with the Dinos?
  6. I used to have a bubble coral 1 inch apart from a branching hammer, zero problems. Now I have a green wall hammer next to the bubble, and man, this thing is aggressive. Now both show long sweepers and attack each other, so I guess they are healthy
  7. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Snail making the water cloudy and Mr. clownfish waiting for a large clean up: ^Duvel beer someone? 🙂
  8. Congrats! Nice reef tank, very complete in such a short time. Keep up the good work
  9. I'm looking for someone to try this dooa tank out for a pico reef. Really unique tank Nice! Love shallow tanks 😛
  10. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    Picked it up here: https://www.azaqua.nl/en/cube-garden/cube-garden-45-f-45x24x16. They only sell in Europe. I don't know where you can get these in the US, but I saw some more 45F tanks here on the forum.
  11. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    This vase could be an interesting shallow/lagoon type pico reef, with irregular flow patterns. I wish it wasn’t that shallow (5cm) and expensive (300 euro) haha
  12. lol nice read and first reef. 😎How to control salinity?
  13. If you keep your tank small and simple you can buy better looking corals. When I am browsing the web so many times I see these huge tanks with lots of empty space, 'boring' corals, you know what I mean :P. Imho less maintenance small systems + nice quality corals = more joy. Thats why I like this site so much 🙂 Your tank looks nice, give it some clean up bro haha
  14. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    I hope to posts some pictures soon with the orange filter I ordered on Aliexpress. The wall hammer shows long tentacles on the side of the bubble coral. Are they going to war? Or is the light not sufficient for the wall hammer (reaching for light)? I still don't understand these crazy things.
  15. Nelson

    2g Do!aqua cube

    That is a bike water bottle holder, for your bicycle. Works well with the 600ml variant of the hamster bottle