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  1. That shield is a ground, verified with my volt meter, all is running as it should now.
  2. Hi Spencer, in a previous post you mention cutting the cord that comes with the Bluefish. A friend of mine has the Bluefish, we cut the cords, inside there is a white, a red, and braiding that I thought was just shielding. Is that braid really a ground? His LED’s all work at 100% when I provide 5v to the PWM input, but when I try to control them, they blink, and when I put all four channels to 100%, they all go out. Im at a loss here. Thank you for your help!
  3. Spencer, thanks so much for the help. I am having issues now that must be related to my screw up. The rapid led board has some jumpers on it labeled “short for pull Down” if I leave those open, I get 100% on both channels. If I close those jumpers, I get control with the mini, but if I drive both channels to 100% both go out. It looks like my power supply is on the fritz when it’s running under a large load. I know now enough to be dangerous, but don’t have the tools to accurately diagnose what I did. I guess I’m happy my LED’s are working, but I must have screwed up something else.
  4. Made a dumb a$$ mistake, hooked up my Mini to the wrong side of my LDD board, sent 48v in instead of 12v. There was popping, and smoke.... ?. The good news is my LED’s all still light, bad news is the Bluefish is cooked. I’m guessing the output on my LEDS to be 100%, with no PWM signal, and the LDD board from rapid that includes the step down module to bring my 48v to 12v, would that be correct? Is the controller likely the only thing I fried, or did I cook that new LDD board somehow too? Any guesses for me?