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  1. Played around with different settings and intensities. I chose the coral lab soft coral template. Changed the colour for a slightly brighter look. Decided to start at 35% and use acclimation mode to 50% over 4 weeks.
  2. Having trouble getting my pump to go into night mode automatically. My pump runs in short pulse mode through the day and and at about 945 pm, I hold down the set and mode buttons until the colour changes, then I hold down set and mode button again until night mode comes on. I leave everything alone, pulse mode resumes in the morning and then the next nigh, night mode does not come on by itself. I repeat the process. What do I need to do to have night mode come on by itself?
  3. wmjr

    Final Fish?

    Thanks for advice. Just added a royal gramma.
  4. What is the best and safest way to do this. I have some aqua stick epoxy that says reef safe. Is it safe to use this in an active tank? How much is too much at one time in a 29 gallon? Any other ideas?
  5. wmjr

    Final Fish?

    MY stocking plans changed and I currently have a small twinspot hogfish, medium flame Hawk and large pink spot goby. Any recommendations for a 4th and final fish? Better to keep with just the 3? Must be safe with corals. Do not want clownfish. Tank is Biocube 29.
  6. Thanks so much and beautiful tank! I plan to just drill through the Biocube hood and put it on. Because it will be lower to the water do you think it would be safe to to start at 25% and work up to 45% over 3 weeks and see how things look? Or start 35% and work up to 55%? Worried about over doing it, but don’t want to under do it either.
  7. Do you use the foam guard protector pad that fits on the wet side of the mp10? Seeing lots of photos without the protector.
  8. Upgrading my lighting to Radion for my Biocube 29. Can you recommend a safe starting and ending intensity for my corals? open brain maze brain Palys zoas acans mushrooms leathers kenya tree duncan flowerpot Pulsing exenia
  9. wmjr

    Lights out!

    I upgraded my lighting to 60 watt LEDs just under a year ago and came home today to find that half have stopped working as one of the drivers has failed. I ordered a replacement, but it may take a couple weeks to arrive. In the meantime should I run the white or blues and how long before my corals suffer at only running half power? Tank is Biocube 29 and I have mostly soft corals and LPS.
  10. Are the media baskets worth it for a Biocube? Been running the stock cartridges and replacing every 3 weeks or so, and running purigen and chemi pure elite in chamber 2, beside an aquatic life 115 skimmer. Water levels changing are a pain, but easily adjusted by raising or lowering the cartridge and top offs. How well do the media baskets work and any flow problems?
  11. Great minds think alike! How long have those fish been together? Any issue keeping snails? I’ve had my hogfish for a about a year now. Looking forward to picking up the hawk.
  12. Thanks guys! Hooked up an MP 10. Tough decision with so many options out there, hopefully it pays off.
  13. Thinking of adding a flame hawk to my biocube 29 reef. Current stock: clownfish pair and twinspot hogfish. Lots of snails and an urchin, but no shrimp or crabs. Would the hawk be a good choice from your experience with this fish?