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  1. I just got a KPS. It’s really quite nice.. better even than I expected.
  2. They are the rainbow Ricordea from WWC. I think they were 39-49 per frag. Christmas gift card.. it’s like spending Monopoly money. Throw it in the cart and don’t care 🙂
  3. Time to update this thing. Made some changes and made some progress 🙂 since last post. 1. Changed out the stock lighting for an AI prime 2. Reworked the rock scape while I was messing with the lights. Finally to a place where I am happy with it. There are some lower spots in the back for some bigger growing items like leathers. It’s taller in the front with a pretty neat shape and lots of ledges for corals. There is some shading due to the scape, but it can be dealt with. I am only planning on keeping softies/LPS so shouldn’t be a big deal. 3. Changed out the hydor koralia pump for an Aquamai KPS (which I love!) 4. Evicted the peppermint shrimp- he decided to chew on the side of my rockflower nem and ate some tentacles off. Bad choice. That was a fun (sarcasm) 3 day hunt and partial tear down of the tank. 5. Added first corals from WWC. Super positive experience with them! Truly amazing folks. -neon green long polyp toad - 5th element blasto - rainbow Ricordea x 3 -neon Duncan Everyhing has been in the tank for several weeks now. Looks happy so far. Duncan has a tiny new head sprouting. Current issues- Dealing with a small outbreak of branching hydroids.. aggressively as I have heard the horror stories mixed with a few stories of they will come and go. The population I have seems to want to spread fast so better safe than sorry. Took the rock they were on out and scrubbed the hell out of it, rinsed it off with fresh salt water and put it back. They popped back out 2 days later. I then broke out my glue and epoxy and went to work. Seems to have worked.. knock on wood. Cutting way back on feeding the new coral.. thinking I may have over did it with the Reef Roids and caused the issue. Photo dump- haven’t quite worked out the filters to take away blues yet, they are better with a little photoshop and colors are fairly close, but stil looks too blue/purple. May have to buy one of those clip on filters for my phone cam. Also so ignore my rookie looking purple turds!
  4. You may want to check out WV’s Septemberber tank of the month page.
  5. I just want to give credit to the experienced reefers on this site, I’m a noob.. but y’all have the patience of saints. So thank you.. I’m sure you don’t hear it enough. We appreciate you.
  6. My experience with TBS was wonderful! I really love the rock he sent. Loads of interesting shapes and life. I ordered “the package.” If I had it to do over, I would definitely make some modifications to it though. You really only need about 1/2 to 3/4 (depending on how much rock you want) of what he sends. His formula is on his website for how he calculates the package. I ended up throwing some out eventually because my tank had so much that cleaning was too hard. Also... he will send 1 serpent star (mine was very large) and 2 cucumbers. My Evo was far too small for these creatures and they had to go to the LFS to avoid starving. I would ask him not to send those. In terms of the water changes, he will send very specific instructions on what to do and what parameters to keep after you get the first half of the delivery. I followed his instructions and all was well! The rock is so fresh, I really had minimal die off and the cycle was pretty fast.
  7. Update.. I found an open box model at saltwateraquarium.com for a decent discount. They have several if you don’t mind that fact.
  8. I thought that might be the case. Cool looking design though, but there had to be a reason I haven’t heard anything about it.
  9. Hey guys. I need a new light (upgrade from stock Evo). I came across this Higapero light while looking for a sale on a prime. Kind of cool design, but never seen it before and no idea if it will even work on a reef? I’m just planning on keeping softies, a RFA, and maybe one or two easy LPS. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B078SM3NYZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1542981958&sr=8-9&keywords=reef+led+light&dpPl=1&dpID=41tK2IRveQL&ref=plSrch I have a current marine pro ramp timer on my stock light. Any idea if this would be compatible?
  10. I’ve been looking for the same thing for several days now. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen 😞
  11. Ah.. yeah I could do that. Sounds like more work than I care to do though. The light probably won’t get much return value if I try to sell it (if they gave me a new light).. and I wanted to upgrade anyway. It perfect timing for the holiday sales ?
  12. It isn’t where I want it yet, but Ive been moving at a snails pace with this thing. But yes, light is dying. It’s been slowly loosing its power. It’s been running daily for 8 hours a day with a 30 min ramp up and down and then 3% for 2 hours (which turns on mostly the blues with the current ramp timer pro). I’ve been noticing it isn’t as bright as it used to be and then in the last week it’s gottten really noticeable to the eye. That and the greeen coraline that has suddenly taken off.. which apparently out competes the pink/purples at lower light spectrums (I had to ask someone about the annoying green on my rocks.. trying to figure out what would eat it that I didn’t have..and got that nugget of info). So yeah, light didn’t last as long as I had hoped! You are gonna love the tank though! It’s perfect size and really easy to make modifications over time. Can’t beat the price for the quality! And honestly I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with it to make modifications to make it better. The forums on here are fantastic to get ideas on what to change.
  13. So now, this is where we are now. Still not happy with exactly how the rock looks. That top piece that pokes up top (rock looks like a dog shape) needs to come down a little and I would like to turn that piece on the far right in front with the donut hole in the middle 90 degrees. But I need Hannibal (Rock Flower Nem) to cooperate and move his foot first. Debating if I still need to get rid of more rock. My stock light is dying slowly, so I have green coraline that is overtaking my pretty pink/purple/and red coraline. So my rocks look green and terrible (why did I start this in an ugly phase again?). At any rate, new custom acrylic top on the way. Ordering new light in next couple weeks (AI prime). Hoping it will look much better with new lighting and my coraline will bounce back (die green die). And then.. freaking finally it’s time to add some corals!
  14. Some initial photos (and I apologize now.. I am bad at aquarium photography) of my TBS live rock Initial photo right after first shipment of rock arrived (“the package” from TBS). I laid it out across bottom so I could see where all the critters were. Adjusted the rock a little about a week later (so I could live with it for a month while my tank cycled before second half of rock arrived). Just some initial up close shots of my live rock when it arrived. Little gray bastard before he grew into a mean 3inch terror that would not come peacefully. He was eventually skewered. I celebrated. Sorry not sorry! This was the moment of realization that I had WAY TOO much live rock and it was spread out WAY too close to the glass. It wasn’t usually this dirty, but it was impossible to keep the tank clean and I was always moving stuff to clean the glass. This photo was after I had neglected it for a bit because it was so darn hard to clean. I ended up tossing out a couple of realy nice pieces of rock (which I was reluctant to do and why it took me so long to decide it had to go) to make things more consolidated. After several months of rearranging, I spotted this guy. In the last set of rock removal and rearrangement, I caught and rehomed him: Current photos up next ?