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  1. What’s up guys. Not sure if these are baby’s or just something normal with RFA’s? When I was feeding the tank one of my RFA’s curled up as usual while eating and I saw these dots on the under side of the skirt. Idk if they’re babies or this is just a normal RFA thing. I have another RFA but it is on the side of the rock work at the bottom and I can’t really check the skirt Thanks in advance for any info!!!
  2. You could but just remember that chamber 2 and 3 have a fluctuating level due to evaporation. If you have an ATO you should be good
  3. I've never had nutrient issues, to be honest. My phosphate has been steady at around 0.028 - 0.034 (I use the Hanna checker). I'm not saying that you should NOT vacuum your sand bed but I haven't really had any bad effects from it. But, to be completely honest because my sand bed hasn't been touched in so long I will probably never touch it at this point. It might be working for me but doesn't necessarily mean it will work for other peoples tanks.
  4. I have a 2" inch sand bed that hasn't been touched in about a year. But I also have a conch snail and a few nassarius snails that dig themselves into the sand all day except when feeding. I assume that keeps the sand clean and moving.
  5. Wow, I have 2 clowns in my Biocube 16G and I wouldn't want to add any more.
  6. My friend uses the Smart ATO micro on his 6 gallon
  7. Do you have anything in the rear chambers that free floats? Something like that could possibly make the water level rise or lower when it's moving.
  8. I have the AutoAqua AWC and ATO. Never had an issue with it and it does daily water changes for me. I just mix 5 gallons of saltwater every two weeks and that is it.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That white string is how they eat. I have a s**t load of them in my tank. When feeding time happens they all secrete that mucus like substance to try and catch the food. Once the food gets stuck on that mucus stuff they bring it back in and eat the food caught on it. I only break the tubes if they are too close to corals and start irritating them. I would just leave it alone if I were you. If it becomes a problem, you can brake off the tube and seal it shut it with glue or putty.
  10. Yes, still available. Sorry, just came back from a long vacation.
  11. Anybody know what this is? Tried searching for it but came up with nothing.
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