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  1. Brian1313

    Equipment- Protein Skimmer, Light, Ect...

    Last bump before it goes on ebay
  2. Brian1313

    Frag Tank Question

    I think i may mod the aquaclear into a lil sump and then add some maine pure blocks in the tank
  3. Brian1313

    Frag Tank Question

    I am sure this has been answered somewhere but I am setting up a 20 gallon frag tank. In terms of cycling how is that done with no live rock in the tank? does it need to be cycled? I will have an aquaclear on the back so I could fill it with good bacteria rubble from my main tank or those marine pure cubes. Thoughts?
  4. Brian1313

    Equipment- Protein Skimmer, Light, Ect...

    Knocking $25 bucks off each of the light and protein skimmers. Need gone asap
  5. Brian1313

    Equipment- Protein Skimmer, Light, Ect...

    Bump...Shoot me offers
  6. I have some fish tank equipment for sale that came with a tank I bought that I do not need. Everything was working when I bought the tank and tore it down on Monday.Evolution LED Light- Black box light that was over a 40 gallon and growing coral really well. It has white and Blue LED's with a power button and cord for the blue and one for the white lights. Has hanging wire and everything on it ready to hang. $100 plus shippingReef Octopus 1000 Hob Skimmer- needs a good cleaning and I will clean it as best as I can this weekend before shipping. Works great and has the reef octopus pump on it as well. $125 plus shippingAquaC Remora Hang on Skimmer- Works great and was used on a 20 gallon tank. Has an MJ 1200 pump for it. $125 plus Shipping1.5 inch Cepex Ball Valve- $20 plus shipping. This was in with a box of stuff that came with the tank have no info on it Any questions please feel free to contact. If you buy more than one can offer a discount and combine shipping. Also have a sock holder for a sump if anyone orders these and wants one its free.If any one local (Cleveland area) wants to buy can offer a discount. Also for sale locally online as well
  7. If you decide to ship let me know. I have a bunch of zoas if your interested in trades
  8. Brian1313

    Fluval spec 3 build log

    how happy are you with the asta light? I am thinking of ordering it for the same tank. Does it clip on the back without modifying the lid?
  9. Brian1313

    Type of Zoa

    I may be buying this Zoa frag and the seller says its a deadpool zoa but i cant seem to find any info on deadpool zoas. (mushrooms yes, zoa no). Is there actually a deadpool zoa and its just rare or new that I cant find info on it?
  10. Brian1313

    Film on Water surface

    I think that was an issue too. I took some water out and everything seems to be back to normal. I usually run it a little high because I had a lot of evap but now I have very little and I dont think the water was circulating properly
  11. Brian1313

    Film on Water surface

    Its an IM Fusion 20 peninsula but it seems to he cleared up after taking some water out and moving the powerhead
  12. Brian1313

    Water Evap Question

    Ya that is what has happend here. I live in north east ohio and one day it snows and the next its 80 so i think its the weather and the room its in