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  1. Newbie's reef Tank

    Ok I understand and I will be doing a fishless cycle as I don't want anything dying in such a unstable period.
  2. Newbie's reef Tank

    Would a purple fire fish be on the list or is that not recommended? Also I would think a anemone wouldn't be recommended at all due to their difficulty.
  3. Newbie's reef Tank

    The dimensions of the tank I am looking at is 20.25"L x 10.5"W x 12.63"H and is a standard rimmed 10g
  4. Newbie's reef Tank

    Thank you for replying Clown79, your advice is very helpful, and I will take that into consideration as I'm thinking of buying a much more powerful light, so that any corals I have will thrive.
  5. Newbie's reef Tank

    While I have looked on the forums, I am still confused on if I really need a protein skimmer, if I can do frequent water changes, wouldn't that remove the remove the organic waste just as well as a protein skimmer? A lot of people say it is a requirement and others say it isn't. So if anyone can shed some light on that subject I would love so.
  6. Newbie's reef Tank

    Thank you for that link and all your thoughtful advice, Ray Whisperer, as a beginner I love taking advice from those that are more knowledgeable than me, like you and seabass. Researching topics like this through articles and forums like this is a key in success in this hobby I believe.
  7. Newbie's reef Tank

    Don't worry I would not consider that crapping on my hopes and dreams as that is very thoughtful advice. I probably should go along with it as after all isn't patience the most important thing in this hobby? If anyone does have recommendations on a better light system I would be delighted to hear it.
  8. Newbie's reef Tank

    Thank you for all the replies seabass I will take that into consideration.
  9. Newbie's reef Tank

    Ok thanks I'm ok with a less intense color on the corals as long as they are capable of growing. I'm a little bit on a budget so I just may buy those and if they aren't good enough I'll just upgrade.
  10. Newbie's reef Tank

    Would the fact that it may contain white light be a problem for corals?
  11. Newbie's reef Tank

    If anyone has any suggestions for low light corals that advice would also be welcome
  12. Newbie's reef Tank

    Do you have any live stock suggestions that won't bother coral?
  13. Newbie's reef Tank

    Thanks for the welcome to the forum seabass and yes the only reason I considered that light is marine depot used it in their setting up a reef tank on a budget so I would assume it could grow the basic soft corals and the low demanding LPs like blastomussa.
  14. Newbie's reef Tank

    If you are wondering the cycle will be done with dry rock and live sand, as I really do not want to deal with unwanted hitch hikers. That would kill coral once I am completed with the cycle.
  15. Newbie's reef Tank

    Hello everyone of this forum, I'm a newbie to this forum and saltwater keeping in general, though I have been researching this hobby and looking at this forum for quite sometime. So I am aware of the nitrogen cycle, and of the basics of saltwater and reef tanks. I am going to be setting up a 10 gallon nano reef, which is less than ideal,but I do not have much to work with in terms of available space. Anyway enough rambling I was wondering would HO LED Super Blue/10k system be enough light for soft corals and the less demanding LPS? If you are wondering no the tank isn't even set up yet I just like to research a lot and plan ahead to make up for my inexperience. Also any suggestions on other livestock is welcome. Thanks to all the people that reply to this, as this forum is a wonderful community