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  1. If it'll fit in the fish's mouth, it's lunch.
  2. In a year, you'll want to scrape out every inch of xenia and green star polyp. That is, if you're successful with it. Same with that leather once it quadruples in size. Welcome to the forum!
  3. You have a new tank. Diatoms and cyanobacteria infestations are quite common, especially when you're changing your water with tap water instead of RO/DI or distilled water. Skimmers are overkill on nano tanks and shouldn't be necessary. Activated carbon changed out monthly and a good GFO media should be all you need. Remove any sponges and sponge filters from your setup if present. Because they just put nitrate directly into the water column instead of keeping it localized to liverock or dentifrication media where you want it to be processed out. If you used real liverock, the next bloom phase will probably be copepods. Tiger conchs, Trochus and ceriths are good at taking out patches of diatoms. Eventually, your diatom explosion will crash. It just takes time and is a normal part of the seasoning process.
  4. I float them until the temperatures match, then progressively blend tank water with the bag water over a ten minute period. Corals get dipped, inspected, scrubbed and cleaned. Fish and inverts get QT'd.
  5. Buy the 4 stage version of this instead. Threads up to any 3/4" hose spigot. Portable. Idiot proof. Pure RO/DI water for your tanks.
  6. Yes. Both are quality lights. Prices on the 360 WE Tuna Blues are +/- $329.99 right now, they're only 10% less efficient than the 360x for more than $100.00 less than the 360x. Kessils have the smaller footprint, are Apex controllable and are idiot proof. Ai's have greater manual control over the spectral output. That's about it. Either are quality and can put out SPS intense level light in a 24"x24" footprint @ 24" depth. BRS has videos on both I believe. So, yeah whichever is cheapest and cheapest to run.
  7. What you do is find a local reef club. Tell them that you had algae in your tank. You bought a juvenile tang at the recommendation of a pet shop and now you're feeling guilty and it's time to re-home it. Someone will likely be overjoyed to help you out.
  8. They're looking for new homes. Add some more snail shells to your tank.
  9. Tank looks good. Keep spot feeding and it'll be overgrown and amazing by this time next year. 😉
  10. When you stick it on the rock, twist the plug a little back and forth to break the seal the water makes around it, then hold it in place steady as a rock for 30 seconds. That should be long enough to let it stick and bond. If you don't break that seal a few times, it won't attach well.
  11. Gotcha. No experience buying individual 3 watt+ LED's and custom projects, but I know a guy that knows a guy. @StevieT
  12. Look for a proven brand with decent reviews and proven results. China boxes from Mars Aqua and the like should be fine. Not great, but fine.
  13. Your fish has velvet. The golden colored external parasites gave it away.
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