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  1. Unfortunately brought the filefish back to LFS (picked the one with my perceived best husbandry). He will hopefully live in the large sump with plentiful aiptasia and pods. Within one week in my tank he ate all of the aiptasia and acans (his favorite) and also nipped at the elegance and pipeorgan. Elegance is recovering but both acans look pretty bad. On a positive note... I started a baby Artemia hatchery and have been feeding the tank live food for the past 3 days. The clowns love it. Enjoy watching them hunt!
  2. Why I got my FF: The fish is so cool to watch and needed a home. I also had an aiptasia problem which it already cleared in the first week. But I have now witnessed him tearing flesh off my new elegance coral and $150 of acans. Looks like he also picked at the Clove polyp and it hasn’t been fully opening. This is sad. There is still a lot of coral left and looks like any type is fair game. Options include letting him eat the corals he wants and hope there are certain ones he won’t touch and get those in the future - sucking up $1000 of coral at risk that I’m also quiet attached to. Could start up my IM 10 and keep him in there or separate the corals he has picked on to let them heal. Other option is back to LFS. Any recs/consolation appreciated. He is taking alternate food sources happily including dry and frozen. Also am trying out my new Artemia hatchery today. 😢
  3. First day of dosing! Seachem reef trace elements into display and Kalkwasser into ATO.
  4. Is the prime on weather mode? I thought mine was also having issues but turned out to be mimicking storms!
  5. New tank member! I know the risks. Hopefully he behaves 🤞 I’ve always thought filefish were super cool and this one needed a new home.
  6. Mingdak LED Aquarium Light for... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X84LMHK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  7. Thanks @Christopher Marks!! The sps was  aquacultured and seemed to be growing well at LFS - not sure what it is, but hope itÂ’s happy in the tank.  Here are the AI settings I chose, mostly based off aesthetics and similar to the settings used at LFS.Â
  8. Upgraded from A80 to AI prime. Some corals are still adjusting 🙂 Also some additions!
  9. Available for trade or purchase ($90)!
  10. Assuming this means not enough light? He eats well, has good color, growing, doesn’t move much. I have an A80 on a 20 gallon cube and all corals (mostly LPS and softies) are happy. May be time to get an AI prime!