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  1. Mike P

    Creatures on my glass 👽👽

    I’m not sure if it’s a flatworm, I have some smaller ones that look more circular on the glass also and they don’t have any antennas. I know they move pretty quick.
  2. Mike P

    Creatures on my glass 👽👽

    Worm appeared on glass but kind of hard to take a picture of
  3. Anyone know what these things are? I noticed several of them on my glass and the white oval one moves pretty fast. Should I be concerned?? After almost a year of running my tank seems like I’m seeing more tiny creatures that I have not noticed before. I saw a tiny worm thing swimming really fast when all the lights went out the other day, but haven’t seen it since. They other day I also saw two other things swimming on the surface of the water but I siphoned those out
  4. Mike P

    Tank Smell

    Thanks everyone, the smell went away after a couple of days 😄
  5. Mike P

    Tank Smell

    I accidentally sucked up a lot of sand then it dropped out of the hose and made a big mess in the tank. That’s probably what did it then. It just smells a bit more fishy then it did before I cleaned up, I do about a 10% water change weekly but skipped last week and decided to do some good cleaning today. Cleaned out the pump and wave pump, got most of the algae and got rid cyno that was covering one of my rocks. Smell is actually starting to go away now after about 4 hrs
  6. Mike P

    Tank Smell

    Anyone experience tank smell after doing a good cleaning with big water change on their tank. I was scrubbing cyno and syponing it out not sure if that’s what caused the smell
  7. Mike P

    White Pom Pom Xenia question

    Mine in the picture pulse very little. The one that is pulsing a lot in my tank is the heteroxenia that came In the soft coral pack.
  8. I actually plan on getting the current marine ic light for my evo. I saw a some good deal on dr foster and smith for the 18”-24” at $84.35. Sounds like a bargin to me and I can connect it to my current wave pump. I like the stock look of the evo and the replacement light I received was only because 3 of the original light’s leds went out and I was still under the 2 year warranty. For now the stock lighting is fine but I really don’t care for the new lights yellower look compared to the old light. My evo tank is actually one of the first ones and I had it special ordered way back in 2016 but it was in its box just collecting dust until October of last year.
  9. My new soft coral pack is doing good under the stock lights and have grown a lot within a week
  10. Mike P

    Biota rainford goby

    My biota rainford goby. He likes to eat algae off the sump wall
  11. Mike P

    my goby just relaxing

    This little guy is photogenic 📷🐠
  12. Mike P

    just hanging around

    Thank you, he appreciates the kind words 🐠🐠
  13. Mike P

    my goby just relaxing

    Citrinis clown goby perched up on rock
  14. Mike P

    just hanging around

    Citrinis clown goby sitting on glass wall ☺️
  15. The new light works but it’s more yellow then the previous one, I guess it looks more like sunlight.