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  1. Larry the Lobster

    Pair of Wartskin Frogfish

    I like this idea but it sounds hard headed I’ll do it but after some investigation
  2. Larry the Lobster

    Pair of Wartskin Frogfish

    Are there any reasons you wouldn’t do it so I can make changes to the plan?
  3. Larry the Lobster

    Pair of Wartskin Frogfish

    Can I have two wartskin frog fishes in the same tank but of different color? Does the color mean a different type of frogfish? The picture below are the types/colors of frogfish I want to have. I have a 30 gal and many corals for them to camouflage into. I will only have the two anglers if possible in the tank with an additional damsel each for feeding every two weeks. I plan to feed gut loaded ghost shrimp. And at the beginning when I introduce the fish two the tank there will be a divider between them so they mark there territory on there side and get used to each other. And after 2 months I will remove the divider after a feeding. Is this a good plan? Can I have one of each of those frohfish?
  4. Larry the Lobster

    HELP! Green star polyp being eaten!

    Hello. I have a coral beauty angle fish and it is pecking at my gsp constantly. I am going on a vacation tomorrow (Wednesday to Sunday) and I can give the angel back to the store in time (I leave to soon). The angel pecks once or twice a minute at my gsp. The gsp is new to the tank and I put it in yesterday (Monday). Since it is new it is not open and has not been able to open because the angel constant pecking (all my water perimeters are good and so is my light I just checked). To prevent the constant nipping of the dwarf angel I put the 2 large gsp frags in a clean food container with holes. Will this be good for the vacation (the angel can’t nip now). Will the gsp survive. Ps the angel was not doing this to my zoas. And the gsp was cut I. Half at the store.
  5. Larry the Lobster

    Lights on for to long with coral

    This is my current light schedule. Is that ok. Oh and how long can a fish or anemones stay in a large bag the temp. Is not cold here it is 80 degrease outside.
  6. Larry the Lobster

    Lights on for to long with coral

    Hello I left my light (ai prime) on by accident it’s was on all in mode from 11:30 till 10:30 and all of my spectrum was on max because instead of schedule I pressed all on. Oops. I have one zoa frag a rose bubble tip nem and a carpet nem on the other side (I am selling it tomorrow to the store tomorrow) i have a carpet nem that was very deflated but I fed about 24 hours before. but the rose bubble tip was not deflated. Is there a thing to worry about that is not alge I also have 2 clowns a pigme angle and a dotty back. And all my parameters are good I just checked. Ps previously my lights were on 10 and a half hours a day running a low light spectrum
  7. Larry the Lobster

    AI prime setting HELP

    Hello I have an AI prime on a 30 long Nuvo fusion (I will get another for full coverage later) I just go my first coral wich is a polyp of ompa lumpa zoa. My frag is now in the sand about 8 inches from the center of the tank we’re the light is being hung 18 inches above the water. How long should I run my tank how should I aclimate the coral to the light and what should be my final light setting thank you. PS the polyp was opened like 15 minuets ago then it closed I was not there though could a fish swimming to close close it?
  8. Larry the Lobster

    New Fish List

  9. Larry the Lobster

    New Fish List

    Thanks for the info. I will definitely consider the fish list you suggested. But on list 3 can you suggest a semi aggressive fish that will do well possibly in a pair or not thant is not a puffer I dont want it eating my CUC. thanks
  10. Larry the Lobster

    How is my aquascape in my nano 20 gallon?

    Looks awesome!
  11. Larry the Lobster

    New Fish List

  12. Larry the Lobster

    Future Fish Plan

    do you think a hawfish will attack a neon goby or a firefish (longnose of flame)
  13. Larry the Lobster

    Future Fish Plan

    Hello do you think that the percula clowns Will be able to deal with more aggressive tank mates like the long nose hawk fish, coral buety angelfish, and a few cromis. And do you think having more cromis means that there will be less aggression focused on one fish like an Asian arowana comunity and do you think that having other semi-aggressive fish will keep the cromis more distracted. Ps. Do you have any suggestions of any other fish that will do good in a semi aggressive tank. And are canary fang blennys good or not (oh and I will have corals and more invertebrates in the future)(and if I get a tang wich one should I get)
  14. Larry the Lobster

    Future Fish Plan

    Thanks for the info I will make a new fish list (semi aggressive)
  15. Larry the Lobster

    Future Fish Plan

    Thanks I wanted chromic because they are active. Can you sudgest another active fish that is fun to watch. And do you think the wrasse will do well or not.