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  1. biofool12


    Wow, I have 2 clowns in my Biocube 16G and I wouldn't want to add any more.
  2. biofool12

    Aquarium top off

    My friend uses the Smart ATO micro on his 6 gallon
  3. biofool12

    Water level issue on aio tank

    Do you have anything in the rear chambers that free floats? Something like that could possibly make the water level rise or lower when it's moving.
  4. biofool12

    Aquarium top off

    I have the AutoAqua AWC and ATO. Never had an issue with it and it does daily water changes for me. I just mix 5 gallons of saltwater every two weeks and that is it.
  5. biofool12

    Mysterious Long White String?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That white string is how they eat. I have a s**t load of them in my tank. When feeding time happens they all secrete that mucus like substance to try and catch the food. Once the food gets stuck on that mucus stuff they bring it back in and eat the food caught on it. I only break the tubes if they are too close to corals and start irritating them. I would just leave it alone if I were you. If it becomes a problem, you can brake off the tube and seal it shut it with glue or putty.
  6. Yes, still available. Sorry, just came back from a long vacation.
  7. Anybody know what this is? Tried searching for it but came up with nothing.
  8. biofool12

    Removing Acan coral from frag plug.

    I tried that once and ended up cracking the Acan skeleton. Luckily the flesh did not rip apart. The Acan did not really react to it which was surprising. I would definitely not try prying it and just leaving it alone.
  9. Price drop bump $200!!!!
  10. biofool12

    Will corals eat my ballpoint-sized snail?

    I am curious about this as well. I recently discovered about 15 - 20 baby snails roaming my BioCube.
  11. BUMP, shoot me an offer!!!