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  1. Shipping should be around 10$ hanna ULR checker. About 3 months old. I have one cuvette and a few pouches of the needed powder. Just not pictured. 30$ Shipping hanna calcium checker. No reagent. One cuvette that’s not pictured. 25$ Plus shipping Brand new Hanna calcium checker. Ordered two on accident. Too lazy to return. Rather sell it to some one on here that will use it. 45$ plus shipping. Aquamaxx reactor, innovative marine pump, brand new grow lights. Switched over to a skimmer. Worked great on my nuvo Nano 10! No leaks. 100$ plus shipping.
  2. Tnalp

    Eshopps nano skimmer

    I’ll take it for 80
  3. Tnalp

    Nano Equipment for Sale

    Where are you located
  4. Tnalp

    Reef Glass Skimmer vs Algae Reactor?

    i just serviced my reactor for the first time in a month and the only reason I touched it was because i upgraded to an aquamax reactor. i could have left it on for atleast another month without service. after talking to some people with the reef glass, i would to the tunze nano
  5. Tnalp

    Reef Glass Skimmer vs Algae Reactor?

    I have been running my algae reactor with nothing but good things to say about it. Granted i am a newb. I am running an aquamaxx reactor with the innovative marine pump that comes with the nuvo nano 10. you can buy a package deal off marine depot or BRS for like 140$. no3 stays at 3ppm, phosphate at .006-.009. also my nano is bare bottom which helps with keeping low nutrient in the tank. i have read that some think external reactor are over kill for a nuvo nano 10 but like i said earlier it has made balancing my tank out an ease.
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    Nano Box Owners Thread

    Neon green lid never gets old💡
  7. I have one black/white clown in there right now. I had two but one passed. Not sure why either? I’ve been wanted to try out a dark water planted aquarium just haven’t gotten around to it. Having too much fun on the reefing side lately!
  8. Spontaneous purchase... Aquamax reactor really cleaned things up.
  9. Finally had a weekend off so that could only mean one thing.... frag shopping! Made the drive out to Ultra Gem fish and coral in LA. Picked up a Hanna calcium checker, bubble gum digi, birds nest, super glue and a fish which I will show off later! Got tired of my snail knocking over my sps frags so I mounted them up except the monti, I’ll get around to that and attaching the zoas on their rock. I have been testing this tank everyday everyday for alk, 1x week phosphate, calcium 2x. So far my phosphate is stable at a low of .009, alk is at 8.0 stable. Every other day it drops .2 so I dose .5ml of Red Sea alk which sets it right back to 8.0dkh. Calcium is sitting at 430ppm.
  10. Tnalp

    FS: Garage Sale Pt. 1 (Zoa Heavy)

    Picked up some frags today. So many great picks!
  11. That is the next thing on the list!
  12. The past few weeks I’ve been battling something in my tank. Couldn’t find what was wrong with the tank. Any tester corals placed in the tank would shrivel up and go. With all my parameters in check, so I thought, giving up was close. On Instagram I saw some one talking about 35ppt calibration fluid, decided to Order some and try it out for my self. Sure enough my refractometer was reading 1.031 after calibration!!! No wonder the few pieces I tried would wither away! After dropping my salinity I picked up some frags and can I say that all the headaches have been worth it. Seeing corals thrive in your tank is the most satisfying feeling! Picked up a chili pepper monti, Gatorade zoa, Ricordia florida orange mushroom, joker cyphastrea, Cali tort acro. All corals have full polyp extension and are happy happy. The reactor has been a huge help. Keeping my no3 at 2-3ppm and my phosphates linger around .012. Picked up a small Hydor pico power head and have it aimed to the floor in order to get all that detritus kicked up.
  13. I was Runninf pro by Red Sea but i didn’t like the parameters. Mixing was good but 12dkh wasn’t idea for what I needed. So I switched to tropic Marin pro and dkh is 8. Much happier