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  1. Duane Clark

    Combining hobbies

    Just a quick update. Gives an idea of how I want it to work (frag disk size options etc). I think once I cast it and paint etc it should blend pretty well. Of course the best look will be with coral frags on it. 🙂
  2. Duane Clark

    Combining hobbies

    that's kind of the plan if anyone wants one so I can buy more corals. lol will see how they look when done. :-)
  3. Duane Clark

    Combining hobbies

    Sure. I am going to finish it out and then can provide a full list.
  4. Duane Clark

    Combining hobbies

    the internal magnet will be an uncoated magnet since it will be completely encased in resin. The outside mag will be plastic coated, I have not decided on size. The stronger the better though.
  5. Duane Clark

    Combining hobbies

    Thought I would quickly share what I am up to. Decided to sculpt my own mag-rock for some monti’s I would like to get. (Will be magnetically mounted on back and side walls). Lots of work to still do on the little details and seams of the sculpt but when done with the ledge I will make a silicone mold and cast in reef safe resin (so it’s repeatable). The frag disk holders are variable sized to fit either .75 or 1.5 frag disks. I’ll cast in a coralline purple, airbrush the details and then seal (again with a reef safe sealant).
  6. Duane Clark

    Are we over complicating tanks?

    The answer to this question depends on what kind of tank you want and what result you feel is successful. The later being very subjective; one man's weed is another man's flower kind of thing.
  7. Duane Clark


    I used the nano live rock from floridaliverock.com it’s diver picked and then shipped.
  8. Duane Clark

    elevated and climbing zinc

    You may have answered this for me. I use brightwell. That is the most plausible reason. Funny thing is I watched that video and completely forgot about that. switching to BRS looks like a wise decision. In the mean time since the corals still look good I will not act too quickly. Thanks again!!!
  9. Duane Clark

    elevated and climbing zinc

    That’s a good idea!!
  10. Duane Clark

    elevated and climbing zinc

    While researching zinc in aquariums I came upon several articles about zinc and parrot poisoning. I had no idea it was such an issue. In in my case here I think the only real course of action is to make more regular water changes. Not because of any organics but because of the heavy metal which is slightly disappointing since I have been trying to keep the water changes to a minimum. The cover does not touch the water but there is some salt on the edges that perhaps drops back into the tank while taking the cover off and on. I’m not really sure. In time I will get an acrylic cover I think.
  11. Duane Clark

    elevated and climbing zinc

    I completely agree. In this case however the ATI test (where you mail it in) specifically read “critically high zinc” so that made me pause with some concern
  12. Duane Clark

    elevated and climbing zinc

    ATI testing 3 months ago was 10, Now ATI came back and its 21 (reports it as critical although my corals look great). I cant find any metal in the tank. wiring is sound. magnets look fine. I am using a DIY mesh cover that uses what appears to be an aluminum frame. Could that be leeching zinc into the tank? Looks like I need to make a water change after all. In the mean time, I am wondering what people think about the Triton Detox product that reportedly will bind to the heavy metals in the water. any other suggestions?
  13. Duane Clark

    Midas Blenny poo

    I literally just lost my clown to this “mysterious” cause. Died in less than 24 hrs of seeing symptoms (sitting on the sand, long white poo, loss of appetite) Only thing I can think of is a bacterial infection or parasite. I too only fed mysis (or most of the time anyway) so perhaps both our issues are diet related.
  14. Duane Clark

    Name of Platy?

    Really? Oooooookay....guess I need to reconsider them. How do you remove them? Tweezers?
  15. Duane Clark

    Name of Platy?

    Ok will do. If I can keep them in this spot I will be ok with it. They are on the back side (can’t even see real well from the front).