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    Radiant wrasse

    Got my hands on a very healthy and active radiant wrasse was wonderinf around in the tank looking for food as soon as he was in 5 min later my bully tomini tang charged at him now he burried himself not sure what to do should i remove the tang? Or just wait? I know they can hide for days if not weeks but i dont want tp loose this guy they usually ship poorly and look almost dead in the LFS but this one is awesome
  2. It is a leather purple/ blue stem with Florescent green tentacles , not sure what is the exact species
  3. Off topic was just wondering if dosing carbon speeds the process?
  4. I love my tux urchin i think everyone should get one 🙂
  5. I put one ml in my 34 g twice a week and it does work !
  6. Hi there, I had the same problem a year ago, in my case there was a pine apple sponge growing on the skeleton so I brushed it I also got rid of a vermetid snail which was growing on the skeleton using glue, gave it a coral dip and it got better... I am sure u know that moving hammers even so gently cause them to be angry for a few days.... hope this helps
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  9. many thx, I am just worried about overflowing with HOB skimmers esp cz sometimes I am not home for a week or so...
  10. thx all for ur input, looks like the tunze for me might get the 9004 instead of the 9001, and I agree a black box in the background doesn't look any different to me than a corner/ central overflow box...
  11. I have the same question, hope someone answers 🙂
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