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  1. owen2121

    8 month old tank

  2. Hi. I've just noticed my goby has some sort of mouth issue but I can't figure out if it is parasitic, fungal or just a sore. I'm currently preparing a quarantine for if his condition gets worse. Could somebody please help me ID it? all I can see is a red bump inside on the top of his mouth.
  3. owen2121

    New Coral New Flow

    Ok, thank you. I will try to pick up the Dkh checker tomorrow morning.
  4. owen2121

    New Coral New Flow

    Ya the GHA has been a problem for awhile and I'm starting to get it under control now with a urchin and manual removal. The tank has been up for about 7 months now. Is that old enough for SPS? I will get on top of alk I've only ever had my LFS test it when I was buying additions to the tank.
  5. owen2121

    New Coral New Flow

    Hi, I've just got my first SPS coral and I have no idea what to do with flow. It is a birds nest coral. Could somebody give me some advice on placement of the current outputs or should I purchase a power head? There is also a small zoanthid colony on the top of the highest rock.
  6. owen2121

    I think It is too late : ( please help

    I use Pimafix. I have used it before and had great results. Today there has been a huge improvement in his health. He is able to swim properly and is no longer sitting on the bottom, the fungus is still present and his fins are ripped but I think he will make a full recovery. While I'm treating him I'm going to get rid of the other clownfish as it has caused problems in the past with the other fish.
  7. owen2121

    I think It is too late : ( please help

    Ok that makes sense. Thank you.
  8. owen2121

    I think It is too late : ( please help

    Is it ok if he is eating the pellets at the bottom and not taking pellets off the surface?
  9. owen2121

    I think It is too late : ( please help

    I got him to eat a bit of pellet food, but I'm now seeing some fungus forming on his tail I will be able to start treating it tomorrow.
  10. Hi, so last night I noticed my two clowns were fighting. This is something that I thought would work itself out, but when I got home from school I found my male stuck to the filter intake. I quickly got him into a quarantine bucket. Sadly there seems to be a lot of damage to his fins and I'm also pretty sure his swim bladder has been damaged, as he is trying to climb to the top of the bucket but notable and stays at the bottom. All I have done so far is got him into a bucket with filtration and heating. Is there anything more I can do.
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    rock flower anenome

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    new tank

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    My tank has been set up since August. The lights I'm using came with the tank they are Skkye light clamp 18. I was told by my LFS that they were good for pretty much all corals and anemones.