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  1. MrsK

    Nightstand NANO build

    Wow! This is pretty amazing. Following 👍
  2. MrsK

    Mrs K's 40 Breeder update

    Just some pics to document the state of controlled chaos This is Blenjamin. He's in QT. I also got a Flame Angel but he/she died mysteriously 2 days after bringing home. Left side of the tank with the PolypLab lens kit
  3. MrsK

    Matt's 40 Gallon Breeder

    Yay, another 40 breeder! Looks clean, what are your stocking plans? Following along 👍
  4. MrsK

    Mrs K's 40 Breeder update

    Yikes, it's been awhile without an update! Still no return of the Dinos!! The tank has been on autopilot for the last few months. It went through an ugly stage with hair algae and some slimy brown algae. Currently working to control a bubble algae outbreak, got two emerald crabs that are eating it up. The owner of the reef store I've been going to said that only the male crabs eat the algae so he sexed two and I brought them home. I had a month or so where I just was lazy with water changes so my corals weren't very happy. Finally got some renewed vigor to make my little ocean box pretty again. Did a deep cleaning of the sump and tank...yuck! My little tiny town is finally getting a LFS! I've had to travel over 100 miles to the closest store since getting the 20 gallon. I got my KPM dialed in to keep the flow random enough and strong enough. My acans are sprouting a bunch of new heads, my RFAs are fat and happy, and my frogspawn and hammer have doubled in size. Not too sure why, but my zoas are Now I just need some new corals and maybe a fish or two. My coral beauty died mysteriously last month and I was pretty upset because I had her in QT for 6 weeks before transferring to the DT... Hoping to get an orange filter for my phone so I can start taking some pics and videos. Thanks for checking out my journal 😁
  5. MrsK

    Star fish?

    Mine ate most of my coraline on my rocks ☚ī¸
  6. MrsK

    My first saltwater build

    I like where this build is headed. Following along 👍
  7. MrsK

    Newbie live rock has some critters!

    I have asterinias that eat coraline. Banished one to the QT so far, still looking for others.
  8. MrsK

    Id help, teeny snails

    +1 for baby Cerith. I have a bunch too
  9. MrsK

    NanoBox Mint Guide

    I added the mint channel to my mid-day and evening settings today. It is amazing! I love how much brighter it looks without washing out the blue channels. Crappy cell phone pics attached.
  10. MrsK

    Nano sapiens

    Awesome nano! Congrats 👏
  11. MrsK


    Quarantine tank
  12. MrsK

    Changing lighting percentages

    I'm pretty sure that most people don't run their green and red channels due to increased algae growth under these wavelengths. In my experience, I've decreased my whites and increased my blues to get more coral color pop. Maybe try 90-100% blue and 0-5% white. Some people have amazing growth with no white LED use.
  13. This is exciting! Nice scape!
  14. MrsK

    Sepia bandensis

    Cuttlefish are my favorite!