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  1. Thanks guys. What are your thoughts on over skimming? Is it possible? Would a reef octo classic 100 be too much where it could have ill effects?
  2. Thanks man. Ill check that one out. That was my thought as well
  3. I would just love the idea of less water changes. I was thinking it might help with that. Long work weeks and sometimes i just dont have the energy. Thanks for the input guys i appreciate it.
  4. Current load. 4 chromis 2 clowns and a blue spotted puffer. Gsp, colt, toadstool, green shrooms, and then a torch and candy cane. Puffer is well fed so id like to cut back on wc if possible.
  5. Would like to get a skimmer on this 20g. Ive been told skimming with soft corals is actually not good bc softies love the dirtier water. Would dosing phyto or anything make up for this? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated
  6. Cycling question

    This is more for my own curiosity than anything. I have a 5.5 gallon tank that has been going for about 8 months. Just recently I bought a 20 gallon to have a little more room. On the 5.5 gal I have a hob and canister( made for a 30 gallon.. so it says). I have about 10 lbs of live rock in there. I bought another 6 lbs that I have stuck in the 20 gallon. 20 gal has new live sand. If I move the filters to the 20, add the 5 gal tank water, and the lr am I really going to go through the whole cycling process again? There are no fish btw
  7. Toadstool questions

    Thanks guys! 5.5 gal has become to congested. Just got a 20 gal running hopefully more room will be beneficial for them. I appreciate the input. It is hard to put my finger on what the issue is. I just bought an a product that is only zoo..something. whatever helps photosynthesis. Apparently it gives them their color. After 2 days I have seen a major change. Not only with toadstool but the whole tank became more vibrant.
  8. Toadstool questions

    Agreed. Thanks man
  9. Toadstool questions

    Yeah that was right after lights kicked on. Yeah Idk man it's weird. I just can't put my finger on it bc everything else is still doing awesome. Thanks for the input. Maybe it's just been a weird month for it or something.. I agree the leathers seem to do weird things. The lose of color was my main concern. Any ideas on how to bring that back?
  10. Toadstool questions

    Before above. Below is now. (Clownfish has been gone for a couple months now)
  11. Toadstool questions

    No fish. Just a couple hermits and tons of baby starfish and snails in tank
  12. Toadstool questions

    I did do a large wc 30 % probably after chemitreatment but this was after the problem started. Also toadstool was in decline from about the same time as cyano started
  13. Toadstool questions

    Thanks for the reply. Yes there has been. I added another light. Shortly after this happened I stopped using it. I have 2 finnex marine leds. I was under the impression they're not that powerful but it is a 5.5 gal. So i ran with both lights for about 2 weeks but again I am back to just one. I dose phyto and fuel about once every 2 weeks. I got a bad case of Cyrano a little while back so I eased up on that. I also used chemi treatment to knock out cyano Idk if that could affect it? I've done regular water changes and carbon to help get it out though. Toadstool sits next to zoas and a colt coral pretty close. But they have never seemed to bother each other this whole time.
  14. Toadstool questions

    I've got a 5.5 gal softie tank. Been running for about 8 months. The toadstool has done great the entire time until about 3 weeks ago. Water parameters are all good. I'm familiar with the shedding as well. Lately the coral has seemed to lose all color and the stem has become very stubby. However the polyps still extend the same as always. I've tried the lfs and they don't seem to know much. Anybody have any ideas on whats causing this? Or had something similar happen?