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    Hello Everyone, Please do not guess on this, experience only please. I made a very stupid mistake and put two cardinals into my tank without QT. Of course, I paid with a case of fluke. (Bangi Cardinal died..I put in fresh water after and that's how I know it's fluke. It had trouble breathing and i saw the opague bodies after the fw rinse) Just in case, I pulled the remaining fish out (two clowns, one pajama cardinal) and put them in a 3.5 gallon QT tank that I'll be treating with Prazipro. The other fish have not shown signs yet, trying to be proactive. Im leaving my display fishless to let the fluke die off (I have snails, crabs, shrimp, anemone and softies in DT). After researching extensively on the Fluke life cycle (in the right condition and temp) adult flukes can live 4-6 days without host. Once eggs are laid, they hatch within 4-6 days and after they hatch they die within 2 days without finding host. I dont know why people are suggesting to leave Display fishless for 10 weeks if the research shows in a whole cycle they will all die off in 14 days. I was going to run 2 prazipro treatments in QT tank with fish and wait 20 days before putting the fish back in the display. Any good reasons against that? Any experience otherwise? Can't believe I was so stupid! Thank You for your time- Jason
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    Please Identify

    Can someone please tell me what these small blue flowers are above my zooanthids? They were on the frag plug when I bought them and are starting to grow up onto the rock. Thanks
  3. JayMarbz

    Prime HD AI

    Thanks for that. You have any Anemone?
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    Prime HD AI

  5. JayMarbz

    Help Identify

    Can anyone help me identify? I think it's a type of mushroom coral but I'm not quite sure. Thanks
  6. JayMarbz

    Prime HD AI

    That's great info. Thank you very much! No issues with algea with red so high?
  7. JayMarbz

    Prime HD AI

    No but I will. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to check it out. They have settings that would be a good starting point? Right on. I'll check it out. Thank you
  8. JayMarbz

    Prime HD AI

    Anyone familiar with this light? I have it hanging over my Nuvo 20 (about 8"). I can not find anything online about what % each spectrum of light should be at mid day. I've asked shops, online and YouTubers but no one can give some real answers. I've had my tank stocked for going on 2 months. SPS, Anemone and Clown Fish. Before I add more coral, id like to get the opinion of someone up and running this light successfully for 6 months and beyond. Thanks- Jay Attached are my current settings and some pics of my tank