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  1. Final Price drop before I just put them in another tank...$375 shipped obo
  2. Want to put this out there but this is only my 2nd time shipping. I do have all the necessary stuff and will ship in Styrofoam cooler from BlueZoo with heat pack and each frag will be in its one sealed hard plastic container. Will ship Fed ex over night. Just please know this going in and will offer standard 2 hr doa policy but must show in container with out the sticker broke. These are the best pictures I could get with my phone but if you want some different shots feel free to message me and I can text you. $475 Shipped Thats less than $5 per polypRainbows Infusion 8+pRed Hornets-20+pScrambled Eggs- 10+p (this piece is on a piece of light diffuser from a homemade frag rack)Playboy Bunny-10+pGatorade 20+p Blue Tubbs-20+Rastas 10+ p
  3. The one I may be getting is the glass. Have you had any issues with flow?
  4. Haha I wish however if I can swing it financially I may make the abyss my office tank at work but would need to buy a new light.
  5. I have the opportunity to get an IM 20 gallon Abyss (not the peninsula one). I have always wanted one cause I think they look awesome but want to get feedback on those who have one or had one on whats good about them and whats bad? I have a IM 20 gallon already so most of the gadgets and stuff I already have and will transfer over so not worried about that. Thoughts or pictures would be awesome? Also any stand Ideas would be great too
  6. between 0 and 0.5 sorry 0.05
  7. Nitrates I meant 5 not .05 but i just moved it outta the flow and it perked right back up I think it just didnt like the flow. Its nice and happy now hiding behind a rock haha
  8. Here is the one I have it it has a lot of great controllable features and is actually pretty powerful for a nano. I keep mine on the lowest setting. Def more affordable than an mp10 https://www.amazon.com/Jebao-Propeller-Water-Controller-Magnet/dp/B01MS7XCT7
  9. I have a spinstream on my 20 gallon peninsula so i added a small jebao for additional flow because i found the spinstream flow didn't really make it all the way to the other side of the tank. I have my Jebao on the lowest setting and my torch and duncan seem to love it
  10. I did that too but it would break loose sometimes and clog the intake on my return pump so just be careful of that
  11. I have never used it but know a few people who have had good success with viaparspectre. You can get them on amazon new pretty cheap.
  12. I like the rockwork! I used Fritz Turbo start when i cycled mine and it worked great and fast!
  13. Rainbow Inusions-Pending Lowering the rest: Red Hornets-20+p $85 now $70 Scrambled Eggs-10+p $45 now $35 Playboy Bunny-10+p $75 now $65 Gatorade 20+p $125 now $110 Blue Tubbs-20+ $115 now $100 Zoa Garden Rock for sale as well. Has well over 50 polyps of Watermelon, Dragon eyes, and GB packers mix on it. $100
  14. Willing to buy or trade for a small AIO 10-20 gallons. Something Like a nuvo 10 or an evo would be great. Want to make an office tank! I have some zoa colonies i could trade too. I am located in the Cleveland OH Area.