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  1. Here’s the final rock work. Put some thought into this scape, future corals plans are not 100% sure but giving a mix of shaded/ bright areas allows for the possibility of a mixed reef. I re used some old tank water along with bio media to make sure the clowns are safe. Didn’t have anywhere to keep them while the tank matured. Really excited about this new setup!
  2. I ended up letting this tank get way too out of control the last couple months. New job had me pulled in a 100 directions, distancing me away from the tank. I ordered some carib Sea life rock and I could no be any more impressed by the texture and color!
  3. Tnalp

    Chaeto max led

    Send me your paypal info
  4. Tnalp

    Chaeto max led

    I got 30
  5. Tnalp

    Kessil or Radion?

    I have the nano box over my nuvo 10 and love it ! It’s like an AI but it’s made here in the states by hand by and awesome guy that is there when you need the help!
  6. Tnalp

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    quote rhymed with 1 Huned......
  7. Tnalp

    When to add a clean up crew?

    I cycled my tank for about 5 weeks, while Dave from nano box made my light. So, i cycled without a light. That meant i had no algae. At week six i added my light, ran it on a preset that has it running for 12 hours. After a week and a half, I started to see diatom algae appear. Close to week eight i added four rear legged hermits and one trocus snail. Theyve been in my innovative marine 10 for about 5 days now. In such short time theve been able to do away with 80% of diatoms. IMO, there is no "when do i add", its "when is it needed". In other words, when you start seeing algae appear. Adding them too soon will just make them starve.
  8. Tnalp

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    I asked for a quote for a IM 10. Curious for a price on this thing. Looks sweet
  9. Tnalp

    IM Nuvo 10 help

    13mm or 1/2"
  10. Youre a smart man
  11. Past couple weeks I’ve been testing my water religiously. For testing, read Sea foundation and marine care are being used. For po4 i am using a Hanna ULR. I’ve found the Hanna to be a bit finicky. Reading of 0,1,3 have been popping up. So I’ve come to the decision to claim that I am at .007 p04. PH: 8.1, no3: 5-10ppm, Calcium: 500, Alk: 9.1, Mag: 1600. I’m using Red Sea coral pro salt, from wht I’ve read gives a little more nutrient than other salts. Again I’m sure once more coral is added, those numbers will drop because of consumption. I added a bottle of Arc coralline algae in a bottle, 4 days after adding I can already see some crustation on the tips of my rocks! I’ve finally hit the diatom algae phase. I’ll be setting friday as my designated WC day. Fish are fully acclimated, first few days they were pretty stiff. Now they swim around the tank like crazy wanting to be fed every time they see me. First coral addition was added today, classic hammer. Dipped it on RX then introduced it. First few hours it was pissed, closed up and shooting out little mucus strands. Now towards the end of the evening it’s opening up and swaying! I ended up trying out the IM ghost skimmer but after reading so much about these small tanks, many say they aren’t really needed. As long as WC are kept up with. I’m considering a reef glass though. Any who, bought blabbing here are some pics Also i need one of those orange filter phones clips but I’m too cheap to spend $30
  12. Tnalp

    IM Nuvo 10 help

    i would would do the Neo-therm. Its what im running. Sicce .5 and 50W Neo fit perfect in the third chamber together. That leaves your second chamber wide open for a skimmer or media, whatever you want. Im happy with my BRS Reef saver, it was easy to work with and i did not experience any po4 leach either. I just added a bottle of ARC Coralline Algae in a bottle, already starting to see some purple on my rock after only 4 days. granted the tank is cycled and slightly mature.
  13. Tnalp

    IM Nuvo 10 help

    I started my reef tank roughly 2.5 months ago. It’s my first tank, I went with a IM nuvo 10. I did lots of research before jumping into the reef side, since I’m more of a fresh water guy. After much research I went with a Sicce .5, Intank media basket, random flow generators with the adapter for our tanks. Sand I went with Carib special grade and brs reef saver. I cycled the tank for a month, starting with bio spira and dr Tim’s ammonia. Through out that time I noticed that t kinda did become a pain to top off the tank. Picked up a Tunze 3155 and a 5g water jug of amazon. Drilled the jug and setup my rodi. Now I go weeks without worrying about the tanks water level. I do hear it turn on from time to time. The Intank media basket is 100% worth it, i keep some marine pure bio balls, nano Chemipure packets, and some filter floss up top. All in all I have about 500$ in that . For a light I went with a nano box tide plus m, so far I love the light! Hope this helps!
  14. Tnalp

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - September FTS

    Now the decision is either IM Ghost or Eshopps haha thanks again!
  15. Tnalp

    TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - September FTS

    Thanks for the feedback! Seems like theyve redesigned their nano. i was looking at that new Reefglass nano skimmer but then i ran into the eshopps nano. Now im leaning a little more towars the eshopps. i like the cup design more than the external catching style that the glass skimmer has.