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  1. Crowxjane

    Corals 'smoking' after feeding phyto???

    Here’s some photos 24 hours later....I’m really more worried about the frog spawn now, the gsp is slowly coming back...
  2. Crowxjane

    Corals 'smoking' after feeding phyto???

    Thank you, sadly Im stuck at work all day so once Im home I'll be able to check on them *fingers crossed* is there anything I should do in the mean time to help them heal?
  3. Crowxjane

    Corals 'smoking' after feeding phyto???

    Thank you!! Its hard not to dwell on it hahahah
  4. Crowxjane

    Corals 'smoking' after feeding phyto???

    Urrghhh ok, it was sea chem phyto plankton and Im reading that can burn them? They do recover though? I just feel so bad and Im one of those dorks that love their green star polyps.
  5. Ok Im having a mild panic attack and I have no clue what could have gone wrong. I have a few zoas, a frogspawn and a mat of green star polyps in my tank. Everything was perfectly peachy and all the corals doing well. Until last night and now Im freaking out. I fed my tank inhabitants their regular food and then went to spray a little phyto plankton over the corals (I usually do this once a week, Im not sure if its beneficial but they seem to like it and do well) so I sprayed the phyto over them and the frogspawn and the green stars reacted immediately in a way Ive never seen. The frog spawn started to close up and 'ooze' or 'smoke' a white substance from the top? And it closed up pretty tight. The frog spawn literally looked like i had sprayed it with round up! The green bits curled up all strange and looked almost 'burnt' or brown? And then the whole coral began to 'smoke' or 'ooze' green stuff? It looked like green smoke was rising from it! Its all closed up and angry looking today and the frog spawn isnt much better....what in the world happened? Its the same bottle I've always had, I keep it refrigerated and I let it warm up before I use it in the tank.....Im freaking out and I feel awful because this is my first tank and I was so proud of my corals and now Im thinking ive killed them. Please, any help would be so greatly appreciated I should add that the frogspawn is far away from the other corals and it couldnt have shocked them or whatever the heck they do.
  6. Crowxjane

    Do you name your fish?

    My female clown is Maki and the male clown is Futo, the bf wouldn’t let me just call them sushi My emerald crab is Peter, the Halloween hermit is Dozer, the blue leg hermits are whatever I feel like calling them that day, and my random red hermit is “medium hermit” because I don’t see him enough for him to have a name yet hahah. Oh and my cleaner shrimp is Pierre.
  7. Crowxjane

    Bristle worm?

    You guys were so very helpful last time about my weirdo snail, well last night this creepy crawlie appeared and I think honestly it’s my first hitch hiker! But is it bad? Or ok? Only seems to be like 1/2 an inch and it appears at night time and was crawling all over my corals, but didn’t appear to do any damage....give me your opinion!
  8. Crowxjane

    Weird snail? Or am I crazy?

    I got him at a lfs but I don’t think the lady could tel me what kind he was and I also only saw his shell so I kinda risked it. Then the last couple weeks he’s been out and about a lot and I was a little shocked! He’s pretty crazy looking!
  9. Crowxjane

    Weird snail? Or am I crazy?

    Thanks guys! I bet that’s him, I’ve just never seen his body or those feelers before! Very cool, now I feel less crazy hahah.
  10. Ok please excuse the worst drawing in the world but I can never get. Good pic of this guy. He is very nocturnal. I have this huge snail in my tank, probably an inch or more across, and when his body is visible it os drastically zebra striped, he also has all these ‘feelers’ or antennae that pop out along the sides of the shell from his body??? He seems to be well behaved and maybe it’s a normal old snail but my others look nothing like this? And I have never seen another that looks like him? Any help?? Sorry if this is a dumb question! Thanks in advance for putting up with my crappy drawing hahah
  11. Crowxjane

    Emerald crabs sluggish??

    Ok so a small update, my smaller emerald crab molted like twice?? Then I found him hanging under a rock dead?? My giant emerald crab seems fine but was picking at the dead body. Why has my one crab died after molting?? It’s kind of a bummer because they are my favorite inhabitants.
  12. Crowxjane

    Emerald crabs sluggish??

    Ok, I have a 29 gallon bio cube, its cycled and been set up and running for 2.5 months or so. I have 2 emerald crabs, a skunk cleaner, assorted snails (7 or so?) and 2 small clowns. The emerald crabs have always been my favorite (I know they can have a bad rep) but mine have always been hilarious, always sneaking around, eating and I really enjoy all their weird antics. But lately they have been hiding and not very active. They have molted a few times and one is considerably bigger. Now I can only find my big one, the little one has been missing for days. This is all just so unusual as they are always out and come running when its dinner time. My parameters are normal and good, no ammonia etc. I do a weekly or bi weekly water change and try to not over feed. My large crab is also kind of covered in algae? His legs look like he has hair on them because of the amount of algae on them. Am I just over worrying about them? Am I missing something? Ugh, Im just stressing out! Thanks in advance.
  13. Crowxjane

    What am I doing?!

    Thanks all!! I'll kind of eyeball it again tonight and see how I feel. Honestly I kind of liked it better when I just had it all piled up in the center hahahah. I might have to consider removing some of them that just arent working for me at the moment.
  14. Crowxjane

    What am I doing?!

    So my tank is in the early stages, it’s cycled and I have one tiny baby clown. It’s a 29 gallon bio cube. These are rocks that came with the tank or that I had in the clowns tank that he came in. I’m beginning to think I have unuseable chunks of rocks!! Hahah, but for real.....any ideas? Thoughts? Laughs? 😭 I plan on having another clown, perhaps a blenny, a clean up crew and maybe one bigger “center piece” fish and some very easy softies (green stars 😍😍) 🤷🏻‍♀️ Do I need different rocks? What should I do? sorry for potato quality photos!! I still haven’t figured out how to take any decent pics.
  15. Crowxjane

    Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    Yay!! I’ve needed someone to chat with about this because man alive, I just sit in front of it and stare haha I really have no idea what I’m doing and finding any info is kind of difficult. So when I’m at the main screen I don’t have a automatic setting? It seems to only let me run it on manual. And thank you for the levels, I still have a lot of confusion with the different channels and what the functions are. I appreciate your help and offer for future help, your the best! And thanks for the pics too, looks a lot like my lighting!