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  1. My 13.5 has had it's 1st Birthday!
  2. Looks amazing, and MAN ALIVE all that in 1 month. Wowzers!
  3. Still rocking and rolling. A mushroom that has been fairly dormant over the months has decided to compete for dominance against my large hammer coral and is winning. I'm at the 9 month mark.
  4. I'm running mine for 7 hours, perhaps I should drop down to 5?
  5. Welcome, I'm an EVO keeper myself. I always say keep this thing as stock as possible. The lighting works! I started mine 7 months ago. I need to address my diatom issue asap, other than that this tank has made me happy as a first time fishkeeper.
  6. Quick June Update *change the settings in the YouTube player window to play at 1080*
  7. Quick update, *change video player settings to play at 1080*
  8. Just keep your stock lights and hood, it's the way to go :)
  9. Great coral, nice and clean!