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  1. Is there such a thing as "too many corals"?

    Nice tank looks like you’ll be chasing parameters or have been chasing
  2. What's in your biocube chambers?

    I have the same as ocho but I got the aurora pucks before they they stopped making the saltwater version I was able to figure out how to use the different dimming channels for the storm controller. I haven’t had any issues growing.
  3. Hammer coral looks off

    I knew I forgot the water stripping I would the the chemipure and remove the GFo
  4. Biocube 32 Newbie - Algae

    Hard to tell what the other two are but the red is Cyanobacteria How long is your lighting schedule? Also what are you running for flow parameters? could be quite a few things
  5. Hammer coral looks off

    When did you add the gfo and chemipure?
  6. friends put hands in tank

    That sounds like a death sentence
  7. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    I second this motion plus holly @Cultivated Reef should announce when all the coral shipped and contest begin date so everyone has a chance to “acclimate” the coral under its new lighting.
  8. DIY frag setup

    Sounds like it would work I have a 60gallon frag tank and the only “rock” I have in there are two brightwell legos and 5lbs of Fiji mud. Yes a Hob will work that what almost all people who sell frags at frag swaps do it’s cheap and easy
  9. SPS/ACRO Growout Contest, REBOOT!

    I’m curious which acros Im pending on details
  10. Funk's CADlights 42 (with a 20 year old apex)

    Interesting im guessing i would have to cycle it since I have an sps dominated reef thanks for the feedback
  11. Funk's CADlights 42 (with a 20 year old apex)

    So they’re just regular terra-cotta pots? did you have to clean them before hand in vinegar? could you explain that process? im debating on putting some into a new build cause I’ve had the same issue with my clowns
  12. really mad at myself

    Tang police and mandarin service working with the rock bureau Lmao. if your tank is established or you are seeding it like @Duane Clark is you’ll be fine in keeping dragonets i have a frag tank(60g) that has been running for a couple of months that I seeded with a bag of 5k pods from algae barn from jump street and I have a pipefish and a six line in there now eating “pests” if you do or take the necessary steps you can House or care for any fish. I was told my mandarin will “starve” in my biocube. I was “like yea? That won’t happen, not today”
  13. This Salty Frag Tank

    Well I’m still going to have it running but it will be “ redone” over a weekend. I will post a boat load of pictures and I realized I’m going to need a lot of salt..
  14. This Salty Frag Tank

    So I’m starting a new build cause I’m suddenly being forced to move. And sad to say I’m going to have to dismantle all my tanks and move them... I know I’ve been freaking out most of yesterday evening trying to figure out where to put 120gallons of fish and coral while I dismantle and move the three systems... so you guessed it I’m buying the Red Sea reefer deluxe 750xxl! and of course I will keep this frag thread going of my process of moving the coral and tank and probably start a new thread of the biocube becoming a frag tank and the display refugium being tied into the Red Sea tank. I don’t know and I haven’t figured that part yet
  15. Quick question on pulsing xenias

    My pistol shrimp stole my Xenia island and I can’t find it anywhere in my display fuge little shit is probably smoking it and not sharing