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  1. 1x EB8 sold- have 1 left 1x AWM module sold Still have: 1x EB8 (white and orange label version) 1x VDM module 1x ASM/PAR module kit
  2. Sorry! I didn't even see this until now, I must have missed the notification that you posted on the 1st! My apologies! Would $200 shipped be good for the ASM/Par module?
  3. That’s funny! My clowns are jerks to me. They plan an attack every time I’m working in the tank. They don’t ever seem to mess with the Royal gramma, though you can tell the Royal gramma lets the clowns have the first share of food before it goes after anything. It will sit back until it feels safe enough to go grab a piece of food without the clowns grabbing it away from her.
  4. Thanks! I was trying to write a fun background story to get people more involved in the adventure:) The piranhas, or should I say, the piranha* lol, was fun while I had him. Was interesting to watch how they act. Until you have to stick your arm in the tank and clean everything up.... Talk about scary the first few times, thinking he would chew your arm off lol. The 30L has been a great tank so far. I will definitely keep posting pictures soon, ill get some up also of the beginning stages last year when I started it, and more to come of what is to become of the reef. I need more pictures of the fish too! Ill try and get more up this weekend!!
  5. Thanks! I have had the monti cap since January of 18, so it is only about 9 months old. When I first got it, it was a quarter size of the frag plug. That’s actually the fastest growing coral I have! Except it hasn’t grown lately- was fighting green hair algae the last two months and it was liking the dirty water parameters before. Now that I’ve stripped nutrients to beat the GHA it hasn’t grown much and lost some of its color in the last 4-6 weeks. The fiery was a blast, it was my first car at the age of 18. I got it in 2010! Haha. The fiery was the reason I am in the technician field today. I didn’t want to pay people to fix it, so I learned to fix it myself and decided to make a career out of it. And thanks for the comment! I’m in the process of adjustment the whole reef. I used to have more rock and a sand bed in there. I took out the rock and recently sucked out all the sand. It has been bare bottom for around 4 weeks now and I’m loving it. I’m also in the process of taking all the LPS off the rock to put on the bare bottom, and I plan on filling all 3 islands up with SPS. Now that I’m a year into the hobby I have a real solid idea of what I want this reef to be and look like. So the last 6-8 weeks I have been making a lot of changes and now I’m trying to get things to stable out before throwing in more fish and corals.
  6. Hello all, I have been saying i will start my journal for quite some time. Well, that time is now. Lets get to it with a little background story, shall we: When i was but a wee little boy, precisely around the age of 18, i found myself wanting a fish tank. Not just any fish tank though, a freshwater fish tank with only piranhas in it! So one chilly fall afternoon i got dressed, fired up my 1985 pontiac fiero GT and headed to the LFS. I picked up a tank, some accessories and took home my first 5 piranhas. I got home, got it all set up and flowing with water, it even had a red bubble volcano, how freakin cool was that! But to make a long story short, they all died shortly after. Except for one. Specifically that one decided it would be gucci to eat the other 4. Because of his horrific actions he lived a somewhat short, very sad, and lonely life. I think he made it about a year and a half, one day i got a bad batch of feeder goldfish and unfortunately the poor fellow flopped and flopped around the tank until he eventually passed away. I did all i could to try to save him, but 19 year old me at the time had no idea how to save a fish when sick. Life lesson learned. During the whole time of owning the piranha tank though, i spent every second of being in the LFS looking and dreaming about one day being able to have a saltwater tank. They intrigued me, fascinated me, and i could stare at the fish and coral in the local fish store for hours. They knew exactly who i was, and every time i went in they answered my questions and talked with me about keeping a saltwater tank. Sadly enough, i was 19 and broke. Apparently working at your local neighborhood Walmart as a technician in the tire lube express area, which didn't pay but a crappy $8.45 per hour, would not get you far in this hobby. Considering to buy one saltwater fish and half of a coral would cost me my whole paycheck, i had to "let it go" per say, the saltwater dream that was. So years go by, i grow up, i move on to other interests and hobbies, but one day i get the itch again. And this time i had to scratch it. I now work for BMW as a Master Technician so it pays a couple dollars more an hour than my local neighborhood Walmart did. "So the time is now" i thought to myself- in August of 2017. I went on craigslist and found a used Innovative Marine fusion 30L tank and stand for sale and picked it up. Started cycling my rock, and got fish in around 6 weeks later in the beginning of October. And this, my friends, is where my journal: Muffin's Reef of Love, truly begins. PS. You're probably wondering why its called "Muffin's Reef of Love", and to that i say, simply because of the unending love my two snowflake clownfish ( Jake and Amy) have for each other, and because its MY reef. Those stupid clowns just happen to be the tenants. They're quite mean to me though.... Anywho, to the parts you guys really care about. Specifications Tank: Innovative Marine Fusion 30L AIO Light: Maxspec Razor 180w, 16,000k Controller: Apex Skimmer: Aquamaxx WS-1 Co2 Scrubber: DIY old BRS single media reator ATO: Innovative Marine Hydrofill auto top off Return Pump: Dual pumps, Sicce Syncra Silent 0.5 Wavemakerz: Dual Ecotech MP10's Dual media reactor: BRS Dual running Carbon and GFO, ran off a MJ1200 pump. Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 150w Livestock: 2x Snowflake Clownfish- Jake and Amy 1x Royal Gramma- Gina Linetti 1x FireShrimp- Piere..... RIP lived for 12 months 1x Small Yellow Tang- didnt get a chance to name it..... RIP (died in quarantine from black ich) Inverts: 2x Turbo snails- Honeywell and Garrett 4x Blue leg hermits- The Blue Man Group 3x Reg leg hermits- The Sopranos 1x Emerald Crab- Mr Crabs Corals: Red Monti Cap Blue Tip Torch Purple Tentacle Torch Rasta Zoas Some orange/purple Zoas Green Trumpet Some orange/grey Acans PS, im horrible with coral names. The Command Center: Apex Classic WXM Module ASM/PAR Module PM2 Module DoS/DDR Combo (newly added as of last week) it is a delicious add on i must say! Vortech Control Modules Power Block for the Maxspec Razor ATO Hydrofill module To do soon list: add some hole covers to clean the saw holes up, and to get 12 inch 90degree plug extensions for my EB8 to clean up the wires plugging in. Thats about the bulk of the Specs and supplies, any questions feel free to ask or comment. Ill link some pictures below for you guys to hopefully enjoy. I have moved the tank twice in the last year, so i have purposefully kept a small livestock for now, but i am now in a more permanent location as i just got married and have a more permanent living situation!! So, many corals and other fish to add in the next few months. Stay tuned.
  7. Hey guys, updating my current reef stuff I have for sale. For sale as of 1/25/2019: Neptune equipment- Eb8 Power supply module- $80 + shipping PMK (Par metering kit)- $175+ Shipping Random Extras- Aquamaxx WS-1 Protein skimmer (good for up to 60 gal)- $100 + shipping DrTim's Aquatic Banshea Pellet Reactor (DIY Chaeto Reactor, this thing is huge) $60 + shipping "This item needs the inlet and return Barb Fitting Nozzles to be glued back on the lid" If you guys have any questions, or need pictures, or offers please PM me. Thanks for looking- Dakoda
  8. Nice, I listened to a whole macna presentation from 2017 where they talk about keeping angels in mixed reef tanks. The highest recommendation was to get rid of any soft tissue LPS, like acans, trumpets, and zoas etc because they view these as candy and will eat them right up. But they don't really mess with euphyllia corals because they're too big. I think I'm going to be purchasing a coral beauty in the next 2-3 months. But after listening to the video on it I will be getting rid of my zoas, trumpets and acans before putting it in the tank. I would rather give or sell them cheap to a friend and see them grow to be awesome big corals then chance it getting eaten in the tank lol.
  9. Im curious too. Im really wanting to get a Coral Beauty in my tank and I'm curious as to if it'll be an issue or not either. Was reading a lot about them and people recommend getting rid of soft corals because they find them more edible than sps.
  10. Haha!!!! Looks much better now that it’s even in the tile:) I would hope the skimmer quiets down a bit after break it? I don’t know about that one. I have a nuvo 30L and I run the Aquamax WS-1 and it’s fairly quiet. Of course that’s the only skimmer I have ever owned. So I am not too sure I know the difference between a loud or quiet skimmer lol. Looking forward to to see this thing get full of livestock!
  11. Looks awesome man. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this build. I like clean simple set ups. My OCD is flaring up though because the stand isn’t lined up evenly with the tile though....
  12. Should not be too bad of an issue as long as you give it time to settle without stirring it all again. I also just glue the plugs directly to the rockscape, some people drill holes (usually done before you put the rock in) some people glue. I prefer to glue the frag to a new puck, then to epoxy, then put a little glue on the epoxy and stick it on the rock. Also with a small nano tank I don't think you will get big noticeable par differences, it would be cool to have a couple different levels for corals, but I don't think the par will change to drastically from top to bottom enough to make a huge difference. Just put harder corals up top in more flow and light and have the bottom have less flow. Corals adapt pretty good to whatever light you put them in (in my experience) iv blasted my corals with lots of light, and little light, and lots of flow, and little flow. All trying to test out what they like, and I have found them to enjoy most of everything I have tried. Until you get into harder SPS corals I don't think lighting is a massive ordeal, focus on flow and just have some substantial light for them.
  13. Lol, my LFS owner I buy everything from is the one who recommended I start on a nano. She has advised me on not running a skimmer and just keeping it basic with minimal components and sticking with weekly water changes etc... The reef junkie building up in me had to buy additional equipment though and run all the fancy stuff and now my equipment and collection keeps growing... :)
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