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  1. MrsK

    Large Retro plus confusion was

    I have a Nanobox Hybrid and my moonlight channel is a minty green color. My white and lime are controlled by one channel. Hope this helps.
  2. MrsK

    Smacks IM10

    Cool idea with the faux sandbed. Following along
  3. MrsK

    Best purchase I've had so far

    I agree, it's Rad and Groovy!
  4. MrsK

    Type of coral

    Looks like it.
  5. MrsK

    Mrs K's Awesome box

    Sad update: My red legged hermit ate my ROYGBIV. Came home from work yesterday and he was happily munching away. He has been permanently banished to the sump. I'm devastated 😭
  6. MrsK

    My Aquamaxx 33G rimless cube

    Nice setup! I really like the stand. What are your livestock plans?
  7. MrsK

    New fuge light setup - biocube29

    I have the two light version of the gooseneck. I have not had good growth on my chaeto. Just increased the photoperiod to 8 hours to see if it will help.
  8. MrsK

    Glittery Goniopora!

  9. MrsK

    Glittery Goniopora!

    Beautiful! Are you planning to frag at some point?
  10. MrsK


    I shot mine full of vinegar and they shriveled into nothingness. Good luck
  11. MrsK

    Id coral please

    I have a mycedium that has the same ridges. Are there eyes and I'm just not seeing them? Edit: Nevermind found the eyes
  12. I just got 2 from @SaltCritters I was very impressed with their customer service and my nems are beautiful 😍
  13. MrsK

    LC Swag - Utter Chaos Pocket Tee Shirts!!!

    I would wear that. Is there a Female version in the works? Maybe with ROYGBIVs on it?
  14. MrsK

    Help with coral identification

  15. MrsK

    Type of Acan

    Looks like an acan Lord to me...