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  1. Here's another delayed update (out of pure laziness): Bad news first: - an all spike caused major loss of my sps corals, nearly all of my acros are gone. (This led me to removing some rock and rescaping) Good news: -Everything else is happy - yellow sun corals released planula in the tank, I've only seen one baby so far. Some FTS: For the fans of non-blue filtered pics: And the little baby sun coral: P.S. the Hippo tang is being grown out to live in a friend's 240 Gallon fowlr. I've been growing her out since the size of a penny.
  2. I would say go for it, there are a lot of Rhodactis and discosomas that are really awesome that don't cost a ton.
  3. It's definitely possible, I would recommend it but I am biased lol. Contrary to popular belief, pico tanks are very easy. The hardest part is topping them off.
  4. Same feeling here. I've been really lucky with acquiring quite a few of these shrooms. It's hard to beat the level of ease and diversity of mushrooms.
  5. Thanks! Yeah I'm really happy with how it's been running, I'm excited to see how it develops in the coming years.
  6. Wow it's been a while since I've done an update on this tank. It's by far my favorite tank I've ever owned. Here are a couple updates on the system: 1.) I got rid of the black snowflake, I never really got the chance to get her a new home. 2.) I started using the HOB to hold frags and more shrooms. 3.) Water changes are about once a month now. 4.) No equipment changes, however I did change up the scape a little bit a couple months ago. 5.) Some shrooms were removed, and I've added a couple to the mix. Now for a couple pics (sorry if you don't like orange filter pics)
  7. Wow, your tank is beautiful. The gorgonians are awesome!
  8. September update: - The RBTA started to sting the SPS it was around so I decided to move it, doing so I accidentally broke the large pukani rock that it was residing upon. This resulted in the new scape. - I also changed the side the MP10 is on, not convinced on keeping it on this side. - All corals are doing great besides a small acro frag that rtn'd. - A quarter sized Hippo tang was added as a grow out for a buddies big system. (I love it lol it eats like a pig and acts like a clownfish). - Dinos still haven't been seen since adding the UV sterilizer, and bubble algae is disappearing finally (thanks to my emerald crabs). - Also I'm moving next month so that should be fun, glad it's definitely not the first time I've moved a tank.
  9. New addition to the Nuvo! I got a little sixline today! So excited to have one again! Also s/he is tiny.
  10. It should be fine if it's not clumped up. I would probably mix up the bag before, and test the levels once the water is mixed.
  11. I think it really depends on what corals you are trying to keep, along with the substrate you have. If you are planning on keeping SPS generally more flow the better in my experience (as long as you aren't blowing the flesh off the coral). For softies and LPS lower flow is better. However this has just been my experience.
  12. Thanks! I've been wondering how people have these in their threads TIL.
  13. Super easy, just dropped into the overflow. Yeah I'm glad I decided to get the UV. Lol I didn't realize my tank was a year old, I guess it just happens when you move your tank kinda regularly.