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  1. Thanks! It's still a work in progress but has really been a learning experience.
  2. Hello all, It's been a while since my last update, have been traveling a bit and havent found the time to post. The tank seems to be doing well overall. My plans to keep SPS growing relying only on water changes doesn't look like its holding up, as im not noticing much growth. Might have to do something about that in the near future. Any advice is welcome. Recently added a cleaner shrimp to the tank. Havent actually seen him clean the clownfish, but they are hovering around each other...he does steal the clown's food, so he's keeping his mouth clean? Idk... Anyway, here are some updated photos! Cheers
  3. That's very interesting! What didn't click with me about that is that I didn't see the optimal temperature range for our tanks in the supported range for the device. Probly ddint understand what I was reading! Thanks
  4. So you can use the ink bird controller to adjust the temperature of "set temp" devices, is that it? Sorry for the noob questions, had never heard of one of these...
  5. https://www.amazon.es/gp/aw/d/B07H8WR7Q3/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1549247538&sr=1&pf_rd_p=4e572740-f345-4863-8b1a-58d8082706fb&pd_rd_wg=zYx58&pf_rd_r=0YH5J6YFBDEG2T0WDNMC&pd_rd_i=B07H8WR7Q3&pd_rd_w=wvVzs&pd_rd_r=81af77ea-1dcf-4f20-b122-a7db5e719b8e&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65 And would this work? Waterproof...
  6. Great tips guys, learning a lot! https://www.amazon.es/Inkbird-Calefaccion-Refrigeración-Temperatura-Frigorífico/dp/B016EYB03G/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅZÕÑ&qid=1549145467&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=inkbird&dpPl=1&dpID=41UZI4rkzXL&ref=plSrch Is this the right ink bird model? There's several and I can't figure out the difference 😕
  7. Hey guys, I've been trying to think about some alternatives to the regular heater option for a reef jar build I'm planning... Has anyone tried something different? I've heard it's possible to use a replite heater pad to heat it from the base up. If you have any tips on that or other options, please share!
  8. So here goes my 9 month update! Torch coral died unfortunately. Might been stressed him with too much changes. Anyhow, the tank is doing well overall. Added a few new SPS that are showing good polyp extension. Decided to go barebottom as I wanted to reduce maintenance and room for waste build-up. So here are some pictures!
  9. ffoott


    You are not prepared!
  10. Trying to get my torch happy is proving a challenge after my last aquascape change, so I made some small tweaks on the strength of the flow and position of the main rock on he tank. Let's see how it effects things overall...
  11. If you were to look past the size of the euphyllia and the galaxea - how do they look in comparison with 3 months ago? Do they look healthy? How is their coloration, polyp extension, etc? There are many internal processes within a coral. Sometimes it may take a while for it to get a foothold in our tank (invisible "growth), and then start growing in a way that's easier for us to notice.
  12. It gets old, like all of us. But it does not go bad if kept dry ^^
  13. "When in doubt, that it out" - Furtune cookie
  14. You mention you are not having much growth. Can you make that a little more specific or concrete for us? How do you measure that?
  15. Most of it came from fellow hobbyists in mainland Portugal. My Ai Prime HD came from the US through a friend who lives there. That whole process can be a drag some times. Looking back though, it did "force" me to take things slow stock wise. Might have made a bunch of extra mistakes if I had got into the hobby in a more accessible area.
  16. IME keeping a coral like a plating montipora from shading other corals is more a matter of placement than it is picking a particular variety.
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