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  1. MrsK

    My first saltwater build

    I like where this build is headed. Following along 👍
  2. MrsK

    Newbie live rock has some critters!

    I have asterinias that eat coraline. Banished one to the QT so far, still looking for others.
  3. MrsK

    Id help, teeny snails

    +1 for baby Cerith. I have a bunch too
  4. MrsK

    NanoBox Mint Guide

    I added the mint channel to my mid-day and evening settings today. It is amazing! I love how much brighter it looks without washing out the blue channels. Crappy cell phone pics attached.
  5. MrsK

    Nano sapiens

    Awesome nano! Congrats 👏
  6. MrsK


    Quarantine tank
  7. MrsK

    Changing lighting percentages

    I'm pretty sure that most people don't run their green and red channels due to increased algae growth under these wavelengths. In my experience, I've decreased my whites and increased my blues to get more coral color pop. Maybe try 90-100% blue and 0-5% white. Some people have amazing growth with no white LED use.
  8. This is exciting! Nice scape!
  9. MrsK

    Sepia bandensis

    Cuttlefish are my favorite!
  10. My aquascape has changed a bit since this picture. I'm looking to add a couple ricordea to the rock, center right. A bunch of cyphastrea for the back wall and some blue zoas for the area on the right. Thanks for having this contest!
  11. That's what you think