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  1. I may be coming into a red sea max nano 20 gallon. it is 18x18 and I am trying to find a stand for it. Does anyone know a place you can buy just the stand that is made for the tank with out buying the whole setup (since I will already have the tank)? or any other ideas for a stand?
  2. Awesome Thanks for all the input!!
  3. Thanks guys and looked into a black box i just cant hang it as the ceilings are to high above my tank and I have an open too tank so really cant rest it on the tank either so wanted something that could be clipped
  4. Are you talkimg about the primes or the hydra?
  5. I have a I'm fusion 20 peninsula so its 30 inches long (tank is about 26 inches long). Running a nanobox duo but hsving issues with it do to a tank accident so while it's being fixed ill need a replacement light. Would one ai prime hd be enough light? Or should I go with a hydra 26 hd? Would like to do the prime since its about half the price of the hydra. I have a mix reef or softies lps and sps
  6. This is the smaller of the orbit marine lights. The light itself is 18 inches but the legs pull out to about 27 inches. Its the Gen 1 so it only has the blue and white lights but you can control each one separate and the intensity with the remote (needs new battery). Works great was using it on small quarantine tank but no need for it any more. $45 +shipping
  7. Yes it is. You can program it using the reefkeeper head unit or My reef if you have the Sld
  8. I have an extra reefkeeper PB4 that I dont need anymore. $50 shipped
  9. I Just got a used RKL that came with the SLX module. I plugged it in an on the RKL head it wouldnt show up as SLX it just showed up as a dash. I plugged it into the SID V2 and went onto my reef to see if could update it and when it was updating my daughter stepped on the cord and it pulled out of the computer. Now on my reef it shows up as "ALC" or "Net"and it wont let me program and keeps saying that it needs plugged in which it is. Anyone know how to remedy this
  10. Can do $310 Shipped. Rainbow infusions are actually incinerators sorry just realized i typed the wrong name
  11. The ato I have has suction cups where the sensor go int my sump and they slip or pop sometimes so I want to glue a magnet to it. I know aqua med makes clips design for aquariums but they are $10 for one clip on amazon so I thought gluing a magnet on the suction cup clip would be a cheaper alternative. Would something like this be okay? I just want to make sure nothing would leach. I know a told of other equipment use magnets so Im hoping this will be a cheap solution. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HF3BJPY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3US98LJH5LOGM&psc=1
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