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  1. I guess I asked for this one 😂
  2. So the palys are dropping these? What is it exactly?
  3. Hey guys. Anybody know what these are? I keep finding them around the palys. They're about the same size as pellet food. And I don't feed pellets. Thanks
  4. Star polyps randomly not opening

    Me too! It really is. It makes the tank look great when it's open. I've had several people say it's way too much for the tank and takes away from other corals. Personal preference i guess. They're so damn ugly when they close though!
  5. Star polyps randomly not opening

    Yeah im gonna have to start cutting him back soon lol. I'm not seeing growth in the other gsp like I do the big one. Yeah I'll just be patient with it. I've just been freaking out bc this thing never closes. Thanks for the response tilton
  6. Star polyps randomly not opening

    Yeah from what I've read these things are unstoppable. And the other gsp frag next to it is doing fine. I cleaned him off earlier. I guess I'll just wait and see. So is it normal for corals to get like this from time to time? Ive tested and done the normal water change and everything checks out. Thanks alot for the response!
  7. Star polyps randomly not opening

    Haha I know. It's out of control. It's one of my favorite corals though. And as you can see I go after easy corals. Ive had this one for about 6 months. It has doubled in size. I watch it grow every week. Being such a big piece in the tank I'm bummed that it's not opening now. It makes the tank look like crap. I just cant think of anything that would cause this to happen
  8. Hey guys. Anybody have any input on this? I've attached a picture of the tank to see everything else is doing fine. This star polyp is always the first coral to open in the tank and even stays open with no lights all day. All of the sudden it has been closed the past 2 days. I added a plating coral the day before this started but it is pretty far away and no other corals seem to be affected. Will this coral shed similar to a leather? Can't seem to figure out wht could be the problem. Water parameters are great.
  9. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Yeah I was wondering if fuel was kind of a waste now that I'm doing the phyto. I'll cut back on that. I've read mixed reviews on it. Some say they see the benefits some say they see none.
  10. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Wow thanks guys! This is great info for me. That makes sense, being a beginner with the corals I thought that phosphates were just bad period. I use fuel about twice a week what are your thoughts on that? I've dosed this since the beginning and I have never been able to tell if this is really beneficial or noticed change in the corals bc they have never gone without It.
  11. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Thanks Jeff. I didn't think to get on their website. The bottle didn't offer much info. That helps alot. As far as the phosphate remover do you think there are downsides to going overboard on this in particular? And my nitrates stay around 10 so I don't think anything is really lowering that number other than water changes.
  12. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Thank you! Well i havent fed any of the corals phyto until i got this scallop a couple weeks ago. I'm starting to get some algae growth( not much but I am cleaning the glass much more than I used to). It's my understanding that the purigen will really help remove the left overs. But seeing the rise in algae that has never been an issue before, I guess I am trying to be proactive. The last thing I want is algae everywhere but don't want to underfeed. I guess it is more of a trial an error at this point
  13. How much phyto should I be dosing?

    Yeah same here but I didn't get any instruction on how much to dose. It just seems like a vague area to me. The chemipure is the carbon/phosphate remover. I threw the can away so I don't remember exactly. The store kinda told me what to buy. I'm ok with overkill as long as it's not harmful. Do you think this is bad? Thanks for the response
  14. Hey guys I'm having trouble figuring out how much phyto to dose. I have a 5.5 gal with mostly softies. The kicker is i have a flame scallop (please don't rip me a new one for putting this in there). But it seems they need alot of food from wht i read. Anyways I am using reef nutrition phyto feast. I have been doing about 2 ml twice a week. I run a hob filter and a canister with purigen, phosfiltrum, and chemipure. Some input on this filtration would be appreciated as well. I try to get as much info from the lfs I go to but sometimes I feel they are not that experienced. The tank has been running for about 6 months now and everything is doing fine but I guess I am trying to make sure I am not over or under doing the feedings. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Here are some pictures to see what is in the tank. The first pic is a plate coral that was recently added but not in the picture of everything in the tank. Zoas, colt coral, toadstool, gsp, palys, 2 feather dusters, coco worm, flame scallop
  15. Thanks for the reply. It's hard for me to pinpoint what it is. I have gsp creeping close to it. I've played with the flow and seemed to get a good spot (again close to gsp). I did get a new light a while back but since it seemed to do better than ever until now. Im starting to think maybe it is the star polyps stinging it? Now its not even the shedding I'm worried about it's the not openiing at all. The toadstool is in the bottom left of the tank.