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  1. Mike P

    Dog faced puffer nano tank🐕🐡

    Hahaha, thought this would fool some of you his name is Jasper. I don’t think he likes my tank he just stares at me when I mess with it and gets annoyed that I’m not playing with him
  2. Dog face puffer in tank...... jk just my dog posing infront of my evo
  3. Mike P

    What kind of shrimp is this?

    I was able to get a close up picture of one of these guys. Very interesting to watch them
  4. Just wondering if a candy cane coral can eat fish. I have a citrinis clown goby, cleaner shrimp, Halloween hermit, and some snails in my tank. Used to have more fish but things went wrong and only my goby is left. I really like that little guy and wondering if he is safe with the candy cane coral I just put in my tank.
  5. Went to the Dallas north aquarium today just to look around and dream about my future large tank and my wife decided to get me some stuff.... early anniversary gift. Icecap salinity checker, candy cane and stylo coral.
  6. Mike P

    What kind of shrimp is this?

    Was able to get a better picture of these things and discovered I have way more then originally thought. They are all over my sand
  7. Mike P

    What kind of shrimp is this?

    Yeah that looks really similar. It’s a pretty big pod
  8. Anyone know what this could be? It looks like some kind of shrimp and I see 4 of them in my tank. They are super small and I first noticed them months ago when I would turn off all my pumps and they would just be floating on the surface until I poked at them. I do have a cleaner shrimp in my tank but I’m not sure if these could be the babies or something else. Hope it’s not a bunch of mantis shrimp.
  9. Mike P

    Anyone know what this is???

    I looked that up and it does looks like a dorvilleidae worm. Thank you!!!!
  10. Was able to get a decent shot of this tiny creature on my glass using a magnifying glass. Anyone seen one of those or know what it is? Looks like it has a bunch of legs
  11. Mike P

    LFS in the Dallas area

    Welcome to NTX, I would say dallas north aquarium is your best bet. It’s actually a large store and they have a decent selection of stuff. There are a few small aquarium stores, couple in Plano, 1 in frisco that keeps relocating. I personally go to Dallas north and aquatic design in Plano. You also have the fish gallery in Dallas but I don’t really care for them, most of there stuff is overpriced.
  12. Mike P

    What could this be on my coral

    Yes I dipped it when I first got it, I guess I could do another dip just to be safe. They have been there for awhile
  13. Anyone know what these white spots could be on my heteroxenia? I don’t see it on my other Xenia’s
  14. I picked up 3 conch shells for him when I got him just in case
  15. Was it a bad idea that I added a Halloween hermit to my evo 13.5 tank? He is the only crab in the tank. I have a small few snails, 1 cleaner shrimp, and 1 citrinis clown goby plus some soft corals. I did put some empty shells in the tank. Here is a picture of the guy and an older picture of my tank layout.