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    How long does it take to ship?
  2. Hi I'm very new to reefing and I just started my new 20 gallon tank. I have finished the cycling prosses and have one Pj cardinal in the tank. When I started cycling the tank I added a single piece of live rock and I saw the aiptasia, but being new I thought it was fine. Intill more and more started popping up on other pieces of dry rock. There are two big ones and about 6 small ones how do I get rid of them. Plz Help.
  3. starting new reef tank

    So I've got live rock and some established water from my LFS they gave my some snails and hermit crabs after about a week what do I next?
  4. starting new reef tank

    ok, i think I'm going to try the liverock and see how it goes. how long do you think it will take before its fish safe?
  5. starting new reef tank

    ok thank you
  6. starting new reef tank

    OK so I need rock. Is there a good way to get rid of nitrates? Should I get a refugium?
  7. starting new reef tank

    My tank is the nuvo fusion 20 and I have a 100 watt heater installed in it.
  8. starting new reef tank

    added a piece of raw fish and a small amount of ammonia and have been ghost feeding once a day. The ammonia levels seem's to be dropping now. After about 2 weeks.
  9. starting new reef tank

    Hi I've just started 20 gallon tank 2 weeks ago and I'm really tight on money at the moment, so I haven't been able to purchase rock or anything for a fish to hide around. Would it be bad to add a clownfish or should I wait to buy and add the rock first?