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  1. No it won’t doesnt have enough structural integrity if it was a sump with baffles 12-24 in with eurobrace yes you can do that otherwise it will fail .750 or 1in acrylic will work with your dimensions and bracing
  2. Did the mirror acrylic come out ok? it has a protective film on it that can be removed
  3. When you’re done with it send it my way...I have about 1mil that need to go lol
  4. Shows it was delivered today Please take pictures of box if it came in one piece Etc. thanks!
  5. I sent you an invoice yesterday (PayPal)
  6. I have it packed so it wouldn’t “wiggle” around.. sorry for taking so long to get built. I have limited free time... Also If you have noticed the reason why two of the sides are higher on the sump. It is so a lid can be put on and allow cords to escape
  7. Finished water testing and got it packed up for shipping! do i have enough packing paper? Maybe UPS will be gentle if I put “fragile glass inside” stickers all over it.. @JR! I’ll send the invoice tomorrow once I get a weight for it
  8. Idk fluval is odd Lol i looked it up cause of the bowed front and wanted to see what kind of material they used..
  9. I hate to break it to you but it’s a “freshwater tank use only” but hey it’s your tank do what you want with it!😀
  10. Just a little pressure She is done with a 8 hole dosing rack And a mirror hob for the refugium area
  11. Probably bad weld job because the glue is a solvent, basically welding the two pieces together