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  1. Duane Clark

    Pod Production

    Spirulina powder can also be used as food for the pods
  2. You would think I could find the answer to my question since vacation questions abound but... my fish will be “on their own” for three days” and will have the benefit of an intank brine shrimp hatchery (thanks pj’s) but I am not sure my 4 sexy shrimp will need any feeding while I am gone. Being shrimp they will find something to munch but I would prefer it not be my corals. I was thinking of dropping some sort of sinking pellets in the tank when I leave but not sure that is advised or even needed. Thoughts/suggestions?
  3. Duane Clark

    All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    If you ever frag that let me know. It's Beautiful! 🙂
  4. Duane Clark

    All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    what is the blue coral in the center. Beautiful tank!
  5. Duane Clark


    I have a fire fish and clown fish in the same tank. get along great
  6. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    Banned? the food is banned? why would they ban fish food?
  7. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    Lol I was half being funny (trying anyway). I get your point though. I am going to use it in any case. Not as a sole source but one of many.
  8. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    Ha....its a good thing to do...reading labels. It does say it slows the passage of the food through the digestive tract. That may be a good thing for my mandarin.
  9. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    I don’t think they have been cooked. I’m pretty sure it’s just packed in water. I really don’t think the water content is any higher really than live food. I’m no expert though.
  10. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    What’s interesting about this is since it is not frozen (at least initially) it’s almost a paste of copepods in water. Reminds me of cat food. 🙂
  11. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    I watched a guy on YouTube that feeds it to all his fish and he feeds from the can for two weeks (keeps refrigerated) and then freezes the rest in sheets (pours in ziplock bags) and then just breaks off pieces when he needs. For $7 this is a super find if you ask me. Algaebarn carries it as well as amazon.
  12. Duane Clark

    Amazing food!

    This stuff is amazing. It makes my fish go nuts and my Mandarin actually eats it!!! He thinks they are alive and plucks them up like live food!
  13. Duane Clark

    Anyone else use Current USA powerheads?

    So it sounds like it makes more sense for a larger aquarium and one with their lights or can it control any light?
  14. Duane Clark

    Anyone else use Current USA powerheads?

    does the Bluetooth controller allow for more flow pattern options? How do you like it?
  15. Duane Clark

    Sea fan skeleton decor

    use a live gorgonian. they are simple easy if you already have parameters for a mixed reef and are very inexpensive