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  1. Thinking of adding 1 or 2 designer clownfish to my Biocube 29. Would I be better to get a pair or just a single clownfish? Wondering if they are any less aggressive as they mature verses a pair.
  2. wmjr

    Best nano wave maker?

    If I went with the MP10 would there be much benefit to the wireless model? Would 1 pump be enough?
  3. wmjr

    Best nano wave maker?

    Thanks for the replies! I currently have a Red Sea wavemaster pro hooked up to 2 maxi jets. Been running it for around 7 years and it just died, so looking to replace. It did okay but was very noisy and hard on the pumps. Willing to pay for something that will last.
  4. Whats the best wave maker for a nano? Trying to find something for my Biocube 29.
  5. Thinking of a royal gramma or cherub angelfish. Open to all suggestions. Not sure if the hogfish and gramma would get along? Twin spot hogfish clown pair royal gramma or cherub angel lawnmower blenny or goby
  6. Thanks for the replies. With my last stocking I had a clownfish, tailspot blenny, diamond goby and a twinspot hogfish. Worked great for about a year until my black and white clownfish started bullying the other tank mates. Killed the goby and the blenny and almost the hogfish. Removed the clownfish from the tank and the hog fish is currently in there by himself. Coolest fish I ever had. Might try adding a clown pair and a goby or blenny. 5 fish or keep to 4?
  7. Looking to add fish to my 29 gallon biocube reef tank and wanting to hear what fish stocking others have successfully kept long term in this tank, or one of similar size? Please share your fish stocking list if you have had good long term success with your setup.
  8. My biocube 29 has been running for about 9 years. I had a major crash caused by a power failure and it wiped out everything except 1 clownfish. It's been over a year and I haven't added anything to the tank. Worms and tiny starfish were growing everywhere. Been doing lots of cleaning and things are starting to look good again and I'm ready to start over. I am looking for advice on suggested restocking as all I have in there now is 20lbs of LR and 1 Bw clownfish I was told a tuxedo urchin would be a good addition to help keep my algae in check but I do not have any experience with them. Good advice? For fish I am not sure what would work best as it's just the 1 black and white clown in there now. I've had good luck with a falco hawkfish in the past. Thinking possibly a long nose hawkfish or a tailspot Blenny and a goby this time. I know if I choose the hawkfish then I would not be able to get a cleaner crew. Would the urchin make up for that?? What would you suggest? The hardier fish the better. For corals I will be keeping it simple and starting slow with some frags as I have the stock lighting. Thinking: mushrooms, leather, frogspawn and a brain. its the fish stocking that I'm really unsure about. Finding lots of good info on here and appreciate any input. Thanks!