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  1. OPtasia

    Whale shark

  2. OPtasia

    I Want to switch salt ! Thinking Red Sea !

    I like red sea coral pro salt. I have a mixed reef and my stonies are growing like mad and benefit from the higher alkalinity levels. It's a pricey salt but I can see how it wouldn't be ideal for everyone. Using the standard red sea salt mix might be a better option for your needs.
  3. OPtasia

    Smallest Clown Dominant?

    Move them. You pooped the bed pretty hard. A clownfish is, after all, merely another type of damselfish. Damselfish have been known to bully humans and coral divers, much less other conspecifics. Clowns are usually the last fish you want to add to your tank for that reason. I'd re-home your new ones before they get beaten to death.
  4. Then you'll probably want to drill out your tank for an in-tank overflow and return. The usual pattern is one in each corner of the tank. They make prefab black plastic corner overflows and returns that can be mounted with silicone. Youtube has a ton of videos on how to drill out acrylic and/or glass tanks. It's a lot of work but not impossible if you're fairly handy with power tools. Or, you can ask if a LFS can do the drilling for you. Especially a LFS that also does tank maintenance and installs. They'll usually do it for you for a small fee. Or... You go the easy route and hang an external overflow in the tank and plumb a return line with PVC back into the tank. Just make sure to add a break siphon to your return line to prevent flooding of your sump if the power goes out.
  5. OPtasia

    Ricordea looks odd

    Yep. Lots of corals "bounce" like this by developing inflated looking bumps. This happens under good strong blue light conditions in your tank.
  6. OPtasia


    Tunicate. AKA brown sea peanut. Filter feeder. Likes phytoplankton.
  7. OPtasia

    What do you think of this light?

    Pretty light on wattage for a puck light. You might be able to use it over a pico with softies. If you want to go stony, consider a Kessil 360 WE Tuna blue.
  8. OPtasia

    Gloves question

    I use nitrile for the most part when handling corals and frags. Hardware stores have a lot of great long glove options in the paint sprayer section. @Joevember are you having transdermal celebrations up there or what? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. OPtasia

    Microbubble/sump question

    Shut off return pump. Clean sump. Turn on return pump.
  10. Two options. In tank or hang on. "Cleanest" is an aesthetic property and entirely up to you. Not failing and flooding your house usually has more to do with the return pump line and correctly setting the fill line in your sump.
  11. OPtasia

    Can my torch handle this hosting?

    Yeah your clowns are going to kill that little torch coral frag. The clownfish are going to constantly "love" that coral; rubbing it's flesh against the sharp skeleton which will kill it. If there are no other fish in the tank and you're light on corals, consider getting a carpet anemone or a big BTA for them to host in. The bigger, the better.
  12. OPtasia

    Bubble Algae

    Vibrant is bacteria and carbon dosing and won't work well without a skimmer. You're better off going to an LFS and asking them for emerald mythrax crabs. Not all emerald crabs will eat bubble algae but if you get a few of them, the odds will be better on getting a crab that will eat it. I have six mythrax crabs in my 32 gallon biocube and it stays pretty much bubble algae free. Hair algae on the other hand is another matter altogether.
  13. It's not insulin. It's Victoza. No generic. My GP wants me to avoid going on lantus or other long term insulin for as long as my body continues to produce SOME of it's own insulin. Novo-Nordisc's compensation program won't kick in unless your insurance offers to pay a portion of the cost. We have crap insurance geared towards surgical costs coverage due to unrelated medical issues I have, not towards maintenance meds coverage for diabetes. That will change as of January 1st, 2019 when we change policies. On the plus side, it's working and helping me lower my daily sugars by about 150 points, so I need to be on it. Not worth even trying. I just blew $580 at Publix. Wanna hear the really fun part that adds insult to injury? Yes, they filled my prescription but my GP's office failed to send over a prescription for the damn replaceable syringe tips. I just stared blankly at the pharmacist and asked how I was supposed to take my medication without syringes? Nobody can be bothered to pick up a phone and contact a doctor's office. They leave that for the patients to do because they're too busy. Customer no-service in the pharmacy is normal. Yadda Yadda. People suck.
  14. I get to be a Dad and enjoy 10:20 a.m. turkey loaf lunch at school with our seven year old today. She's much excite. After that, I get to pick up a 20 lb. bird at Winn Dixie for 45 cents a pound. Then, I get to go to publix pharmacy and pick up a $600 prescription because we haven't met our deductible yet. Diabetes meds are expensive and there's no generic anything after metformin quits working. The good news is, we will hit our deductible after I fork out the money today. The bad news is, i'm sure we'll be getting a completely new policy this year so we can start deductibles over again from square one come January 1st, 2019.