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  1. Thanks!! I hope the eventual transition to the pico goes smoothely. Can’t wait for the tank to cycle.
  2. So far so good- keeping a steady 78! Don’t expect to need cooling based on experience with my 20g.
  3. Moved the filter. Looks a lot less messy. Need to work on wire management.
  4. My RFAs have not had any issues in the 20 gallon mixed reef and have seemed happy from the start. Feed them maybe once a week or so. They don’t mind the anemone shrimp and also don’t mind touching eachother. I’m a little nervous with the non-established pico and also starting with new very tiny RFAs that were tank spawned (hopefully by Jason Fox).
  5. So I have an idea and it’s a little crazy. What is the lightest or least dense coral - gsp? cloves?
  6. Is this a pod or baby shrimp? Found it in my ball of chaeto aka mini fuge in the 20gallon- It’s cute! Went in the pico.
  7. I kind of like the simple scape and am favoring no further rock structures!! I have arches, caves, etc in my other tank. May eventually decide on some live rock if the cycle is difficult.
  8. I’m also thinking about one BTA for the pico but I already have a captive spawned “rainbow” in my 20 gallon that grew at least 5x in size over the past few months. Maybe he will split!
  9. I have noted fluctuations in temp from 74F to 84F. I think tank light and sunlight are probably large factors, but not too happy with my Cobalt minitherm so far.
  10. Discussing getting tank-spawned baby RFAs from Jason Fox over email! Excited! Will fit with my overall goal to stick with aquaculture/captive-bred livestock.
  11. Added a ball of chaeto to seed amphipods/copepods. Started cycle 2 days ago with the whole bottle of Dr Tim’s
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