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  1. Ok awsome I think I will replace my 150 with a 160 thanks everyone
  2. Ok so the 30 inch tank wont be to bad I'm keeping most of the coral more centered
  3. No I'm not they just dont make the a150 like I have anymore so there's not much point lol and I have thought about the ai primes but man the kessil shimmer is hard to beat
  4. I wana stick with kessil on the cheaper side tho and mainly soft maybe some lps and 1 or 2 sps currently have some zoas pallys mushroom and green star that hasn't grown much at all
  5. I currently have a kessil a150 over my 29 gallon 30 inch long tank it looks great but not happy with growth would the a160we be an improvement looking for suggestions.
  6. I am having a hard time deciding on what leds to get for my 30 reef I'm wondering if the current 24 to 36 inch would do the job there are also some cheap Amazon I guess you could say knockoff kessil that fit the budget I'm open to any suggestions or any used lights as well.
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