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  1. Cyano and algae help!!

    I will have to test for phosphates. thank you clown79 you are one of the most helpful people on this site.
  2. Cyano and algae help!!

    i do a 5% water change weekly. but after treating my tank with Pimafix for fungus infection I had a 0.1% nitrite level in my tank. the red slime was a problem before this though. I feed once a day and only feed what the fish will eat I try to limit food waste. I get water from Canadian tire RO without added minerals. it is possible I have two large of a bioload my lfs said 1 fish a week. but all the other sources said never double a fish load in a month.
  3. Cyano and algae help!!

    how do you stop algae from growing on sand?
  4. Cyano and algae help!!

    hi I'm a new hobbyist and I'm having some problems with cyanobacteria and algae please help. My tank is a 20 gallon with only biofiltration currently. it has been running for about 2 months.
  5. mandarin goby + 20 gallon =?

    ok, thank u.
  6. Hi I just had a question. So I have a 20 gallon that has been running with fish for about 2 months . there are 5 fish right now 1 blue green chromis 2 clownfish 1 pajama cardinal and one purple firefish. is there any possible way I can get a mandarin goby right now?
  7. am I Coral ready?

    I was told by my LFS to do a 5% water change weekly and the salt mix I use is the fluval sea pro formula. Should I do a larger amount? I have seen lots of people say to do a 20% WC. Is this a good salt or should I change to a different brand?
  8. Maze

    this is so nice!!
  9. my new Elegant firefish

  10. am I Coral ready?

    what do I need for coral? so far all I have is a heater, ammonia alert, liquid stuff to read ph, two sky light clamp 18 LED lights and a refractometer. All the other stuff I get my LFS to test for me. Is there anything else I need to keep corals safely in my tank. Should I buy test kits for alkalinity and calcium?
  11. am I Coral ready?

    Hi, I have a 20 gallon tank with a pajama cardinal, a blue green Chromis and a fire fish. The tank has been now running with fish in it for about one month. when can Introduce coral to my system?

    How long does it take to ship?
  13. Hi I'm very new to reefing and I just started my new 20 gallon tank. I have finished the cycling prosses and have one Pj cardinal in the tank. When I started cycling the tank I added a single piece of live rock and I saw the aiptasia, but being new I thought it was fine. Intill more and more started popping up on other pieces of dry rock. There are two big ones and about 6 small ones how do I get rid of them. Plz Help.
  14. starting new reef tank

    So I've got live rock and some established water from my LFS they gave my some snails and hermit crabs after about a week what do I next?
  15. starting new reef tank

    ok, i think I'm going to try the liverock and see how it goes. how long do you think it will take before its fish safe?