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  1. Caught when moving the rocks. Will it kill the fishes
  2. HI everyone Its been long .thanks for all the support given to me . To when I did the water change I found an mysterious worm .in my tank . Don't know what is it ? Don't know if it's good or bad Will it kill my fish ? Please help I can get rid of it .since I know where is it before it moves location Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone. Today I did a water change .I after few hours. I noticed my sand bed found out there is some white stuff not sure what it is .I think a fish had stirred up the Sand bed . Picture below . Not sure if it a harm for the fish . What should I do to over come the situations please
  4. Thanks for the advice. My 6 line is a fighter .He does net my cleaner wrasse close to him .
  5. Not sure if it's compatible with yellow tang ,6line wrasse and cleaner wrasse, small clown and green chromis Not sure if it's compatible with yellow tang ,6line wrasse and cleaner wrasse, small clown and green chromis
  6. Hi everyone How you doing ? Quick question any one know what the name of the wrasse and this other fish please
  7. he is alright . I got scared for no reason .Thanks for the support guys .at night and scared he look like that .I think it's normal
  8. Thanks for the support guys will wait till morning and see
  9. Its had to get a clear pic he he is running around in the tank crazy .
  10. Guys quick question .my yellow tank. Was looking good .I never seen him in the night when the lights off . I added a fire shrimp .and its taken the tank sleeping spot .its been today Today I notice my yellow in the night it has something on his belly .not sure what it is I'm scared now. Should I worry or not . Can into anything to help
  11. Hi seabass Thanks for the support. Which one would you suggest on the below power head pump AT-203 2000L/Hr 2m 38w AT-104 2000 2 38 AT-105 3000 3 60 Picture attached of a DC pump (expansive ) Thanks in advance
  12. HI EVERYONE Hope you have grate weekend I have quick question . A friend of mine using a powerhead pump for his tank .which is a bit more than the flow he need .he has added a valve to adjust the flow he needs. But this is causing the pump to heat than normal . Need to know us it better to buy a Dc pump with the flow controller. Which is a bit expansive Or buy a correct flow rate for this tank . 40 gallon breeder 20 gallon sump Height from the sump to the tank is 2 feet With 2 return pump 1 straight up and the other go cross 3 feet and up . Current using a pump 740 gallon power head pump .no wava maker insalllted in the tank Which would be best for long run Dc pump expansive Or Correct power head pump Thanks in advance
  13. HI everyone. I am just trying to recover from a disaster. I need to clean my sump. How do clean my sump without killing any bacteria from matrix and ceramic rings . I See more dirt on them need to clean since the dirt it going back to the main tank .making the coral dirty. Can I fully change the water. Or clean the matrix and ceramic ring with the old tank water .Do a water change in the tank. Thanks in advance
  14. HI Everyone Thanks for the update. Have a nice day
  15. Hi everyone I saw this fish not sure the name was