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  1. Thanks! Yeah I've had to do a little shuffling with the corals as expected with the btas. In terms of a clownfish in a 2.5, if it's hosting an anemone or coral and it doesn't swim around much I don't see a reason why not to (if you can keep the water quality clean). That is likely an unpopular opinion though, so be prepared for people disagreeing with you.
  2. Thank you! I wish I was better photographer to capture what the tank actually looks like in person. It's somewhere between the first and second picture. I find that the filter for the camera with blues really embellishes what the corals/anemones actually looks like in person.
  3. I'm bored at work so I guess I'll officially make a thread for this tank (seeing as though I have been better at updating lately). I'm going to start the thread with it's current stocking and state. If you want to look at older pictures of the build, I have a pretty extensive record on my Instagram account: pico_reefer. Equipment: - Fluval Evo 5 - MP 10 - Cobalt 50 watt heater - Kessil a160we Livestock: - Gold nugget maroon clownfish (female) - lightning maroon clownfish (male) - 1 sexy shrimp - various types of bubble tip anemones (the original plan was to be a bta only tank). - mini maxi anemone - green and red Monti caps - rainbow Monti - bubble gum digi - sunset monti - yellow and black sun corals - dendro - utter chaos zoas - green/red bowerbanki - jack-o'-lantern leptoseris - branching psammacorra - space invader pectinia - a green platygyra? - darth maul porites - a two tone red streaky chalice - sinularia - toadstool (The ultimate goal was to keep the theme green and red, I've diverged a little bit but that's ok) Maintenance: I typically do at least a 100% water changes weekly if not more (seeing as though it's only roughly 4 gallons of actual water volume) Long term plan: I've realized that this is probably not a feasible tank for a long term, I'll probably upgrade to the 13.5 gallon version eventually. I haven't had an issue with nutrient control or algae due to my weekly water changes. The one thing I am concerned about is the size of the maroons (however they are couch potatoes and rarely leave their btas, only to eat and attack my hand lol). All I know is it's pretty difficult to chose a favorite between this system and my 2.5 gallon. Here are some pictures: DSLR pic under a whiter spectrum: Blue spectrum with aquariclip: Top down with DSLR: Macro of the lighting:
  4. April Update: 3 New mushrooms have been added: a lime green "bounce", a crazy colored hairy? mushroom (similar to a magic carpet mushroom), and a tiny baby gumdrop mushroom (or at least that is what my buddy called it who gave it to me lol) rockscape has been changed a little again 🤣 I'm having a bloom of dinoflagelletes, however they aren't bothering anything so I'm going to try to let them run their course. They are a little ugly, but as long as the corals are healthy that is all that I care about. Now for some photos (DSLR photos again): Babies!!! Also I had moved a shroom so some foot and mesenteric filaments were left behind lol Probably my favorite shroom in the tank: And a macro of the dreaded dinos:
  5. Thanks, that's sort of what I've been going for. This current state is definitely the best it's looked imo.
  6. Thanks, I've been trying to hide it from the start lol but it hasn't looked natural until these past few days. I think this tank is finally at the point where I'll stop moving stuff around.
  7. March Update: Stock changes: Pistol shrimp was removed and placed in the HOB, and the sexy shrimp was put into the EVO 5 gallon General maintenance: Removed the HOB and did a deep clean on it. Upping water changes to every other week. Light schedule(Kessil Spectral Controller): Starts @ 10 AM Ends @ 10 PM ramps up to 100% around noon and stays till around 2 I personally like the blue spectrum so I have it on blue all day long Now for some pictures (used my DSLR, still trying to figure out how to avoid making corals look washed out): Look at that spotless HOB refugium! All the rocks were placed in a cup with water before cleaning. A macro of a baby, the adult shrooms are the next pic While I love taking DSLR pics, I find that it doesn't truly represent what the corals look like in real life. However, the orange gel filter pics with my cell phone embellish what corals look like. I really want to figure out a way to figure out how to take accurate pictures without having to edit with Photoshop. I need a recommendation for a smaller pump, while the small rio pump does a good job it just looks a little ugly. Once again, thanks for reading!
  8. I think your biocube may be one of the nicest/coolest tanks I've ever seen. Your NPS collection is amazing.
  9. XD it's a maroon clowns dream home. Although the tank is the Evo 5, the clowns barely move from their anemones so I think it will work for a while lol. 9 gbtas and rbtas for now, and a mini maxi. I probably will make a thread sooner or later for it.
  10. HMMM looks like that sort of ended up happening
  11. February update: The shrooms are looking better than ever (not really sure why but I'm not complaining) No stock changes Yesterday I did some extensive maintenance on the pumps (didn't realize how dirty they where lol) Teaser pic of my Evo 5 (not going to make a thread about it cause I'm too lazy 🤣) I'll probably just occasionally add pics on this thread.
  12. Here's another delayed update (out of pure laziness): Bad news first: - an all spike caused major loss of my sps corals, nearly all of my acros are gone. (This led me to removing some rock and rescaping) Good news: -Everything else is happy - yellow sun corals released planula in the tank, I've only seen one baby so far. Some FTS: For the fans of non-blue filtered pics: And the little baby sun coral: P.S. the Hippo tang is being grown out to live in a friend's 240 Gallon fowlr. I've been growing her out since the size of a penny.
  13. I would say go for it, there are a lot of Rhodactis and discosomas that are really awesome that don't cost a ton.
  14. It's definitely possible, I would recommend it but I am biased lol. Contrary to popular belief, pico tanks are very easy. The hardest part is topping them off.
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