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  1. What am I doing?!

    Thanks all!! I'll kind of eyeball it again tonight and see how I feel. Honestly I kind of liked it better when I just had it all piled up in the center hahahah. I might have to consider removing some of them that just arent working for me at the moment.
  2. What am I doing?!

    So my tank is in the early stages, it’s cycled and I have one tiny baby clown. It’s a 29 gallon bio cube. These are rocks that came with the tank or that I had in the clowns tank that he came in. I’m beginning to think I have unuseable chunks of rocks!! Hahah, but for real.....any ideas? Thoughts? Laughs? 😭 I plan on having another clown, perhaps a blenny, a clean up crew and maybe one bigger “center piece” fish and some very easy softies (green stars 😍😍) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Do I need different rocks? What should I do? sorry for potato quality photos!! I still haven’t figured out how to take any decent pics.
  3. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Yay!! I’ve needed someone to chat with about this because man alive, I just sit in front of it and stare haha I really have no idea what I’m doing and finding any info is kind of difficult. So when I’m at the main screen I don’t have a automatic setting? It seems to only let me run it on manual. And thank you for the levels, I still have a lot of confusion with the different channels and what the functions are. I appreciate your help and offer for future help, your the best! And thanks for the pics too, looks a lot like my lighting!
  4. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Ok! So my lights might be just fine! They just look really weird! Hahah but that’s great news! I’ve used a lot of my old tank water so hopefully the cycle goes well and I can add my little guy soon!
  5. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Ok ok!! After sooo much delay (too much work and holidays 🤦🏻‍♀️) the tank is up and running and cycling!!! Now I have some questions on my lights....I think I have too much blue light? I’ll post some photos, it looks cool but it doesn’t photograph well or look like there are enough whites? Sorry for being gone so long guys I really appreciate you all!
  6. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Thanks both of you!!
  7. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Thank you for the vote of confidence! All I can do is try right?? 🙃
  8. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Any recommendations on other systems just in case? I really hate not having a lid, as I have pets, I don’t want fish jumping out and water loss....sooo
  9. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    @SelectedByNature darn!! Yeah I’m in nw Ohio but that would be a sweet deal!! @REEFreefLJS85 and @burtbollinger thanks guys, I understand it’s a disaster and it’s ok to be a kill joy! Haha I have thick skin, I’m a little disappointed but I get it!! @Water Dog do you have a link for him? I’m fairly handy and my bf is good with wiring, since it all works and is fairly new I’m hoping to salvage it....god grant me patience 🙄
  10. Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    Just did! Thanks Clown!
  11. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    It all came together, and it is totally not safe! Haha that’s why I’m here.
  12. I bought a used 29 oceanic bio cube. The guy installed a rapid LED solderless kit? And it looks like its pretty poorly installed? I have no idea what to do with it....currently its a bundle of wires and modules that have no house and are dangling from the tank..... I've printed the manuals and tried to figure out with the heck to do with all of this but I have no clue, and no idea of where to start. The system works, but I dont know how to set it up? What all these parts are and where do they go? And then how to use the dimmer and set up the lights for fish and soft corals??? Sorry for being clueless but this is a whoolllle new world for me!
  13. Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    No! Ive been slacking.....actually in my defense I have been soooo busy! And I really am struggling with this lighting system. I think Im going to start a thread and see if I can get some help with the rapid led.....Its like a birds nest of wires
  14. Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    Thanks! Im having some issues with the lighting, as the previous owner added a rapidled dimmable retrofit kit...? And It looks like it was done pretty....roughly. So Im trying to wrangle the boyfriend into helping me as electrical work is not on my radar at all. And the splash guard under the lid is cracked and very fogged up so I need to figure that out as well. One those are figured out I'll be getting it all set up!
  15. Just another newbie! Need to know next steps?

    Currently leak testing in the driveway! Dear god I’m in over my head.....as per usual 😂