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  1. HoffyZ

    Feedback on LED quantity/ratio 100g reef tank

    The biggest consern with the LED lights the heat absorption. That reason I would not use none of them. I used the starboard LEDs where the board gives enough space for the normal heat absorption if you install on a heatsink. If you check the above links they have 70-40W what you can count as potential heat output.
  2. HoffyZ

    Feedback on LED quantity/ratio 100g reef tank

    I recommend to use the Bluefish mini controller. It can easily drive 6 channesl with LDDs and has wifi compatibility. The developer made nice app to setup, monitor your lights. The app has extra features like the clouds, storm, moonlight simulation with the dynamic sunrise/sunset time. I had a DIY LED light project where I used and I love it. I have 24 pcs 3W Luxeon LED from Steve’s LEDs and still no issue with them. I bought the heatsink from Ledgroupbuy. The 6” x 20” premium heatsink might fit for your configuration and the frameless fan would give extra cooling option.
  3. HoffyZ

    where to buy Red Mangroves?

    It was sold by Rockhind. You can search regarding the title: 8 red mangrove seedlings 4-6 leaves 18-26” on Amazon. It says 2 left in stock and $32.99 with free shipping.
  4. HoffyZ

    IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I have a Mame skimmer in the second chamber. It is thin and fits perfectly. Just you need a small air pump to oparate the skimmer.
  5. HoffyZ

    Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Aha, My setup is differnet but I can find similar components. I have a media reactor with active carbon. Somewhere I read that they used to change every 3 month. I upgraded my tank in November after my wife crashed with overfeeding it. The carbone reactor made a big change. The hair and dyno were gone during few days. Basicall the new snails did a good job on hair algae too. I have a Mame protein skimmer and I love how it works. I swapped my right media with chaeto with jbj nano glo but I’m not satisfied with it. The chaeto starts rotten around the bulbs. I’m using the general IM filtration of the left side. I’ll change to purigen and phosguard. I like this combo. I have red mangroves to eat the nutrients but they don’t work as I expected. I still attemp to use more biological filters but something doesn’t operate.
  6. HoffyZ

    Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Skimmer or media reactor? How often do you change the media? Sorry for the lot of question. I have an IM lagoon also and trying to set the best filtering.
  7. HoffyZ

    Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Beautiful tank. Perfect aquascape with healthy corals. The key always the clean water. What filtration are you using? Do you have media reactor too?
  8. HoffyZ

    Kellie's IM 25 Lagoon - 6 months old

    Setting up a new system is always fun and give ambivalent feelings. as I have same tank and similar devices I look forward this topic.
  9. I counted 20 tentacles for few polyps on the photo.
  10. HoffyZ

    FS - Vortech MP10wES Wireless

    Are you still trying to sell a 7 year old pump around the retail price? Before you would “toss it”, please pm me. Maybe It would worth to pay the shipping fee.
  11. My guess, maybe the main coral is some type of alveopora.
  12. HoffyZ

    lumia 5.2 flickering

    I’m not sure that I understand what you’re building and why you need an arduino. I’m guessing that it should convert the 0-10V signal to PWM. I would note that the LDD is able to be controled by 0.5-2.5 VDC signal, so not necessary to use the arduino. Otherwise it is not solve your problem. The LDD should get 2 wires from the arduino. One is the negative and other is the PWM signal. If you’re using different power source then the negatives should be on the same polarity. It not necessarily means the ground. Otherwise the PWM signal will be floating. If you would decide to not use the arduino still the LDD will need 2 wire from the Apex too. In this case your program is useless, an one-line electrical sketch would help more.
  13. HoffyZ

    Help Identify Worm

    Just FYI,
  14. HoffyZ

    I have a question for a DIY LED

    2 years ago I built a LED light with luxon 3W for my IM Lagoon 24G. 8 royal blue 2 cold blue 3 hyper viola 2 lime 3 normal white 4 warm white I added a bluefish mini controller to drive them. Is the red would be better choice opposite of the lime? I checked many bulb spectrum and light setup but they didn’t recommend the red. I might use the red in the night section only. I have purchased 2 red and additional hyper viola to upgrade the actual setup. I could merge the whites or the blues to make a spare channel on the controller.
  15. HoffyZ

    Bluefish Wi-Fi PCB

    If this question stil open.... I’m using a bluefish mini controller but no SD card on it. It has an electric imp what size such as SD card. I would drop an e-mail to bluefish support “support@aquarium-led-controller.com” and tell that you need a programmed electric imp to bluefish controller. Spencer used to reply quickly.