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  1. Thank you for your feed back @Clown79. I will move it to a better position latter today.
  2. I don’t have any shrimps right now and I have never seen anything eating it. Hopefully I can still save it.
  3. It’s under the stock evo light and I have plenty of flow in the tank I’m using the 6005 current eflux wave pump. It is directly under the light. Before this happened I had a diatom outbreak and some was developing on the spots that turned red.
  4. One of my LPS corals is turning red around the edges. Does it look like it’s dying? It still extends its sweepers at night, not sure how to help it.
  5. What kind of food does your blenny eat?
  6. I also added a Pom Pom crab but I doubt I will get a picture of it. As soon as I put him in the tank he ran into one of the many holes in my rock and vanished. 🙁 kind of wanted to see him before that happened
  7. Here are some pictures
  8. He’s already come out, the goby though has been staying close to him and watching what he does. Hope all is good and that he’s not being aggressive to the new guy
  9. I picked up the tail spot Blenny after work today. Once he gets settled I will take a picture of him, he’s already found himself a nice little cave 🥳. I’m just going to have these 2 fishes until I get my larger tank in a couple of months.
  10. Going to add a new fish today, would a tail spot blenny get along with a citrinis clown goby? My tank is a fluval evo 13.5 and i think it’s finally time to add another fish but want something peaceful.
  11. Mike P

    Blue Cespitularia

    It’s a nice piece and I received it from liveaquaria last summer. It’s starting to grow a bit more since switching to aquavitro salinity salt 😁😁
  12. Mike P

    fluval evo 12

    FTS of my evo. Trying to make it look decent again
  13. Freddy back when the cyano was really bad, he would work on it a bit
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