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  1. How high to mount par38 over 5.5 AIO

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have a play around with heights and might even try pulling the optics out and seeing how they all compare. Cheers for the help, Daniel
  2. Is the LFS Marine plus? definitely the best store in SA. Just had a quick read through your thread, very nice tank and corals. Also its cool to see a garf bonsai in aus, never knew we could get them down here
  3. Hi guys, I've been reefing for close to 10 years now but this is my first foray into pico tanks and LEDs, so I decided to ask the experts here on N-R. I've done a bit of searching around and can't seem to find the answer to my question. How high should I have this 12x 3w par38 with 90 degree optics http://www.naqua.com.au/collections/lighting/products/coral-flare-max-ii-full-spectrum-par38-reef-lamps above my 5.5 AIO (4g display)? I'm looking to have a go at mainly SPS, probably a few zoas as well, if that info helps. Cheers, Daniel
  4. You could try a longspine diadema urchin. Mine demolished my hair algae, infact it got rid of almost all algae except for coraline. you just have to keep an eye on them in the long run. After they eat the algae they can sometimes start eating coral
  5. SPS Frag has a mouth

    Definitely sounds like barnacles in both cases. Do a Google for for barnacles in acros and check out the pics/vids you find
  6. SPS ID

    Just a small bump. Someone on another forum suggested that it could be dome kind of deepwater acro due to its colour and shape? Any input will be appreciated. Cheers, Daniel
  7. SPS ID

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here but I just picked up this coral today and I culdn't tell what type of SPS it is. I couldn't resist it given its size, colour and price. Anybody have any ideas as to what it is? Here's a pic. It hasn't put out polyps yet since it was in the tank for literally 2 minutes when I snapped the pic. And it's slightly more green IRL (dodgy phone pic, sorry) Cheers, Daniel EDIT: I'm thinking maybe a granulosa?
  8. best way to kill & clean live rock?

    Why waste all the bacteria and any good algae like coraline? Look up "Cooking" LR, essentially keeping it in saltwater with powerhead+heater, in a bin/container in complete darkness. every week give it a really good scrub in the water and do a 100% water change. Continue for 6-8 weeks and almost all pest algae and 'nems should be gone (if there are any majanos/aiptasia chances are they'd be small and peppermint shrip could clean them up.) This method takes a bit longer than killing it but normally leaves you with healthy, pest free, cured LR with still a fair bit of coraline present. Hope that helps, Daniel
  9. @#$% My heater just blew too

    there's no "built up electricity" in the tank, as soon as the heater is unplugged it will be safe for you to do whtever you want. Chuck the corals in the other tank, the stray voltage won't do much harm to them but the high temps will, i'd do a quick acclimatisation for them
  10. playing god?

    I don't think we are playing god, partly because there is no god but I think starting that discussion would make this thread way too heated, but also because all we are doing is manipulating a certain amount of space to house the organisms we want to. We can't decide how those organisms act (except for extreme cases like starving them, not giving them light etc) we only pander to their needs. When I finally get my clone-a-tron working then I'll spit in the face of god Daniel
  11. HELP! Snowflakes are melting in Florida!

    what are the parameters of the tanks they are in?
  12. shopping list for ten gallon frag tank

    maybe a bit of lr, or base rock and some eggcrate (plastic grid) and pvc to make stands

    The only way i can really see this working is if you made sure that the zoanthids that you are grafting are the same species (i dont know if most of the zoanthids we keep are just different colours of the same species or actually different species.) Like TheCollegeReefer said, the base zoa used may not be able express any colours, and therefore not affect the colour of the head. Another way to try it would be to cut two heads straight through the mouth and put them together in very slow flow and good water. It'll be interesting to see what happens though of course if this doesn't work the next logical step is isolating eggs and sperm from the two different kinds of zoa and artificially inseminating them... should be pretty easy...
  14. Pronunciation Guide

    There's actually an oldish book (60's or 70's I think) in my uni that is called something like a "guide to biological pronunciation" or something similar, when I had a flick through it it seemed pretty easy to use/understand so it might be worth having a look for it. And I think you're right, seeing some of the huge amounts of effort that people put into informative posts around here I'm sure a pronunciation guide wouldn't be too much work, but I'm not good enough to put one together, haha. Daniel
  15. Pronunciation Guide

    But you have to remember that taxonomic names aren't really Latin any more and therefore don't have to follow latin rules. Look at algae for example, I've had a lecturer who's done his PhD on Marine plants and he stated that it can be pronounced Al-jee or Al-ghee algae pronunciation