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  1. I *think* it's a type of nerite, but that's only because I've never heard otherwise. I can definitely say they're safe, though. I have had a self-sustaining breeding population of these in my system for almost 3 years now. They're fantastic - They clean all night, and you never have to buy replacements. These together with stomatella and maybe one larger turbo are all you need to keep your rockwork clean.
  2. I've got the same thing. They're definitely a breeding population in my aquarium, and they only really come out in force at night. They do such a good job cleaning up that I had to get rid of my two largest snails because they were starving.
  3. That is absolutely stunning - I've never seen one like it, congratulations. How did you acclimate it?
  4. Radula
  5. I've got the stand. It's superb.
  6. Wow - Look at all those linkas...
  7. It's definitely a nudibranch of some kind. Keep an eye on it, because it may or may not be beneficial. A picture of it from above that shows its whole length would help people give you a more specific ID.
  8. a $" sand bed is just fine. The idea of a DSB is to help process nitrates and provide a n environment for lots of worms and pods and bacteria and other things to live. There's a great paper on it here: http://www.rshimek.com/reef/sediment.htm I've got a 4" sand bed and my nitrates consistently read 0. That alone makes it worthwhile to me.
  9. Absolutely We have 10 lbs on order, in addition to 10 lbs more sand. I wanted to get something established with fauna from the LFS so that when the main shipment arrives there will be less die-off.
  10. A different angle on the same setup. You can see one of the hermits on the far left outcropping.
  11. We have 10lbs rock and 10lbs sand on order for the end of the week, but wanted to get the cycle going and try to get some acclimated sandbed fauna. So, I went to the LFS and got about 5 lbs sand and 2 or 3 lbs of rock, plus two small blue-legged hermits. So far I've seen a couple of tiny pseudopods, at least one bristleworm living in a hole in one of the rocks, and a very, very tiny featherduster. I'll post better pics later when the rest of the rock arrives.