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  1. Your reply was perfect! Thank you so much. The tips you gave are exactly what I needed. I’ll defunutely look at upgrading my lighting ASAP, since you have the same tank, what do you use? Ill also do do some research on the DIY media basket, filter floss, etc!
  2. Thank you so much for the quick response! I know that everyone raves about how important lighting upgrades are, but I haven’t looked into that yet. If you have recommendations for a more successful tank then i’m all ears! I have no life (lol) so I don’t really have a budget- all of my “fun” money goes towards the tank! I bought the marine master test kit on amazon that tests for levels of all of that so hopefully it comes soon! Freshwater is really easy to maintain so getting used the science of constantly testing the water contents, temp, etc makes me a little nervous! Don’t want to kill anything but I guess it’s a learning process and everyone has to start somewhere. I think zoanthids look super cool and heard they’re “bulletproof” for beginners so i’ll probably start there! Thanks again ??
  3. Hi Everyone! My names Amanda & today I finally set up my first tank. I’ve had a freshwater tank for a long time and have always wanted to try saltwater. I’ve been holding off for a few months so that i’m able to do as much research as possible, but I feel like the knowledge is endless between forums, books, youtube videos, etc. I couldn’t help but finally give in when I saw the fluval evo on sale on black friday on Amazon. It came today and I got it all plugged in. In addition to the basic kit (including the light, filtration, etc), I purchased: 5 gallons of sea water (as well as salt, but I figured buying the sea water was a little easier for my first setup), a heater, live rock, and live sand. I also purchased some water conditioner and “speedy” bacteria. I know that a small tank like 5 gallons probably isn’t ideal for a beginner, however i’m very limited on space and am motivated to put a lot of time and effort into keeping my tank clean and healthy! I know that I want the “typical” basics, a pair of clowns and some cool coral... but i’m already feeling overwhelmed. I keep reading that it’s better to add the fish first, but I’ve read conflicting articles that say it’s better to hold off on fish and go straight for the coral first. I’m not sure what to do! If anyones actually reading this, what were the first things you decided to add to your tank? Some “easy” components for beginners? I want my tank to be colorful and am open to ideas! I know i’m really limited on selection considering the tank size, but i’ll try to work with what i’ve got. Super excited to start this journey and be a new member! I’ll attach a few photos of my setup. Thanks for reading!!! Xo
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