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    Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    That's great . How is it going?
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    Good LFS in south Florida

    I just got back into the hobby after 20 years and have visited them all. When ready to buy some corals I think i would trust Hydra Aquatics at 1300 Stirling road in Dania. Aquarium King is brand new and has a lot of potential. It is on 993 W SR84 in a shopping plaza. Aquatic Jewels is near Hydra Aquatics on Stirling near Anglers Ave. I think you have to visit a lot of stores and some seem to have advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Reefer Reborn

    Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    I way 230lbs and I stood on it. All the pressure was under my size 12s. The way that it is constructed much of the weight of the tank will be placed along the edge where the stand is strongest. I would only put a tank like a 20L on it I would be skeptical of other shapes and sizes. This whole deal will cost you under 200.00 On the Evo look at the lights and the skimmer I have a Fluval Reef M40 14gallon and I don't use the Fluval skimmer it came with it is a joke in my opinion. the Evo is probably similar. I dont know what the lights are on this Evo so look into that as well. Clown79 is right you will want to illuminate the tank properly if you plan to reef but if you start out Fish only there are some decent lights out there that can illuminate a FOWLER and Zoas and some soft corals. as far as junk in the tank you will only be +1 with a 20L, the heater as long as you can fit a heater in the Evo Sump. You wont have a return pipe in the 20L just a intake pipe from the HOB. The circulation pump is probably gonna happen regardless. This of course is what I would do if I wanted to reef on the cheap, and that's what these forums are about. either way enjoy.
  4. Reefer Reborn

    Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    This is a simple solution that would only take a few hours of your time. I would avoid the EVO 15 you will have greater flexibility with something like this. Ingredients: 1. 20L tank https://www.petsmart.com/fish/tanks-aquariums-and-nets/aqueon-glass-aquarium-31896.html?cgid=300207 2. Stand https://www.walmart.com/ip/Better-Homes-and-Gardens-Square-4-Cube-Organizer-Multiple-Colors/29741114 3. Heater 4. Small Container of Instant Ocean 5. AquaClear Hang on back (HOB) model 20 or 30 depending on your budget https://www.petsmart.com/fish/filters-and-pumps/filters/aqua-clear-fluval-power-filter-1832660.html?utm_id=500|pg55960|72667018704&gclid=Cj0KCQjw95vPBRDVARIsAKvPd3ILr59dRjXISO5zj1w7NpR5ate6vxtoysl9kOvCqKawMG66iG9PAIsaAqbkEALw_wcB&lsft=utm_source%3Agoogle%2Cutm_term%3A1832660%2Cutm_medium%3Acpc%2Cutm_content%3AGSC - Medium - PLA - Specialty | Fish%2Cutm_campaign%3AGSC - Medium - PLA - Specialty&utm_medium=cpc 6. 1 fan style pump controllable - Jaebo or similar. https://www.chewy.com/jebao-aquarium-wavemaker-pump/dp/158737?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=Jebao&utm_term=&gclid=Cj0KCQjw95vPBRDVARIsAKvPd3LYIsVeQhb8kxT0PieI9-XwQsc1PpK7arjHN2J0d58YJ5cNzWIpQKYaAtDGEALw_wcB 7. 10 or 15 gallons of Purified or Distilled water. (No Drinking No Spring) 8. API Ammonia and PH Test kit The 20L tank is a great size for many reasons, such as surface area price and aquascaping capabilities. The stand I linked to fits a 20L perfectly distributing the weight along the outer edge. I would put the stand together using wood glue in addition to the regular directions. Smear wood glue on all bear parts of the "wood" The glue that gets on the outer laminate will just peel and wipe off after it is built. The AquaClear is hands down the best quiet filtration for the money, It should be virtually silent with the top lid off. If not review the directions or take it back to the store. The controllable pump will let you create a nice wave the length of the tank with the pulsing mode. Make 5 gallons of saltwater in a bucket to the same salinity as you currently have. Every day do a 1 gallon water change on your little guy monitoring the fishes behavior for any signs of stress. Put the water in the 20L with equal amount of the new water you made up. You may want to ad a bit of fish food to ghost feed this live water that you are seeding with your Pico tank that way you do this over the cose of a few days. Also put new water to replace your little guys water change. Put your heater and pump in the new aquarium. When you can depending on the level of water ad the HOB to the 20L. Once it is high enough that your HOB can filter make sure your temp and salinity are okay. Don't ad anymore water at this point. This is when you will acclimate the little guy with the 20L water. Once acclimated, your fish, rock and Pico water should go into the 20L. leave the sand behind undisturbed ad new later after some research. You will probably still be low on water in the 20L but you will make more salt mix and slowly ad until you get near the rim. Also leave the algae and rock the way it is for now don't go scrubbing the algae and rock until everything is settled and your fish is jolly. I posted pics of a setup like this in my boys room pardon the Legos. He refused to let dad give the giant Damsel that we have had for 8 years to the LFS, so this was the solution and he is very happy and swimming all about.