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  1. I’m waiting to see if there’s any good memerial day weekend sales..
  2. Thank you for the kind words and believing in me! As time has gone on and the more I think about it.. it’s is going to be a mixed tank. I’m think softies towards the bottom. Sps up top. Frog sp, zoas, gsp.. etc in the lower mid section of the tank and sps(not sure what) is towards the top. I did learn the hard way in the planted tank side of aquariums that cheating out sometimes either bites your in the butt or you end up spending extra money because of the later on upgrade any way. Minus well bite the bullet the first time. I’ve lurked your thread hard, I think I’m on page 30 or so haha. MP10 is mostly for space saving/ adjustablility. Glad to see you’re having success with it. The flow from the sicce .5 I think is perfect for the time being. For the softies I’ll firstly introduce. I ended up returning the skimmer, I want a fan. The water level drop kinda sketched me out. Right now I’m stuck on the micro smart ato and the tunze 3215 I think that’s the one with the senor. The nano just has a float and being that it is in my room/ second story.. over filling a tank with a bad ato would be rough.
  3. I’ve heard the opposite. Spin streams reduce the flow.. these don’t? Hmmm
  4. Nothing much has happened. Still waiting on my light/tank to cycle, so in the meantime I ordered a random flow genorator along with the attachment. I did notice that surface agitation is comapltely got, biut I fee that the flow is much more smooth and random. Comparing it to the straight beam that was being shot out before.
  5. that tunze ato is calling my name....
  6. i did add water, but it still dropped the second chamber by 1" and the third by 2".
  7. Ran into the intake universal skimmer. Decided to give it a try. One thing I did notice is that it does drop the water level in the rear chambers. Kinda sketchy I would say without a ATO. I even tried to lower it to where it would skim and have a comfortable level back there.. might remove it until I get the tunze Forgot I had a media bag so I threw on the 8 marine pure balls into the bag I had and stuffed it in the middle chambe. Lowered the heater also. Dave, I believe that’s his name, was at inter.zoo the past week so I have yet to receive my light but it shouldn’t be much longer
  8. Im glad to hear you're having success with the mp10 makes me want one more, i have been keeping an eye out on the forums and craigs! Thank you! After spending some time looking into ATO systems, i do believe the 3155 is the best way to go. cheap insurance is the way i look at it. im on the second floor so i wouldn't want any overfilling
  9. Wish I would have tilted the rock just a bit more back.... I feel like with growth, the scape is too steep and will cause shadowing. We’ll see with time.. thanks tho! I did run my ADA Pro razor along glass and it cleans perfectly well without hitting! So I’m stoked. My temp is fluctuating between 78-79. Mainly due to my room getting a little warm during the day but never drops lower than 78. I did order the 75w but I was told it was over kill so I canceled that order and re ordered the 50w. The fug was mainly because of my “jumping into a hobby so I have to have it all” impulse searching aha. I’m a geek for equip! I’ll get a Mp10 once the tank is cycled. Next thing on the wish list is a Tunze nano ATO! If I do stock GSP it’ll go on the back wall, I’ve been digging the look of that!
  10. GSP is one on my list... makes me want to roll around in it haha. One thing im scared of is that reefing will pull me away from fresh! Reefing has always had my eye. Those are some articles ive book marked to read! Thank you so much for the info. greatly appreciate it
  11. I’ve learned from planted that sparing a little cash for equipment usually ends up costing more down the line. That’s why as you can tell I just pulled the trigger on some nice stuff that I would have purchased down the line anyway. That’s my mentality with the mp10. Yea it over kill, I’ll be running it super low, yet I have a nice piece of equipment that will run me a very long time. For example, I purchased a dual stage regulator all stainless steel with all the bells and wisles. Attached it to a 5lb co2 tank, run it for months on end without ever having to check or worry about it. What I’m trying to say is that yes biting the bullet hurts but in the long run it’s worth it. Maybe that’s me justifying 250$ for a pump haha then again I am a sucker for equipment. When en it’s comes to dosing and testing.. high tech aquariums can get complicated. With co2 and high light plants can start growing as if they were on sterioid, thus sucking up nutrients like crazy. Nitrate crash? Algae. Too much fert, algae. Too little co2 algae. Too much kill fish. Fluctuating co2 levels, bba algae etc. What I am saying is that while I do under stand some like the laid back approach to aquarium keeping. I feel like a challenging task keeps me doing something. Hands on, the type of guy I am. Yet again, I’m not saying I’m jumping straight into sps dominant... something that has crossed the mind. We’ll see as time goes. Screen en shorted the last paragraph for future reference!
  12. I’ve always been curious about carbon dosing in a reef tank, it’ll be something to put in the research list!
  13. While I don it doubt your experience. I will say that most people said the same thing when going straight into planted aquariums. “Don’t start with high light, co2 etc”. I did so and did well. I will mention that I was meticulous about testing etc. Not one of those jump in and “guesstimate” type of hobbiest. Now I’m not 100% on a full sps dominant, yet I will incorporate them in the future plans.
  14. I’m a sucker for build threads with pics of equipment as well! In all honesty that’s why I like the mp10. Less footprint inside the tank. Plus I’ve seen many other build threads of IM10’s using it
  15. Mp10 is mostly for the fact that it’ll take up less space as well