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  1. That would be cool to look at @seabass have you used plastidip? I wanted to know your thoughts on using a non saltwater decoration and making it safe
  2. Ooo invisible surface skimmer box! call the skimmer police 🚔! 🤣
  3. Hmm 🤔 i used www.live-plants.com for some clients wanting specific plants thanks @seabass I will have to check those guys out
  4. Thank you! 🙏 yes indeed corals 🤔 i haven’t decided what to put into it yet. 😂 i was just focusing on the look of the tank and hob.
  5. Alright! Time for a major update! i have completed my HOB filter!! and inevitably made another tank lol I wasn’t quite happy with the background cause you can hardly see it so now is the time for the unveiling! Cause this DIY project will get water in it tomorrow Here is the HOB without the pump It was such a pain in the butt to get the silicone tubing onto the pump intake and exhaust I was afraid I was going to break it. Even after letting it soak in boiling water but I’m ecstatic with the result. I used clear on the sides, back and bottom. Cause I’m going to put lights for the Chaeto going in there ok ok here is a FTS! Just wait for the magnetic frag rack and Lids for the tank and HOB that is in the works 🧐
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